Object 430 Review, Brawling and Visioning Successfully

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Object 430, a tier 9 Russian medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 and tier 10 Overlord battles.

The Object 430 has inverted-angled side hull armor, and this allows the tank to brawl very effectively with sidescraping technique. The tank can also play the vision game thanks to its camouflage, although the gun’s poor accuracy limits its sniping potential.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent HP (1800)
+ Excellent turret protection
+ Excellent camouflage (~36 with Camo + BIA skills)
+ Side hull armor is angled, very bouncey when sidescraping
+ Good alpha (390)
+ Good frontal hull armor (~200mm effective)
+ Low profile
+ High caliber gun (122mm) overmatches 40mm armor
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– Poor accuracy (0.42 base)
– Long aim time (2.4 base)
– Low top speed (50)
– Lackluster acceleration
– Very poor view range (380)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Vstab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. The t-54 is a great example with the gold round issue. 201 or 219 base pen versus 330 gold pen. It’s hard to resist an advantage like that.

  2. SteelWarrior115

    Getting gaptized by a mutz, lol

  3. Really liked that you showed us the armor profile in the beginning of the video. This and 430U always give me a hard time.

    • Go to tanks.gg to see this.  I try to school myself on weak spots there, especially after a battle where I did not get the pens I expected on a particular tank.

    • @Chester Nah bro rather see steamer or cc explaining it for a few sec…

    • tanks.gg is such a fantastic resource. That said, I don’t often show armor layouts in a video unless it’s a tank like the 430 which has a peculiar layout that can be leveraged to bounce shots.

    • @Taugrim Agreed.

  4. I guess I should get this tank, but I hate to become part of that Russian bias in the game.  Yeah, I should get over that.  I am patiently waiting for the German heavy tank buffs, but it may be months.  Meanwhile I don’t play them.

    • I don’t think the 430 is overpowered, because the frontal hull is penetratable and the gun handling is derpy. At-tier, I found the T-44 to be far more reliable. That said, the 430U is overpowered due to it’s ridiculous frontal hull armor.

  5. Killgore _Trout

    Looking forward to the upcoming vids! Thanks for the insights Taugrim!

  6. Nice lesson about movements! Thank you!

  7. informative, educational, entertaining….keep em coming

  8. I have bought this tank recently, really decent, just saw today that it has the same view range of my amx 13 90 and better camo/equal when stationary.

    • Well, camo on-the-move is a big benefit of light tanks. Although the 430 can play vision games as I showed in the Overlord battle.

  9. This is my next unlock after I get the IS-7, great to see it showcased like that. Learned a lot, as with all your videos really, keep em coming!

  10. I miss my 430 cuz I put their crew in the 430U.

  11. Hello Taugrim.
    Just to thank you for your teachings.
    You are the most polite Unicum Player I ever saw, also your voice is like relaxing, even when we watch a fight game 🙂
    Also it’s amazing that you not use food for crew, for reason you said, but not to use any Gold ammo, is absolutely astonishing.
    Keep up !

    • I use food in some tanks if it’s needed to get to or as close to 445m of view range as possible.

      Also, I can be VERY salty in chat at times.

  12. I always love your videos and in-depth analysis of what your thinking and explaining. Great Stuff as usual!

  13. Great video and map positioning. Thank you

  14. Crazy Russian Bot

    well played, Irish dwarf 🙂
    check out Dr. E Michael Jones, he’s half-irish also

  15. That second overlord battle was a masterpiece. I love how late game after you defeat the amx heavy tank, you resist the temptation to keep pushing. Nice display of discipline and decision making on a map that can be difficult to play effectively on.

  16. Wargaming aught to be paying you cash to teach people the correct way to play the game. I envy your skills of perception.

  17. Would not be just better to spam HE shells on Defender’s turret while he was hulldown with 150hps?

    • No, I made the correct call retreating to engage the 430.

    • ​@Taugrim That was of course a good call, but I mean in general, there were more situations where you could hit him to the turret and you got plenty of HP, for example around 8:30. Maybe it would not be so tight with luck 🙂

  18. Celebrations Of Sound DJs

    Thanks for this! I’m buying this tank today and starting my grind for 430U.

  19. yvanthe terrible

    great vid

  20. All those friendly TD’s sitting on that cliff on overlord would of triggered me a bit.

    • Agreed. They were not social distancing 🤣🤣🤣

      Seriously though, if even one of those TDs had positioned themselves at K8 like I did, they would have farmed huge damage. Instead, due to being redundant, only 1 TD had more than 1k damage.

      Idiots will be idiots.

    • @Taugrim been lurking in your videos for a while now, really like your style of explaining everything and am amazed how great you play with no gold. About time I subbed, also noticed you do muay thai, I’m guessing that has cross over into tanks, in the sense of applying awareness and positioning and timing, as miss timing in sparring could be a painful experience. I’m a big combat sports fan too, my main love is mma, but I admire high level strikers from many striking arts and get totally engrossed in nerdt breakdowns of fights and fighters.

    • @Taugrim Taugrim, I’ve been watching your video’s since the very first Sir. I appreciate all you’ve done to help folks. However, what do you feel the 2 key is for and why don’t you use it. It’s a fact your one of the best players in the game. With that said “what do you have to prove?” I watch you bounce shot after shot thinking “why doesn’t he hit the 2 key? Thanks for all you do!

    • I ❤️ combat sports – the techniques, timing, footwork. So many great YouTube channels too, e.g. The Modern Martial Artist, Mindsmash, etc.

      I do reference combat sports techniques such as “pulling” (making your opponent follow you into a counter-strike).

    • From my guide FAQs:

      Beyond what’s written in those links, I was told by soooooo many people I’d never reach Unicum, let alone Super Unicum, firing silver ammo only. I also think many players over-rely on gold ammo as a crutch instead of learning how to play. E.g. that T-54 in Overlord was worthless to his team because he camped and didn’t do anything beyond hitting the ‘2’ key.

  21. Lewis Treadwell

    what is the actual point of researching the other tracks, they literally do nothing, you can already mount all modules and full equipment and they don’t increase traverse speed.

    • They improve track HP. In other tanks, they also affect hull traverse.

    • Lewis Treadwell

      @Taugrim I didn’t know track level affected HP. Couldn’t see any point in spending experience on new tracks

    • @Lewis Treadwell Track HP – not HP. (ie determining if a shot tracks you or not) And it only improves it from 230 to 240 so I’m really not seeing any case where that would matter.

  22. That chat at the start – good teaching from Taugrim then a guy unhappy about his personal situation XD

  23. i’m on 430… tank is really ok but awfull turret armor.
    95% of my hits = direct to my turret 🙁

  24. I actually grinded it without vert stabs… Only noticed when i bought 430u. All the time it felt very strange why it was aiming souch a long time and i never noticed… Wasn’t a bad experience overall, but that gun can be very derpy

  25. Nice timing on the 430u line. Am grinding it at the moment while my friend is grinding the 140. Do you have any advice on how to manage the crew because people says you should not play tier x with 0 skill crew.

    • no you shouldn’t your tank would be at a huge disadvantage. it would not be the same tank as the others you would be out spotted outgunned . train up a crew in a premium Russian medium if you can .

    • @steve Apperley that’s the issue. I don’t have amy prem tank. I am but a losly f2p.

    • @Eunski you could retrain a crew but that cost money. or you could retrain to 75% which cost credits. with a bad crew you could loose north of 50 grand in a bad tier ten game. hell even with a good crew you will loose credits on a average game lol

    • @steve Apperley is tier 7 a good place to train crew?

    • @Eunski ye its ok as long as its Russian med t-43 is a good little tank train your crew up and you should make some credits too

  26. I am starting to hate Overlord and Prokhorovka because no matter what you say to your team, they will just faceroll to beach, or A2/K2 and be useless… Prokhorovka is such an amazing map, if you have a half competent team, but that rarely happens…

  27. Any chance on re-reviewing the T-10? You didn’t really like it the first time around, but with the meta change towards mobility and view range, you might enjoy it given another chance

  28. Taugrim single handedly carried me from 1.2k WN8 overall to 2k overall and 2.8k recent over the last year. Thank you 🙂

  29. Really good way to showcase with both the city & open maps. Gives you a solid idea & as always learn so much from your edutainment 🙂

  30. Michael Fitzpatrick

    Nex up: Another E-50M video, please! 😀

  31. Anand Veeraswamy

    One thing I didn’t hear you mention with the armor profile was that the scalp of the turret only has 30mm of armor which can be easily overmatched similar to the Obj. 907. Otherwise, great video as always.

  32. One thing of note for the 430 is that it has that plate of 40mm armor on the shoulders that get overmatched by itself and all other 122+ guns. It bullies other tanks so easily because it can bounce those smaller caliber guns easily but that plate gets smashed by other Soviet tanks that just get bigger guns

    • I mentioned the soft shoulders briefly when reviewing the armor layout on tanks.gg. The thing is those are relatively small areas.

  33. Heh, I see my PM at the start.

    Taugrim, why not repair your fuel tank in the Himmels battle? If you’re worried about fires, damaged fuel tanks increases chance of fire.

    • I’m more worried about any of the following:
      1. getting tracked in an exposed position
      2. damaged ammo rack (doubles reload time)
      3. damaged gun (horribad accuracy)
      4. damaged engine (can’t move, and even after crew repairs it to yellow, awful acceleration)

    • Damaged fuel tank is more concerning if you’re running food instead of an (auto-)extinguisher. Chance of fire is still the same when damaged, but you’re left with less module HP on fuel tank for if it takes another hit (which is an automatic fire if destroyed). If I’m running extinguisher fuel tank is a zero priority for me.

  34. BIG respect for playing without gold (especially with 430 gun which takes forever to aim in a weakspots) and achieving over 60%WR playing solo.
    I average 2,5k damage and 700 assist in 430, but only have 52% WR at the moment. It may be the case because i played only 31 games in this tank and MM may give me teams that i cannot carry, but i might be contributing to my teams in an way that is not leading to victory, although i try to do early damage, establishing map control and conserving hp for the endgame if possible.

    • I platooned in this tank as well as solo queued. So keep that in mind, because platooning with other skilled players inflate’s one’s WR.

  35. There is actually no reason to get the upgraded tracks on this tank. The listed traverse is the same (52 degrees per seconds) and all you get is 10 more track HP and 5 more HP after theyre repaired from being detracked. The tracks dont have improved terrain resist or improved track traverse dispersion values.

    I just picked up this tank yesterday, and had heard bad things about its stock mobility, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasnt nearly as bad as I expected.

  36. I love the Obj430 when it was still a tierX now it’s still a little OP and I’m really glad I kept it as the new tierX Obj430U is now King of Russian OP tanks. I’m loving both Object tanks still the gun is very derpy and extremely poor and with little or nothing between, very OP especially when you shout Russia!

  37. I’d like it if you’d do another map per map tactics and control as well how to get a (noob team scratch that [over confident team] to work together toward a single objective?!) Before I take my frustrations on they’re poor ears!!!

  38. I have the 430U and I’m terrible in it. I cringed multiple times watching your battles when I realized I would have been aggressive when you were patient. I need to be better at that. Egads.

    • So I had a 43.3% WR in the 430U through 60 battles. Some of it was due to crappy teams. But a lot of it was me forcing situations and paying for it.

      I was on MAJOR tilt and it was ugly. If the video isn’t too long I’ll talk about it when I review the 430U.

  39. Awesome games and review! Love your guides!

  40. Seeing the 430 at tier 9 really in a way makes me glad console didn’t move it as it really is a monster at tier 9 on PC. i really wonder as to what will happen to WoT in the future in maybe 5 years from now. gonna be interesting to see.

  41. Yes those late game full HP campers can be annoying, but sometimes it’s a smart play, especially when lower tier.

  42. Another Fantastic video @Taugrim, you are my favorite WoT YouTuber by far.

    Suggestion for next video: TL-1 LPC, it just came out to purchase on NA/EU. I have it and I think it’s really good. It’s just an overall well-balanced tank that doesn’t rely on any non-sense like auto-loaders (looking at you, Progetto). It’s the type of tank that could carry games in a skilled player’s hands, and I think you’d love it as much as I do.

  43. Have wanted to try this game but it just looks like it’s on a Pay To Win model. Is this true?

  44. The whole game is RIGGED

  45. Sjoerd Gabriëls

    Thanks for the nice video again Taugrim! I’ve noticed that almost all games you show are those nice long-duration battles in which your individual skill really can shine. However, a lot of battles nowadays are short runaway games in which one needs to be super aggresive to get a sufficient amount of damage (for wn8 or MoE). Could you make a video in which you show how you handle those games? I’m curious on how your careful and thought out playstyle plays out there.

    • I choose battles to feature where decision-making enables a meaningful carry. There’s less learning opportunity from very short battles. But the 430U review will feature a short but intense Ruinberg all tier 10 battle.

  46. Taugrim I recommend to say some words about typical Equipment I further reviews . 430 has so awful gunhandling that I skipped optics for vents. Food is a no go because 430 burns like a candle. Imho this tank is a brawler, so viewrange not that important. And regarding the armor the roof of the turret is an easy overmatch for most enemy’s.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. Vision is critical on so many maps, and by spotting a tank far away, you can take your time aiming in fully.

  47. Are Mack Growen

    Good to see you back. Will you also please do a review of the M48 Patton? I think I remember you disliked the M46, but maybe you find the 48 better?

  48. Khaled Al Hamdan

    Great content as usual taugrim, we really need these videos it teaches a lot.

  49. Gun calibre over three times the thickness of the armour will never bounce regardless of angle? That doesn’t sound right – just last night I bounced an AP round in my Skorpion (246mm of pen) off the side armour of an LTTB (45mm)…….. O_o

  50. Your videos are great Taugrim! I would love to have some maps explanations and tactics, I started playing again after years and all the maps are morphologically different so I’m having hard time navigate them in the right way.

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