Object 430U Review/Guide, Carrying Through Brains and Brawn

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Object 430U, a tier 10 in (WoT), with replays of Ruinberg and Paris battles.

The 430U has the most obnoxious hull armor of any tech tree medium of the game and it has excellent camo, so it’s equally comfortable when brawling or playing the vision game. The gun handling is poor relative to its peers.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb turret protection
+ Superb upper frontal hull armor (~270mm effective)
+ Excellent alpha (440)
+ Excellent camouflage (~35 with Camo + BIA skills)
+ Side hull armor is thick (90mm) and the upper part is angled, very bouncey when sidescraping
+ Good HP (2000)
+ Low profile
+ High caliber gun (122mm) overmatches armor
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– Very poor accuracy (0.40 base)
– Long aim time (2.3 base)
– Low top speed (50)
– Mediocre DPM
– Poor acceleration, lower than some heavies (e.g. Obj 277)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Vstab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Could you review the Chinese meds from tier 7 and upwards? I feel like they’ve been directly powercreeped by the 430u line and I want to know how experienced players like you handle them.

  2. Who needs sleep anyways

  3. So Anyways I Started Blasting

    I usually just roll my face on my keyboard w/ this tank and Stalin does the rest

  4. the BOBJECT MEDIUM that shouldn’t have received this status.

  5. 4 am, Ill gladly take this right now lol

  6. Do you have any advice for the balance between being in a useful position, and getting damage? Like in the Paris game your position after the starting play wasn’t super influential on the result. Ive been watching my dpg and wn8 go up, but I’m not winning any more than I used to.

    • My push helped to clear the mid platform (vs the 430U) and the northern side of the map (Conway, M46, T49, and JPE). I wouldn’t say it was not influential.

      With Paris, any pushes mid or north require patience and timing. I have gone to the mid platform too early in many games and lost big chunks of HP.

  7. I love those chat windows with ggs from enemies and allies. Everyone should have a good time. 🙂

  8. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Braun? Is that supposed to be brawn?
    Braun is german for the color brown.
    Sorry to channel my inner grammar na*i.

  9. Good tank, didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would when I got it.

    • That’s how I felt too, although having an initial 60 games like I did colored my perception of the tank. And the crappy gun handling.

  10. Will you be doing a review on the dsrk horse of the tech line, the T-43? Im having a hard time grinding through it…

  11. Thanks for the late upload and with your videos my wr went up 9% thanks for the great vids

  12. I dont know any other WoT content creator who could have your stats without firing any gold. Very impressive. I assume you dont play bad crews or stock tanks though?

  13. For the m46, he has possibly a stock tank. Sadly no one show us how to play stock (except full gold, but that is not enough for win game).

    • QB has multiple vids on stock tanks, I believe LemmingRush has some too. Basically you play support almost regardless of your class and try and use any strenghts you got even when stock. Those can be.. gun depression, having an autoloader, hull armor, hitpoints, speed in a straight line. Track what you cant pen and try to predict a battle to stay safe.

    • I don’t see any value in reviewing a tank in its stock state, because it’s a ephemeral state. I’d rather show the tank at its grown-up state.

  14. amazing video and amazing games man! 🙂

  15. Object 430U is borderline overpowered, regardless if it’s used without premium.

  16. Thanks I have been having a lot of problems on the Paris map as for the tank (Obj430U) I’ve enjoyed it a whole lot probably because I already had experience with the Obj140 and it’s weird armor layout I do tend to trust the Russian armor a lot more than the other nations armor but I’ve learned the hard way with the Obj140 that it’s best to be a little untrusting than rely on it too much. Again thanks for the advice on Paris and I like that those two TDs did help out I’m usually in my TD because I don’t trust other TDs to help out or in my light tank usually in a party of TDs and Arties for much the same reason, it’s nice to see some cooperation between tankers!!

  17. This is SO helpful, thank you for posting this. Probably my best advice recieved: I had some great games to start with and then probably went too aggressive as I got over confident and then did lousy ever since. I am below average player but trying to learn how to improve and find the mediums my most enjoyable type. More of these please! They are essential learning for me. Thanks for taking the time to post all of these

    • Spectacular_Insanity

      What’s great about the advice Taugrim gives is it can be applied to pretty much any tank, any class, to some extent. But he is godly with mediums.

  18. Can you do more tier 9 and 10 meds? Much appreciated.

  19. The 1st replay was a perfect example of showcasing the 430U. It cannot snipe reliably, but it can brawl quite well.
    A Leopard in the same situation, would have landed more damaging shots into heavies in the city. But put in the same situation in the end, the Leopard should have run or died quickly.
    Also I like how you managed the situation starting from 5:23. It must have been very intense but you described it calmly in the video. Quite enjoyable to watch.

  20. I have Santa and the Christmas maidens crewing mine too, but somehow they don’t seem to be as effective…

  21. Anand Veeraswamy

    Good video. It’s arguably the best beginner-friendly tech free tank for its forgiving armor profile.

    Another point is its stupid good camo which is best in tier amongst all mediums. Although it’s a heavium, it can ironically spot better than light tanks in certain occasions.

    Pretty ridiculous how this tank still has its existing stats, but it has definitely been overshadowed by other more daunting reward vehicles.

  22. It would be great if we could get to see the Leopard line reviewed in the near future👍 awesome work!

  23. here is my guide to the 430u:
    press w.
    thx for coming to the show.

  24. Using brains? In my Russian Bobjekt tenk? nonsense comrade, soviet bias will carry us!
    jk :p

  25. Giorgi Garsevanidze

    Does Object 430U really need a guide? Lol

    • To be honest i cant play with this tank, around 2200 avg dmg while on progetto 46 i have the same. I dont know how to make this tank work

    • @piter00711 it is a good tank, but you are not a one man army.. it’s actually a bad medium vs multiple mediums and a bad heavy vs multiple heavy… so in essence it rewards patience… you need to conserve hit points.. but it is a monster in a 1v1 when you have to yolo someone end game.. anyone… heavy or medium.. you can destroy them… the mistake people make is they use this tank like a uber medium (it’s actually barely ok as a medium) too soon in the game and it does it’s own hit points and dies like anything else

  26. please tell how we can play light tanks in small maps? Not EBR, some thing like AMX-30-100 in a small map..

  27. Like a boss xD

  28. When i checked the description, i thought its a normal description. But gaddeym, its very informative including the equips that should be needed. Well written tbh.

  29. Couldn’t get an ace on this tank and it hurts

  30. Thanks for the tank reviews and the advice.

  31. Константин Кленков

    At first, when this tank was released, it was a very strong enemy indeed. But after some time, a lot of players discovered that it can be rather easily overtaken (at least in close quarters) by simply using HE rounds. When you fire at the most vertical side of the turret, the splash wave goes straight to the weak upper part of the body, which has 30 mm of armor, and as the result – severely damages crew and modules.

    Btw, Mr. T. why aren’t you using almost no premium ammo? As far as I know almost every good player uses a lot of premium rounds in every single game =)

  32. Taugrim when recording: yeah that was a really dicey match and I kept my cool
    Taugrim in battle: 7:32 “HAHAHAHAH”

  33. Nice vid. As usual. 👍

  34. as always, very insightful. I would LOVE to see you go against a certain unnamed russian player 1 v 1. It would be an Epic battle.

  35. 430U is the second tier 10 tank I have. (sconq was the first one. I told you long time ago on patreon when I unlocked it haha. Now I have 10 tier x’s) It’s a very strong tank, but I don’t like it. I like the 140 and 277 more. The gun feels so derpy in my hand i dont know why. The armor is amazing, but everyone switches to heat immediately after seeing a 430u. Even the turret i.e. ‘cheeks’ can be reliably penetrated with 330 heats. Its kinda like patton in some way, its a bit slow. I need a better map awareness to play these tanks. I have to run before its too late, and I have to constantly thinking the right position to go to. Not too aggressive and not too passive. I want to fire less heat and use it only necessary. But heat is just too attractive. For example, with 340 pen heat on 277 I can easily pen a perfect hull down stb1 right into the turret, leaving the stb1 to question his existence.
    Do you have leopard 1 now, its an amazing tank now. If you haven’t you should probably unlock that line next. 420 alpha, laser shell velocity laser accuracy, very good gun handling, extremely fast.

    • actually the leo PTA is better between tier9s than leo 1 on X….love both after buff and my better knowledge of game after some time…

    • The gun on the 430U is one of the worst at tier 10. Bad accuracy and sluggish aim time can be frustrating to work with.

  36. can i have a improved Equipment Recommended please?
    with road to berlin event i can afford 2 of those

    im think about improved vent + improved rammer + stab or improved vent + rammer + improved stab (for rusky gunhandling)

    • The first option makes sense. The gun is simply not accurate but Improved Vents help reduce it by 0.01.

      Also, Improved Rammer is the #1 choice for any single-shot medium. DPM boost FTW.

    • @Taugrim  thank-you very much for the answer

  37. I just love your videos. Quality content all the way. gg

  38. The 430U is fun because you can just throw it into situations it should never survive in and somehow it kills it. It’s really op. I’m a bad player and I had a 78% win rate in it for a while

  39. Ty T , TILT advise awesome 👍👍👍👍😎

  40. Obviously the JP E-100 doesn’t penetrate. Never happens to me.

  41. You have one big advantage over most other WoT Youtubers… you dont/barely use gold ammo.
    Maybe it is the NA server but on the EU server the gold spamming got out of hand.

    • There’s a lot of goldspam on NA.

      I’ve never fired gold ammo in Random Battles:

    • @Taugrim Yeah, WG really has to solve the gold ammo issue, it kills the balance.
      In my opinion, they should make HE more reliable and remove gold ammo, but that is very very unlikely.
      Another option would be to decrease the gold ammo damage by 25-50% in comparison to AP and even slightly decrease the penetration of the highest pen gold ammo shells (russian HEAT for example)
      Arty spam, gold ammo and general imbalance made me stop playing the game in 2015 (played since closed beta).
      I recently started a new account and the more i play the more i recognize that the game got even worse than from 2015 to 2020.
      Atleast back then, there werent utterly overpowered premium tanks (pay2win).

  42. I kind of want it, but at the same time I know I’d feel guilty playing it. Same way I feel about other tier Xs whenever I’m not in an all tier X game. I seem to prefer to just chill in random tier 6-8 tanks, making the credits.

    Plus I just know if I worked towards getting it then THAT would be the moment it’d get nerfed to irrelevance.

    • The gun handling and mediocre mobility (some heavies accelerate faster) make it not as faceroll as you might think. Still, it’s very forgiving because of the armor.

  43. Another tier 10 which I prefer the tier 9 below more. I’ve come to realize tier 10 is not for me. Not fun playing all tier 10 battles for me, well over 90% is all tier 10

    • Tier 9 is a more enjoyable tier. At tier 10 the balance is worse and the armor values are over-inflated.

  44. dont have 430U yet,only 430,but I heard its gun handling is not the best one at all….so no snapshots with it….

  45. The Object 140 is by far better, I would enjoy a review on that. The DPM is better, the armor is more reliable, because people don’t spam gold at you. When people see a 430U they think “Oh, I can’t pen that” and they press the 2 key, while on the 140 people are like “I can pen him”, but they fail because Ruski.

  46. 3:46 The word is “opaque”. The engagement at 6:14 with the FV and Leopard is classic “Taugrim” – excellent play that few can achieve. 13:50 Your analogy with Steve Young is really true. One can usually evaluate a player based on how they act in a battle, and while I don’t use XVM, later when I look at player stats my evaluation is spot on (I am a good but not great player).

  47. Did you buy the battle pass, was it worth it?

  48. Actually you made quite a few mistakes dealing with that FV and leopard like turning the turret against a leopard who has your side armor (he will just shoot your side so keep your hulldown against hte FV and he shouldn’t penetrate you should’ve saved atleast 700-800 hp

    and the E-75 i had with clutchbraking & all driver skills maxed out & food i had around 40-50 degrees turning hull and the E-75 will really give your AP ammo a swing at RNG because you basicly have less than 50% chance to pen him if he is sidescraping correctly

  49. Wow that first game was really cool, and even you play Tilt! I feel better today, Thanks!

  50. Can you do the AMX 50b line next?

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