Object 279E with New Crew Skills is… Object 279E+

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Object 279E with Crew Skills – How Strong is it? New and Broken Crew Skills. World of Tanks Plus (WOT+) New Pay to Win in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.20.1 Patch – 1.20.1 Test Server.

Alright, so you guys wanted to see Object 279E in its Ultimate form, like never before in World of Tanks… So let's have a look!

What do you think?


  1. This is what you wanted to see… 279e is already quite a crazy tank in this game, with some flaws of course, but the new skills help it out quuuite a bit.
    What next? Foch 155? Can we make this 750DPM actually hit something, maybe?
    Have a good one, champs!

  2. what my feeling is do not add wot plus end of story you already have a Premium time you do not need wot plus that make the game worse for every one there well be tons of people that think every one is cheating already this well make the game more toxic in my option also the bs of get exp while you sleep is bs

  3. i get super tired of the pay to win every thing with out try style of this game

  4. They could actually make the 279e the REAL 279e. The 279e in World of Tanks is a tank without lower plate and 4 tracks. Thats not an 279e. The 279e has a HORRIBLE mobility due to the 4 tracks. It also has an nearly invincible frontal hullarmor and a huge capola on the left side of the turret (like the T110E5). It still would be strong but it wouldnt be that overpowered yolotank that doesnt care about anything.

  5. i hate under 3 min battle it mean no one. on one team try to use cover



  8. Dez, I really wish enough people on the test server tried out the mid and lower tiers, because there are GUARUNTEED to be some seal clubbers out there with a plus account and pimped out crews, if it goes live. Can you imagine a Bond equipped Matilda, with all of the best perks, terrorizing all of the new players, people grinding new lines, or the filthy casuals? Or a Maxed out LeFH? Absolutely TOXIC.

  9. Anthony Martinez

    Wg won’t back off my friend. That’s the only benefit worth keeping around that MAKES you need, not want, to buy wot plus. You see if you have bond equipment demounting you HAVE TO have wot + and that creates customers by necessity not by choice. Without bond equipment demounting wot + only provides minor conveniences. If you’ve been playing the game for 10+ years you have plenty of bonds and bond equipment already. But if you haven’t been playing that long, you already have a disadvantage against those players but with wot+ now you’re ok even playing fields.

  10. Ultimately WG does not care what the player base thinks. They are going to do whatever they want with their game. I will quit playing when 1.20.1 drops. I have enough to pay for, and now the game will be truly unbalanced. I know every patch causes this reaction but this one is truly trash. Not going to waste more money on a game that they can just shut down whenever they want. Game is a chore anymore.

  11. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Jagdpanzer E 100 has 299mm of pen and .19 of penalty moving the gun in a 170mm gun. Obj 268 has 303mm of pen and .08 of penalty in a gun of 152mm. On HE Jagdpanzer has 85mm of pen and Obj 268 has 90. Something is wrong with german guns: too penalties, little penetration and fake accuracy stats. We do not need to be a genius to notice. They simply do not balance vehicles in the game and introduced a bunch of things. So the balance that was a shit is just worse period.

    Grille has double the penalty of obj 268v5 that has a fully rotated turret and some armor. Obj 268 has 1/5 of Grille’s dispersion penalty; has more armor; has more penetration; has more camo.
    The unbalance of this game is offensive.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      I saw Jagdpanzer shooting 2 times: 2 misses. Is it strange or not?
      FV gave an HE shot on Obj 279e and did zero damage with zero criticals. kkkkkkkkkkkk My god, it is a fucking shit show.

      And the equipment distribution is another shit show. Obj 279e can use three bond equipments. Grille 15, that is an underperfoming vehicle, dificult to play, underpowered can only use one. Seesn something is wrong, really wrong.

  12. Goran Bogdanovic

    Hello DezGamez,

    Here is my opinion, although hardly anyone is interested.
    The first crew that was supposed to come was a crew with one member or a commander and a tree with skills. We were also supposed to get special commanders who were supposed to serve as trainers and give boosters to the crew of the tank to which they were assigned as trainers. We also needed to obtain that the crew of one tank could be placed on four tanks, say the Russian medium crew could be on all four mediums, and for the other crews we would get skill books.
    What we got now is no trainer, we have field modifications for which hardly anyone has studied on all tanks, plus those field modifications, in addition to raising the percentage of something on the tank, they have a negative effect and take something away, that was not the case with trainers.
    The skills for the crew as far as I can see are almost the same except for a couple of them, plus added special skills. So even though everyone complained about the crew the first time, now they got an even worse version.
    Who complains the most in this game when something changes, those who pay in the fashion “But I paid for it and now you give it to everyone for free QQ…” So it is not difficult for them to pay to be better (although more than half of them doesn’t know how to play this game) but when they need to use their brains, there is a problem or “QQ but I paid”. I don’t want to slander anyone, but lately my teams in random have a big problem, which is that they can’t breathe and use their brain at the same time, and they have a big lag between their brain and their finger.
    If you understand me at all, the problem is not in WG, but in people who are ready to pay just to be better, and WG takes advantage of that, because after all they are a company that needs to make money. There is no need to know the places on the map or where the weak points are on tanks, you just have to pay, and the crew grinds themselves.
    That’s all from me.

    Just keep up the good videos, they’re great.

  13. Does bond demounting really matter? My classmates have over 100k bonds. Also why is bond equipment a thing if demounting it is so OP? Most people I know only plays a handful of tanks over and over again. (With bond equipment in their favorite tanks)

  14. they REALLY should get rid of the “bond equipment swap for free” stuff, otherwise I’m quitting the game

  15. Back in the day, I buy free 50% crew for my first line. RIP to new players.

  16. Hopefully all those who are saying they will quit the game will actually quit the game.

  17. I don’t know a single player that isn’t running bond equipment on thier reward tank right now, from day one, nothing’s going to change in that regard.

  18. Liberty or Death 1776

    I really hope this is going to end up with WG’s old tactic of released something so overbuffed that they end up walking it back halfway in the future. By that I mean they need to nerf all these perks in the future so they don’t allow these kind of broken tank builds in the game.

  19. 3:23 With all due respect that wouldn’t change anything. If people want to play lower tier vehicles with bond equipment, they already do. If anything the issue is that free to play players are heavily limited in acquiring bond equipment. If everyone has bond equipment then it loses its edge as an advantage.

    Additionally reward vehicles should be balanced just as much as any tech tree vehicle (as should premiums), the idea that clan wars or battle royale players should get something broken just because they play the game like its a full-time job is silly.

  20. TBH i understand reason why ppl are against free umounting purple eq it means white and pink eq is just pretty much out of use for most of ppl and its even worse for new players THAts true WG was always greedy we know that and they know giving 500g for week free exp for crew and +1 ban map is just not enough but considering that now we will be able to put purple eq on every tank even AMX 40 in that case we will be able to freely use this eq on premium tanks so it will be a little bit easier to get your kredits also there are rly outdated tanks with pretty bad gunhandling or other things that can now be fixed a bit with them we also know how hard it is to get aditional purple turbo and on TOP of that as we had not long time ago AMX Meta when most of ppl put their purple eq on OFC they put it to the underground as it was before buffs so we want to get them back but 600 bonds is not much for some ppl and its a lot for others that have maybe 3 purple eq overall the game. I see it as possibility to put everyone on the same line when all ppl have purple modules and game is more about skill not about how u equiped your tank i feel bad for those who spend all their bonds on eq to have as much as its possible but i can see that ppl who have a lot less of them now can stand on the line with others without complaining ofc if they are willing to pay presonally im not testing it but i see it this way u might argue with that but hey thats my opinion bout that. CHEERS

  21. No to wot plus, no limited demounts, if we compromised it just shows them that we are easily dissuaded and our complaints have no teeth.

  22. in 4:0 min. you have a 2 mark and after on 12:40 you have one mark lol 😛

  23. That would be great, only 3 free bond demounting would be ok

  24. The ‘close combat’ perk showing up immediately will be a better sixth sense when in a light getting proxy spotted in a bush while already spotting the enemy …

  25. I can promise you, I have one year premium account BUT if the game is going to become even worse than it is today, I am quiting wot with my pleasure

  26. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Honestly this tank should just be removed completely from the game. It’s game breaking. Give the owners gold for compensation and that’s it. Even the biggest clown can stomp in it even with a 50% crew.

  27. behold the future of world of tanks. cant wait to play against this in plus 2 match making.

  28. Just for fun, configure the ultimate lefe lefe with close combat, concentration, and snapshot, with bond equipment of course. Just to atomise new players and make them uninstall wot

  29. WG should change their name to Boring Battles…

  30. RIP WOT 2023 !!!

  31. Since they’re so adamant of putting the bond equipment removal for the wot plus account, how about reworking equipment altogether? Normal Equipment and functionality will stay same, no changes. Bounty equipment would have the same max as putting right equipment to category slot. Bond equipment would be the same as boosted bounty equipment. Lowers the gap between these equipment.

  32. Cinzia Venturoli

    when free to play become tired to spend time in that …..will become the end of wot, like 1000 game before it .

  33. “90% of players use gold ammo on TS”
    You mean like Live Server?

  34. “Unlimited” is still ok if there is a delay. Something like you can’t demount this equipment for 48-72 hours after it was mounted. That way those with mods won’t abuse it to buy one bond equipment of every kind and swap those automatically on each tank in every battle.

  35. Every tank should be given the same amount of exp that is distributed among crew members. So, tanks like Manticore won’t be punished because of only two members.

  36. The problem with this game is not the newly introduced abilities or the new “Plus” account, its problem is the composition of the teams, I notice that no one is talking about the scores 15-0, 15-1, 15-2, 15-3. You rarely meet a balanced match, I think 1% is the percentage of total fights. Here the WG must intervene, the rest are insignificant.

  37. Manticore lol how many skills that crew will need to get the most out of that tank

  38. at least there should be a cool-down for de mounting bond equipment

  39. too many rewards in game i just yolo and leave game asap… and move on to next game. Stats dont mean a thing in a rigged game lol and I still get morons quoting stats in game ha ha ha Dont use gold ammo for anybody, not paying for that shit.

  40. Now most 279e are likely full bond already today. Of course they profit from the new crew skills (as they are also likely to have very good crews already) but this is a benefit also other tanks get. The toxic part of WoT+ is really that ALL tanks will have full bond – on the one hand this levels the playing field vs OP premium tanks – but on the other hand only for those who pay. So WoT+ as it is now is a P2W desaster.
    Maybe you can check out some “normal” tanks with full bond and crew skills, like 705A, 60TP, 121, Patton and the like .. tbks where you normally wont see full bond.

  41. Lol realize having this all on OP Chieftan:):)

  42. Limiting the bond equipment demounting to 6 or something a day like that would help, yes. But the Wot+, as bothersome as it is, isn’t the big gripe for me, it’s the continued snowballing of bonuses upon bonuses upon bonuses. There isn’t ‘tactical choice’ in this, it is just more ‘get gooder’ unlocks. There needs to be an upper cap on number of skills/perks a crew member can have, with an exceptions/additions system for crew members with multiple roles. Then you’d have choice. The issues with this idea in the original crew 2.0 were all the this special commander and that special commander and this trainer and that unique crew, and oh, hey, we’ve always had crews, but we’re getting rid of those now because reasons.

    Except Wargaming chose both extremes. Put these two systems together so each crew member has a limited number of points for perks so they have to choose, but also we still have our crews that we’ve always had and not a bunch of different special commander/trainer for this thing and that.

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