Object 777 Version II – Tank Preview

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World of Tanks – Object 777 Version II. This T9 Soviet heavy is an upcoming reward for frontline and steel hunter – let’s check it out!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. looks like 50tp but Russian.

  2. Thank god a balanced tank for once

  3. Cloaking device ineed. Lol

  4. They buffed engine power and gun depression. Still not attractive for me.

  5. 12:43 we need a Vlog with a Minsk WOTvsReality sightseeing tour 😉

  6. To be honest, I would prefer if QB did these first games in a stream and delayed to video in order to get better games & commentary.

  7. so they balance reward vehicles for frontlines… but not for campaign, or clan wars. Basically, if they earn money from it, they beef it up. You have to spam gold in CW, and you have to spam gold in most of the campaign missions, or use premium consumables. Not to even mention premium vehicles. This companies “free to play” aspect of the game is fucking horrendous.

  8. WG: We removed most of the low tier tanks as they made the game confusing.
    Also WG: Here are hundreds of almost identical Russian tanks.

  9. It should have been a tier 10 cw reward tank, I’m super disappointed

  10. War gaming: here is another Russian heavy tank that isn’t double barelled.

    Everyone: woah this is useless.

  11. It’s 6° of gun depression since a few days ago, not 5°.

  12. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Captain, please try char 4, i saw 390 dmg / 4 magazine / Turret armor like as kranwagen.

  13. Emman Locaylocay

    I want some BIG japanese booty pls

  14. There’s nothing quite like adding yet another object number 279581618 when we already have like 60 of them and that Russia already has like 1/3rd more tier 9-10s than the others.

  15. Alexander kjellberg

    Omg the twitch memes had already started hahaha. Sevenhundredsecenmilionsevensevenhundredsevenmiöionseven hahahaha!

  16. 5:51 bourrasque insta repair? Fcking cheaters

  17. I think the “char futur 4” is gonna be better opportunity…

  18. Oh, another WoT video. Do people still play that? I’ve been done with it for almost a year now and it has done wonders for my blood pressure. Kind of relaxed now… 😉

  19. József Nyisztor

    It is just a russian 50TP…

  20. Played wot since 2011. Left 3 months ago. Fuck you war gaming

  21. 3 games as top tier … next time please show us also a match against t10. All in all, looks like this tank is not worth the grind.

  22. Ok so now you have done reviewed Obj 777 ver 2 , so when Obj 777 ver 1 ?

  23. Thanks, you just made me not interested in this tank. Totally not bothered

  24. So it is a smaller, lighter, nimbler but downarmored ST-I? Huh should’ve compared it with that rather than the fast side of the Soviet heavy lines.

  25. what i checked frontline will suck for me bc work and 1 week holiday away from home sad that i can’t get any of them :C

  26. char futur seems even worse

  27. Tanksgg didn’t update yet, the tank has 6 degrees of depression now and a slightly stronger engine

  28. Vegeta tank

  29. I agree that we don’t need another overpowered tank in this game but what’s the point of grinding your butt off for something that is literally worse in every way than the standard tech tree tanks?

  30. so tbh its got a huge lower plate and at tier 9 and 10 is gonna get destroyed over and over again

  31. thank god we finally get a russian heavy tank, the only thing missing from this game

  32. You forgot a Map in your lost maps videos

    Ever heard of “Pagorki”?

  33. Gytis Pranskunas

    I don’t like it. I like tanks that gives me confidence in certain situations. Like if I side scrape on corners with 705A and I know for 99% that nobody can do anything to me. Or Krangvan on Hull down. This is the kind of tanks we need. Not the “I roll dice if I get penetrated or not, every time I get shot…

  34. Vikman Photography

    Fought one of those the other day on the NA server on Pilsen map. In my stock Conqueror though and didn’t stand a chance

  35. If you angle this at 45-ish degree angle is the front sprocket not covering half the lower plate?

  36. Where can I find battle hits in garage? Thanks for any answers 😃

  37. At least its not crazy op

  38. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    Don’t even want to watch. I am sick of new Russian heavys every week it seems. What a disgusting money grab

  39. I guess this tank is just all about the armour… Cause you just can’t angle and sidescrape all these pikenose russian heavies properly but this one you should be able to

  40. I played in a game and Edge_of_Insanity was in it and he was driving the Obj. 777 II. I have screen shots. My little “brush with fame” as it were.

  41. I’m curious, how will it hold against tier 10 vehicles…

  42. Reskinned version of Polish Premium heavy. 🙂

  43. Imagine if you got a tenner for every time QuickyBaby says “seven” or “two” in this video, you’d be rich right now…

  44. “to min max the view range” – I hear him say that all the time, what does it mean? To minimize maximize? That would make no sense

  45. yaay another russian fantasy taaank yaaaaaaaaaaay

  46. Balanced tank?

    BALANCED RUSSIAN TANK??? Jesus christ the world is ending.

  47. it looks like the tier 9 polish heavy tank

  48. Hi, I had a question. on WOT console the Patriot is on sale only I don’t know if I should buy it because I think it’s cool but it’s a good tank.

  49. I can’t keep up with these Russian object tanks anymore. It’s like a number soup and they’re adding a new one every few months. Seriously, Wargaming…

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