Object 283 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The Object 283 is a T9 Soviet tank in World of Tanks with great side-scraping potential but a disastrous release – here’s why!



  1. Here’s my opinion on WG’s shameful release of the Object 283 – https://youtu.be/cYU2W8qY8xo

    • @sken I was lucky enough to get it permanently around my 10th token. Makes no sense.

    • Try delete your rentals or play it all then gamble again i think you wont get a permanent one if you still have the rentals.. you will only have rentals again because it will stack. I do have the permanent one and its actually pretty ok tank but first opinion playing 283 is trash but i remember playing guard and im actually good. My loadout is mechanism, rammer and verts it has worse accuracy if you wont do anything about it.

    • Overall, I would say this thing does VERY WELL when played aggressively, like charging into people to cause them to panic and auto ricochet off your upper hull, at least from the rental battles I’ve played in it

    • I got mine in 12 tokens but I couldn’t play the game for 5 days when I reached 10 tokens cause my hard drive died. So maybe a bit of karma?

    • Please do a video on the Ice Age mode before it is gone. I want to see what you can do with less grip and more speed (KV-5/ramming vid?)

  2. after 50 tokens i still haven’t received it permanet but only 100 rentals, if i dont get it i will leave it on 1 battle remaining and just say to myself i got it permanent XD

  3. I got the rental after 5 tokens and permanent after 12 tokens….I dont understand what’s all the fuss with getting this tank.

  4. I’ve got 35 rentals on this thing, haven’t played it yet. not in mood to play it is not worth it

  5. I got 10 rentals, but im not actively going for them. A tank that takes your life to get is not my idea of FUN

  6. I got my Obj. 283 permanently on Dec 21st using only tokens from Milla’s missions and Festive Atmosphere rewards, and before that I got 5 rental battles- easiest 2 million credits in my life.

  7. Good luck m8… I spent over 90 tokens in a row and just got 55 rental days 😀

  8. I used 75 tokens so far and have 50 rental battles

  9. The WG slot machine sux, it doesn’t matter if you spend $300 on Box’s and you still most likely will not get it. Your odds are better at a Casino and in the event your one of the rare lucky ones to win one, WG will just put it in the Black Market or sale it and your rare tank will not be rare anymore

  10. Katia Mariza Lazaridou

    i honestly calculated it and every 15 draws I managed to get a 5 day rental!! (so far got 15 days of rental after 45 token draws) so if my calculations are right, the chances of getting it permanently is very low maybe even lower than 1% if the 11% chance of either getting it as a rent and/or permanently is correct by WG

  11. I bet it had a autoloader first but then got a singleloader and they keept the shit gunhandling from the autoloader

  12. Ez 2.8mil credits for me

  13. community is more concerned about bz 176, not the obj 283

  14. I got this tank permanently after about 15 to 20 tokens

  15. so much fuss over a stupid tank, you dont have to own every tank in the game…. if this is how they wanted to release it then so be it…. stop being a child.

  16. I get that wargaming is a money chaser monstrosity of a company (BZ176, goldspam), but I think what’s happening here is a little bit too much… I mean why would anyone wanna have this tank at the first place? bad gun at every single aspect, troll armor, average mobility and a disgusting look… Nothing special at all… Even if I were a tank collector I would just let it slip… It’s such a mid-below mid tank… Why are you so upset about it?
    (No offense to QB, he’s a great content creator)

  17. Got the permanent tank with my second coin, I should go to Vegas 😀

  18. Last moment shows exactly how RNG is a B**CH in WOT! Got soooo many of this kind of shots.

  19. it’s nothing special and not even that good for a t9 medium. I’ve now had about 10 rentals on it, still have about 9 plays left on it. Gun handling is pretty iffy, it misses a lot of shots (sometimes way off the mark as well) and pen is not even that good with standard ammo for a t9, which means it’s a tank that relies on you using gold ammo mostly to pen anything in high tier games. Also don’t rate the armour on it much, if you ask me it still seems to get penned pretty easy, all too often because of it’s high tier matchup. I’m not interested in non-stock tanks now unless they have good pen on their standard ammo fir their tier level. Anything under 230 pen on standard ammo now at t8 or higher is not worth bothering with. The iron Arne you could get in the Xmas boxes (I have it) has more pen on it’s standard ammo at t8 than this t9 tank has. This has 226 and iron arne has 230

  20. Jeez QB you’re REALLY salty about this. Good onya for sticking it to WG though.

  21. So far got 50 rentals.. Kind a sux you get crap for money you spend on boxes..

  22. just so they can double down on telling the community to suck it they’ll wait for the money from collectors gambling for it to dry up before they announce the marathon to get it for free.

  23. just don’t buy tokens if you don’t like the system, that’s a good message

  24. I liked my Obj 430 II when i had it, it was very long ago when it was put in the game and led to the original 430. So it might have been a different tank than it is now, but I did rly enjoy playing it.

  25. I have spent more than 50 tokens and got 0 rentals….it a bullshit system

  26. What’s the problem with a sub par tank being available in a slot machine? You said it’s not going to hurt if it was guaranteed for that exact reason. But you could argue the opposite as well.

  27. Sorry but completely disagree with that first field mod choice. You’re hurting your traverse ALL THE TIME for benefit you’re very unlikely to see (damaged ammo rack penalty – Insta repair; damaged gun – super unlikely). The tank feels sluggish without this field mod, adding light alloys make it feel much more nimble.

  28. so far I have 50 rentals, and had my little say with WG, and all I got was snubbed off.

  29. You are talking about the difficulty of getting it but in Belgium we don’t even can open boxes, 2 weeks straight I get destroyed by every bz’s duos.

  30. The reload sound effect is in line with a T-72, with has a mechanical loader.

  31. My mate got this on his fourth token, I’ve only got rentals after more than 45 tokens used. 😡

  32. I got about 30 battles of rental before i got it permamently

  33. i have 70 tokens and i know with WGs luck i will not ever get the rental
    so thanx

  34. I believe I’ve had less then 40 tokens. I had been given 30-40 days rental before getting it permanently yesterday.

  35. the tank is total crap – no gun! this is water pump! you can not hit a dead frog.

  36. I actually really like the Obj 430ii. It has a decent gun, mobility and great view range. Coming from light tanks like the AMX ELC, I oddly felt right at home with the lack of armor and rear mounted turret and limited gun arc.

    This tank does pretty well in a wolf pack of more conventional mediums. I use it to spot/support in hilly terrain where the gun depression limits your ability to shoot, and if/when the group closes in to finish off enemies, the tank brawls decently on flatlands when enemy guns are focusing other tanks. The armor limits side scraping against higher tiers, but the tank is shaped well to do so.

    Is it a top shelf competitive tank for ranked battles? Definitely not. But it’s a nice replacement for this elusive gift tank IMO.

  37. uninstalled WOT before Xmas special so I aint faced it but I imagine its armor will troll in pubs as most players dont check tanks gg

  38. incredibly fair tank review, QB. keep up the good work

  39. i have 14 times the rental

  40. Stop crying baby. Tank is crap. Low penetration. Slow shell velocity. Fake armor. Low mobility. Nothing to look foward. By the way got the permanent tank after 65 rentals, and the field modifications dont make much diference.

  41. Had 45 battles, and got the tank permanently today. GG

  42. Honestly the tank isn’t even that great. It’s not special. It’s unfortunate for the diehards who just really need it now. But inevitably as history will show more gaming will most likely end up selling the tank anyway. So people will get a chance to purchase it for whatever price it ends up being. They aren’t obligated to release any future plans on how they plan to sell the vehicle later. I just feel that like all the other special or premium tanks in the past this one will end up on sale as well later on we still have the auction coming up. So for everyone you didn’t get a chieftain prototype or this tank or the bz it’s probably all going to be in there.

  43. WoT doesn’t care about its players! Look at all the cheating re Obj 279e. Gambling loot boxes. Etc.

  44. Actually got this tank to keep rather than for rent. Actually got 20 rentals and then got it permanently. All done free to play apart from 12 boxes someone bought as a Christmas present to me. So I was lucky I guess. Not sure whether I will play it though

  45. Thank you QB for adressing this the way you did.
    I put in tokens from 200 boxes and playing/collecting almost every day. Got only a few rentals so far…
    Like you, I‘m very concerned about this tank release and that WG doesn‘t even bother to address the issue. They should do so asap. A lot of trust is lost already.

  46. I hit permanently 283 in around 14-15 tokens, but now I had around 40-50 tokens in total and didn’t hit any other tank 😛

  47. world of BOTS PATENT kisly GONDOM-PEDERAST

  48. I reckon I’ve spent around 80 tokens so far, and have only received 15 rental games (and 2 pieces of equipment). I wouldn’t feel so salty about it if we were able to skip that soul-crushing cut-scene, and didn’t receive so many single consumables or directives that I’ll never use. Great video, as usual; I had convinced myself that I can live without this tank, but now I’m starting to want it again.

  49. I do not see the issue with making a tank extremely hard to get, chance-wise. The only issue I have is that Wargaming does not publish the chance of getting it permanently.
    Just because some players are tank collectors does not mean they have an automatic right to every tank, no matter what. That smacks of entitlement.
    And I’m sorry, but the person who spent £4K on boxes needs their blooming head examined. Ridiculous.

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