Object 752, Autoloading Heavy | Halloween 2019 | World of Tanks Update 1.7+ News

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World of Tanks 752 (Объект 752), New Tier 9 Soviet Russian Autoloader Heavy Tank, First Supertest details. World of Tanks Update 1.7+ Patch News. World of Tanks Battles / Best Replays.

Information: From WG

It is Friday!
And usually, when I have something to talk about, I am going to make one news episode on Friday! 🙂

Today I can share first details about one really interesting tier 9 Soviet Russian autoloader heavy tank called “ 752”.

On the top of that, let’s talk about Ranked Battles, Halloween event cancellation and new Prime packages.

What do you think about all of this?

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Soon we will have Objects from 0-999. 🙂
    Is this going to be a reward tank? Tech tree branch? What do you think?

  2. Is there a cultural disconnect between russian gamers and he rest of the world that requires russia to be the best at everything, despite….reality? I know I’m tired of the constant prorussia stance, particularly when Wargaming seems to purposely gimp Germany or USA like they are still fighting the Cold War or WW2. I’ve never seen or heard of a game that so obviously revises history to strongly a particular country and strongly weaken all other nations.

  3. Maybe they should have focused on the event instead of things like the test of the HE mechanic. I mean the events are pretty much the points some (including me) look forward to cause the are good. Now they have a pretty much finished mode for next year. The plan to bring out mode and Rpz 48 failed cause they didn’t like what they did. Did they want to test the doublebarrel idea? New Leviathan fight? Defend the base? What did they dislike so hard that they first said it will come this week and now even cancel it?

  4. World of Russia

  5. Another op Russian tank. IS 3A is not unique anymore. Not sure what went wrong in their head recently.

  6. WG needs to stop making op Russian tanks.
    they need to focus on the nations that don’t have a lot of tanks in their tech tree.
    We don’t need OP tanks, just balanced ones.
    No More Soviet tanks. there are too many in the game

  7. whelp time to train another tank crew for that auto loader line…..which one for russian bias tank is next?

  8. “give me something to hit”
    The community know what they actually want to hit………….for a long time.

  9. Oh my god…This tank sounds like complete Russian Cancer.
    Wtf are they doing? This should be Tier 11 tank not 9.
    300mm armor? Three 440 alpha shells, only 26 second reload time?!….
    This game is World of Fantasy Russian tanks, it will not be long until Bobjekt 969

  10. So maybe we will get the T58 premium American heavy tank now.

  11. Halloween mode? A NEW PREMIUM TANK!

  12. Fix the damn T110E5 damn it. You keep fucking adding russian tanks to match other nation’s uniqueness. We keep asking you to just buff the T110 fucking E5 after the nerf. Just fucking rebalance the tanks that need attention FOR FUCK SAKE. The audacity…

  13. A russian t57 rier 9?Okay…another salade for me plz.

  14. To make any kind of competition fair and balanced in WoT they should make it tech tree tanks only. Still don’t understand why they are working on HE changes.

  15. As a fan of autoloaders I’m happy about this. Come on now you weren’t expecting the Russians to let the Americans, French, Czech, and god forbid the Italians from having all the fun did you?
    InB4 Russian autoloading mediums.

  16. Community: can we get some tanks thats arent from russia or premium this patch?


  17. Does WG EU still sell consumables on sale? Asia server has not had consumables on sale for months now. Very annoying.

  18. Like the video, as usual, but i don’t like the news about another unneeded russian heavy autoloader tank

  19. So…another tank that makes the French lines obsolete?

  20. Oh great just what we need, another OP Russian tank. Rolls eyes!!! Seriously Wargaming? Seriously community, yet another OP Russian tank. Christ we have not even got that many Premium tanks in any other tank nation, as the Russian premium tanks out number all of the premium tanks for every other nation in the game. As this is starting to shift away from Russian bias, to out right Russian Supremacy propaganda. I do not mind Russian Premium tanks, but this is getting rediculess with how many Russian Premium tanks are being pushed on us.

  21. Monster mode is garbage. Usually lose money even with 2 kills 2k damage and a win. And the xp is lackluster also.

  22. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    um…. World of Obj, anyone? :V

  23. 330 MM Is Already OP And it looks like it has HEAT Shield at the front of the turret-like Super Conq. So if HE is Rebalanced there is no tank in the game that can hurt this Object from Front if it goes hull down Includes J.Pz E100. Very Well Balanced Indeed My Ass.

  24. a soviet T-57 Heavy?

  25. It is starting to look like WG would likd to get rid of free researchable tanks all together and force everyone to buy premiums to be able to play the game.

  26. Your English is getting better my friend, you said advantageous perfectly! It looks like a 277 hull.

  27. I am not even mad anymore. I just dont play this shit game no more.
    Well, I gave them something like 700-1500 euros over 6 years. No more.

    It is retarded, this shit is stupid. Why should I pay/play the very game that is doing all to adjust the game for players in russia? WTF? I was under impression that we cant move our accounts from EU to russian server because of technical difficulties or something.

    I can see that is a lie.

    They are shitheads.
    IF that was true, that you cant move it, THAN WHY THE FUCK YOU DONT CHANGE RUSSIAN SERVER ONLY? IDIOTS!
    See, even now I actually can get mad.

    I am out from here. Fuck this game, the worst game of the decade.

  28. great…..more broken soviet bobject meta destroying junk for the 10 year old eastern bloc kids……how creative and original WG.

  29. Tier 9 Russian Heavy with more armor is FASTER than tier 9 American Medium and less armor: No Russian Bias

  30. At least here on console we got our event

  31. In test it looks like a tier 10 with 4 shells, but stats say tier 9 with 3 shells…weird.

  32. I like the way you say “system”.

  33. Yup uninstall game asap f eg

  34. Dez we didn’t get it. You have to pay for it. Should of made it a mission reward to make up for Halloween event. And there should of been a camo with twitch package its Halloween ffs.

  35. We on NA are getting gipped for the reward tank in ranked. On Eu and Ru you need to just go through the divisions but on NA you need to go through the divisions AND PLACE IN A LEAGUE. So on Eu and Ru you dont need to place in a league . But in Na you need to finish the divisions and end up in the top 50 percent of players.

  36. In other words this new OBJ FU will out class all non soviet tanks !

  37. All stats will be 25% better than shown, since it’s [yet another] object only contemplated on the back of a beer mug blotter paper drawn by a drunk.

    ‘Reward’ tanks should be 100% identical to their tech tree counterparts in every characteristic – except they get a spiffy alternate model & style(s) usable on the ‘reward’ or other vehicles. *PERIOD* They should also be limited to tier 9 – which will keep them out of Ranked and rarely seen in CW/Advances.

  38. See, this is what Halloween’s all about! Soviet paper tanks, oh the _horror!!!_

  39. They should just make Ranked battles tech tree tanks only because the Chieftain and 279 spam is absolute cancer.

    Edit: He just said this 30 seconds after I typed this…

  40. This new tank should replace the OLD IS-4!?

  41. Who's got the time?

    Yeah balance, OP Turret, OP sidescrape, OP hull armor, very fast speed, very good P/W ratio, and it’s an autoloader with -8 gun dep. But why? = Because it’s a RUssian tank………… Time to quit wot.

  42. Too bad the game I love most is getting shittier every time… If they would just balance the MM to skill levels ffs. That would mean so much. No more red/orange team vs yellow/green

  43. One easy solution for the “messed-up” Ranked Battles…SIMPLY DONT FCKING PLAY IT…working for me for years…jut sayin’ … 😀

  44. Your giggles are infectios ? ? ?

  45. WGN are making the game more unicum friendly and exclusive. Since the unicums are 0,1% of the player base, this is a very smart bussines move. And they are releasing new Soviet Premium tank. Instead of developing a new tech trees out of 70’s or 80’s tanks, separated from WW2 and Cold war era tanks, they are making game more exlcusive and they are spamming useless premium tanks along with the countless copycat Soviet beasts. Why oh why our player base is shrinking?

  46. Wot is going down…

  47. Rankend battles would be really fun to play without those award-winning tanks obj 279e and T95 / FV4201 Chieftain or obj 907.Even if these tanks in your team play aggressive gameplay because you can aford that and doing at least 4000 damage and the team wins wich have them or how many have them in the team. You get a point .In my opinion its not equle and not balance to other players wich dont have them if evry single player have these tanks so ranked battles only be for obj 279e and T95 / FV4201 Chieftain or obj 907 no other tanks you wood see and its sad very sad .

  48. This is pretty weak. Russian Kranvagn 50B. Give it autoreloader and more ammo so it can eff up everybody grinding british LT. Goddammit WG

  49. They are gonna put this thing in loot boxes aren’t they

  50. Ranked are total shit show.

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