Object 775 Is VERY Balanced

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Source: Spookston

One of the new tanks added with the recent War Thunder is the Object 775, a very goofy ATGM carrier with a low profile a ton of armor. At a rating of 9.3, it isn't particularly balanced.

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Object 775 Is VERY Balanced


  1. Gonna be replacing my decal sometime soon, so get it while it’s still available: https://tinyurl.com/42thwzv3

  2. Im gonna get it before it gets removed lol

  3. This tanks UFP is overperforming.


    Its mass efficiency is like 1.18 when it should only be about 1.07 according to the composition, materials within, and the T-64As mass efficiency analysis from secondary sources.

  4. Honestly I don’t even blame that pilot

  5. Totally not a bear

    Embodiment of the wide Putin memes

  6. video 2 of asking you to play the m50 ontos

  7. The IT-1 is almost as stupid

  8. day 43 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  9. to clear what happened at 6:23, im pretty sure you can over-pressure vehicles that are in the middle of reloading if you shoot the barrel with he and since you (spookston) shot the atgm with your barrel basically inside them, you over-pressured yourself.

  10. Almost no one runs the Tow2B in the bradley… it sucks horrendously majority of the time it only gets hits or minor disables

  11. Vanboneio | The gearhead gamer | /

    First i saw this thing I thought it was a joke/gag by Gaijoobles referencing the Wide klement meme.
    Anywho, here’s a “Original” Meme idea, Use the hydropneumatic suspension function to make the Object 775 lower & change the aspect ratio to make Said Object 775 seem even wider.

  12. Could you play the KF-41

  13. Ive seen transgender people with chests that arent as flat as this tank

  14. . . . Hey our turret is a big weakness.
    . . . Just get rid of it

  15. I think he shot your radiator when he was aiming down and you were too low so he too attacked you lol

  16. can you pls play the jadgtiger? idk how to spell it

  17. Fighting that thing was a funny experience in the Chinese premo light tank kept bouncing he kept hitting the hill in front of him my brain reached 100% activation n I 1 shot it with atgm

  18. id like to see u spading it instead of playing a payed trough one

  19. That tank gives me a headache cause it looks like a bugged T72

  20. You can try to play british Vickers mk11. It looks like moon rover xd

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