Object 780 – First Look – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. The Object 780 in currently being super tested – here’s my first at the brand new Soviet !


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. MuhdSoleh- 8886

    What kind of stupidity is this

  2. When are we gonna have the sturmtiger and ratte?

  3. Castle Graphics

    The fact that they’ve turned the Brit light line into crap just makes this even more insulting…

  4. another soviet tank setting the meta bar higher making the other nations even more obsolete and useless

  5. I agree the Heavies should have a bit lower DPM; however, mediums are gaining the armor or heavies so they have to give heavies something. When mediums and lights can now just pen heavies at will and bounce nearly as much as the heavies they have to do something. Quicky hit the nail directly on the head with the current meta, they have destroyed the older vehicles and with the super nerf they have already done to Arty and the future nerf they are discussing, this new system is getting boring to play. Artie’s entire point was to deal with the hull down tanks.

  6. Arthur Wellsley

    Three crew member USSR heavy apart from Object 780 is the IS3 auto loader premium. So if the 780 is a new tech tree tank, then there is already a premium crew trainer for it. I do not think that the IS3A sells very well as at the moment there is no other three crew USSR heavy, so in that way it makes sense for this to be the pinnacle of a new line to try and boost IS3A sales.

  7. Aleksandar Milivojevic

    Thumbs up for review, thumbs down for WG!

  8. Super hyped for this, Soviet Heavies are so rare in the game….

  9. QB: Tanks are getting too fast
    Veterans : Tanks are getting too fast
    Noobs : What just killed me ?
    Wargaming : Haha tank go wzooom.

  10. ManDrake Vermilyea

    This is the issue with non historic tanks, Its easy to draw up engineering requirements and say “yes this 100ton monster will do 40kmph” but all the tanks that were ever made and weighed that much never did… until we get modern tanks at teir 11 nothing with 100mm armor should do more than 25-30kmph

  11. jørn stian olsen

    I think tier 10 is totally broken, it shouldn’t be but it is

  12. 5 R I D A Y ᵀᵛ

    next Stalinium OP

  13. Probably gonna be a Clan Wars reward tank, so only a handful will eventually get it.

  14. KMS Prinz Eugen

    I just saw this vid and the tank for the first time and I was like

    WTF Wargaming is actually upside-down

  15. ManDrake Vermilyea

    I have a solution everyone will love- teir 10 premium Rocket artillery for every major branch except russian calles the MLRs… 30 rounds of ammo, no reload time and 1m aim circle, 90⁰ angle of attack and 100mm pen with 1,000 alpha HEAT rockets.

  16. KMS Prinz Eugen

    I guess the driver is a dwarf

  17. War thunder

  18. that fast tanks are hurting the game. There’s no chance to outplay IS-7 with Udes-3. In past it was possible to shot, move around the map, shoot twice, and slowly disable IS7. now can loose speed contest with “heavy” tanks

  19. Every new tank has the 130mm gun now… My little Strv 103B is crying, coz everyone will penetrate the tank…

  20. We need a 70km/h Maus for Balance.

  21. Can the shell ricochet off the ground and into the bottom of this tank?

  22. What is the line that gets to this obj?

  23. I m just waiting for them to add the t 15 armata to tier 9

  24. You dislike the META, as do most, yet you also want this tank. Now i know this is because you want to have the same advantages as everyone else but that seems hypocritical. Again you reiterated your message about the META being awful for counterplays, so just leave out the part that you want this tank. I only play WoT on occasion now because everytime I roll out a tier 8/9 tank I come across some Soviet paper tank with ridiculous armour, speed and DPM. It’s bullshit, call it for what it is.

  25. Markus Langseth

    Whooohooo… world of unbalanced soviet tanks… Are the crew laying horizontal in the tank? Whats the point at this point?

  26. Adamiška Vlachý

    They are Russian into position

  27. Hayden L'Ecuyer

    Anyone noticed something very concerning about it’s tracks from the front? You know, kinda like the object. 257? Anyone want to talk about this?!

  28. What the fuck is even the proportions on this vehicle? Where the hell is the crew supposed to be?The driver would have to be a toddler to fit in there, and even then he’d be extremely cramped. And that turret…this thing should have zero gun depression and very little gun elevation.

  29. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    Imagine if wg would give the community the opportunity to balance tanks in the sandbox server and see how the meta shiftq

  30. it looks like a soviet progetto

  31. It looks like shoulders are going to be easy to pen if angling.

  32. I can deal with the balanced auto-loader tanks, mostly. Even with the wheelie BS, at times (gravity is out for lunch, btw). But taking the Russian heavy in this farcical, “2001: A Space Odyssey” direction breaks the suspension of disbelief.

  33. I’ve always said tank battles should be more like a game of chess but are mone like WRX these days.
    WG are obviously pandering to a younger demographic, with speed and power creep as the meta, really sad to see.
    I recently started playing after a long time off and took out my IS6 for a blast, used to be one hell of a tank but now it just gets owned, I think I should ask for a refund. lol some hope of that, eh WG.

  34. We can speculate upon the balance of existing tanks but until WG are transparent about their criteria and rationale we will never know what constitutes a “balanced” offering and what is out of balance.

    The tank appears OP. Only operational statistics will know for sure.

  35. I defentivly dont understand WG cause 50 has 0 Armor and other heavys have too strong Armor . Wz 5A 277 IS7 chieftain . Thats why i will stop to play .

  36. Zulhilmi Burning

    Comannder : so… Who Want To Be Loader?
    Gunner : Not Me
    Driver : Not Me
    Radio dude : I’m Not Joining This Crew For Real.

  37. 1. LIKE👍

  38. I’m so happy I’m on the blitz version but seriously ATGM must be removed here!!!

  39. 13:33 that’s why you only played 279E in ranked right?

  40. Make T-10 even more unbalanced ….

  41. OBJ. 780 i like it model it so cool for me

  42. Bare in mind that aim time is not the full time from full bloom to fully focus in. All WOT tanks aim time is only a certain percentage of that aim time.

  43. if you see a aim time on a challenger that is not the full aim time. If it says 2.8 secs its is really 4.5 secs from full bloom to fully focused

  44. Gee… another tier 10 Russian heavy tank… shocker there. Maybe put some tanks from some other nations in the game? I’d love to see a few more American tanks in the game. Maybe one without I giant bolus auto pen tumor on the top. I’m going to take a guess at this tank Don’t tell me… a Russian tier ten auto loader. Just what the game needs.

  45. I can’t wait for this. Hope it’s not OP though

  46. WOT need to stop sucking Russia’s dick. The game took a horrid turn with the mercenaries update also. Having interesting unique tanks is nice, but it’s too much right now.

  47. xD this game is big joke.

  48. I’d rather have old 268v4 and not have the ebr 105 in the game

  49. They’re trying to make more tanks like the IS-3 and IS-7 because those are the tanks everyone likes the most but it’s going to make a trash meta where only russian heavies are viable

  50. I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in action, but I probably don’t have to.

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