Object 703 II – First Gameplay Action | World of Tanks Object 703 Version II Loot Box Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Christmas 2019 / 2020. New Premium Tanks – E-75 TS, Object 703 II More. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2019.

I will always be providing free entertainment content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

So, in my first box opening video I did not get the infamous Object 703 Version II, but because I am literally getting hammered by your about this tank, I needed to make one episode ASAP, showing this tank finally inn actual battle, in action as well! 🙂

So what do you think about it?

Full list of premium tanks in loot boxes:
1. Object 703 Version II (Double-Barreled)
2. E 75 TS
3. Progetto M35 mod. 46
4. SU-130PM
5. Sherman VC Firefly
6. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
7. Sexton I
8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

On the top of that, many new 3D styles for some legendary old tanks!

What do you think about it?


  1. Double-Barreled tanks need DOUBLE UPLOAD! Even tho I did not get this tank myself, yes, I am salty. :/
    You guys wanted to see it so badly, so here it is, some actual gameplay action with the Object 703 II… It looks, interesting!
    Have a good one, ladies and gentlemen.

    • Name: Zelrac
      Server: EU
      Q: It seems like a fresh concept. You can opt to go ballz deep or chill a bit. Armour is tough for tier 8 but nothing unbeatable. I like it!

    • you should download tank inspector in garage, something like pro tanki tank inspector, aslain has it in mod installer.

    • Username – Ragnarok_Coming_your_way
      Server – SEA (asia)
      Question – It has amazing armor and in my opinion it is one of the strongest Tier 8 tank available right now. However, it would be interesting to see a face-off of IS-3A vs Object 703 II. *BATTLE of THE FITTEST*

    • Triton_89
      As my opinion, the Obj. 703 is really identical to the IS-3A, for the reloading and gun penetration mechanics, and wishes that M3 Lee or Grant, able to use the 37mm gun turret in future update.

    • Skunkolog
      I met that tank in every single battle yesterday. It’s unpenetrateble in hulldown if you have tier 8, but at close range it isn’t fast. Compare to the IS-3a, it’s better tank, because of same time of reloading shots in clip.

  2. Its always the same, what to do ? In the end always the same…. we learn and penetrate!!!!! This video was all close battle. I dont think long shots going to be great.I remember some years before “T-34″,” OP tank” , “get it”. Now just another tier 8 premium. And Dez you are still the unluckiest youtuber ! But still you got 184K + followers that love you.Oh and just dont play with your luck and games.

  3. Ilaskhan Mirzakhanov

    Server: eu
    Nickname: ilaskan
    I think it’s pretty ok, but the weak spot on the top of the Torrey should be bigger

  4. Stronk tenk with stronk Stalinium armor. I think for a Tier 8 it needs a slight armor adjustment like giving it a weak spot because at the moment it seems too good for a Tier 8..
    SamSammo on EU

  5. Username: bhanuGOT
    server: Asia

    Answer: not too OP or not too bad…
    Its balanced with new futures…..

  6. Clompz Eu, the gun handling should be the balancing factor but in that replay it looked worryingly on point

  7. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    200 euros? why? why do yuo feed these leeches????

  8. lul got all of those tonks with 50 boxes and 50k gold extra
    you aint lucky this dezmas

  9. Username:_Vajco_
    server: eu
    It is an Object so it is definitely OP

  10. Well it is nice to see that it has some down sides but I’m still afraid to meet this with my pershing or T32 and many other “old” tier 8 tanks.

    Username: Old_Halberg
    Server: EU

  11. ATLAS13
    I have it, it is more or less balanced, its have good armor but not godlike, duble barrel mechanics is not bad and player need some time to get used to it, and with duble shots u can pen with one shot and ding with other ?

  12. username:igy100
    server :eu
    i think its a little op

  13. Username:aszaibas
    Server :EU
    nice armors and good penitrarion

  14. Name: EvilkyroCRO
    Server: EU
    Its quite good, the double shot is a bit clunky but when u can hit its devastating

  15. pataaskir server eu. I like the double shot mechanic its something new like the revolver system. the sound is insane. but i think it defender is the better tank. i press my thumbs for u getting it too

  16. Hi Dez,
    It is a pretty balanced heavy tank, the new double barell mechanics is great , overall is a great new tank and a little OP. I allrready have the ace with it >1800 base xp in tier 8 matchmaking. I will send you the replay.
    EU server

  17. So far I have no problem playing against it, I think its pretty balanced. Didnt get one for myself sadly.
    Username: IronMadrox
    Server: EU

  18. Username: call_me_Hubert_
    Server: EU

    I think it’s a really good tank more balanced than the Defender

  19. Wow..i think tank is great … i wish i hade one of them
    Username: Trouble5
    Server: EU

  20. Name: THE_CASUAL_
    Server: EU

    To answer your question, at first look the armor profile seems a bit too good if those pictures are correct. Combined with the fact that you can punish people for their mistakes twice as hard, I believe it will be a very strong tank in random pubs.

  21. Name: Top_Gunner
    Server: Eu
    I haven’t played with 703. It reminds we the is3 with bit better armor and with 2 guns. Apcr as standard is great. Overall very competitive tank, it is between balanced and great.

  22. On what should i spent my in game gold

  23. Username:japck5
    Server: eu
    A little bit op eaven if it doesnt look at first sight

  24. I think it is just too bad that WG is not selling it in the store. U can ONLY get it by money + luck.
    Name: DeffeDefect
    Server: EU

  25. i dont know what to think of the 703 V2, seen some streams and it doesnt look to op atleast 🙂

    username: Capt_Tombstone
    server: eu

  26. Answer: It’s pretty good, it’s going to be super kill stealer tho
    Username: SecondFallenAngel
    Server: EU

  27. medakoljac
    not good for the game

  28. I think it is actually balanced, and when i saw the vehicle’s angeled armor, i think they can actually nerf it little bit, just a little bit.

    Nick: ondrusak4

    Server: EU

  29. username: Huggybear76
    Server: Eu

    i think its strong, it has great armor and 2 guns

  30. Username:jegvarazs
    I think this tank is reallyy good

  31. Leonardofury, EU server
    The new double barrelled tank looks like fun.

  32. Username: TOG_II_U_Later
    Opinion: I don’t think it is OP because it has some balancing factors like the longer reload if you want to dubble boom and the lock down. But it also depends on the player of course.

  33. Heh… I wanted to comment anyway even without a chance to win anything ?? So. I was lucky I get the tank from 100 boxes, with all the other extra stuff. My opinion so far, it is not that OP. Not a bad tank, but in nowadays WOT, where there are IS3As, Deffenders, Caernarvon AXs, Patriots and so on in the game… It is not that OP anymore. I.e. I more like the E75 TS now. But if you compare it to the tech tree “free” tier8 tanks… Now that is a different story.


  34. Username: PetDoktor123
    Server: EU
    It is something new for everyone,it is cool looking tank,well armored,i tought it would be a weaker tenk,but from this video,i changed my mind,i is very good. And not OP. It is well rounded tank. Greeting Dezz

  35. Bought boxe for 20€: 703 II, 105 skin, 140 skin 😀
    I schocked a lowe with double penetration, he just standed still, and the gun went down to the ground 😀 so far its fun to play.

  36. “Loot boxes” = let’s fill WG’s pockets even more sobthey have a nice X-mas as well.

  37. New content with interesting mechanics is always welcome, so I can’t complain about that. It also does not look OP as some people prematurely claim, and since I personally dislike tanks with terrible gun handling, I don’t mind WG introducing this tank into the game.

    Username: aPandaWinsByDialectic
    Server: EU

  38. Username: redzs002
    Server: Asia
    Answer: i think it is yet another premium tank that will showcase a different play style to the game, giving a little bit more to play with specially to old players who is bored to play with old tanks

  39. Username: Trapasak
    Server: EU
    Its great tank just hate the sniper mode view change after 1 barel shot

  40. Name: Full_metal_bellend

    Server: EU


  41. Interesting, not to op but not to shabby as well. The question is, if Defender is still more op the this thing
    EU Server

  42. I think this Tank can be strong in rush-situations just like the IS-3A, but i wouldn’t call it overpowered. ✌?

    Name: I3lack_WeeD
    Server: EU

  43. Username: pWned96
    Server: EU
    As long as it’s not a defender edition 2 we are cool!

  44. Eu server
    Username: KupusarDoJaja

    Love it, played few games and totally enjoy it?

  45. MorenLP
    Server: EU
    In my opinion the gun ist very strong and close to OP. But the crazy thing is the armouring, where his true strength lies.

  46. A bunch of stupid cows that put hundreds of euros in some pixels. This is what WG thinks about us. A dirty gamble

  47. I always appreciate somthing different, who knows maybe in 10 years will get lasers.
    goss41 from eu

  48. User: MishkinIta
    Consideration: it seems quite above avarage imho. Hopfully not strongly better then his tech tree counterpart.

  49. Server: EU
    Nickname: lucablasterpro864
    I don’t have obj 703ii, but it looks like a very very very powerful tank with awesome armour and good gun. I really love the double shot action, it feels like u’re in a t30 a tier lower ahah

  50. Name: StixDarklor
    Server: EU
    Answer: I think the 703 II is ok, I’ve only seen it in T8 and above battles but it doesn’t appear to dominate in those at all. I think if it’s top tier it will be hard to kill, but most heavies are at top tier. Mostly it’s just a fun tank to have, interesting mechanic that’s not overpowered from what I’ve seen…..but I don’t have one ??

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