Object 780 Spotted LIVE, New Bond Equipment, Controcarro Mk 2 | World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 780, New Tier 10 Reward Heavy Tank. Bond Equipment and Bond Store Update – New Bond Store Tanks and Offers, Italian Tank Destroyer Tech Tree Line – Tier 9 Italian Tank Destroyer Controcarro 1 Mk 2, New Gonsalo Skin.

00:00 Introduction
01:20 Object 780 Spotted
03:08 Object 780 Spec Preview
08:47 Gonsalo Weird Skin
09:30 Controcarro 1 Mk 2
11:40 New Bond Equipment
12:13 New Bond Store Tanks

One of our viewers sent me a where he spotted the upcoming tier 10 Soviet Object 780, which most likely is going to be the ultimate reward tank one day… Bt now they are testing it on the live server.

What do you think about all of this?


  1. If you have spotted any supertest tanks, then feel free to send the replay to: Dezmoments@gmail.com
    780 spotted more and more now as I heard, Controcarro Mk. 2, more bond equipments coming.. what do you think about all this? Let me know! 🙂
    Here are the chapters for you viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    01:20 Object 780 Spotted
    03:08 Object 780 Spec Preview
    08:47 Gonsalo Weird Skin
    09:30 Controcarro 1 Mk 2
    11:40 New Bond Equipment
    12:13 New Bond Store Tanks

    • I cant imagine how we will be kicking ass by spg player

    • I saw the new tier 8 HT prem tank – Udarniy – ingame yesterday. Did not think of record anything, but took a screenshot tho. 🙂

    • And yet another meta tank only available for unicum clanplayers….gg, they will ruin the regular matchmaking even more….

    • Test_name Test_surname

      Ok Dez don’t want to sound crazy but last night on EU past midnight saw obj.780 and some other tank never heard or seen before. Some russian souding name but in latin letters. Any ideas what they testing?

  2. I also had a Obj. 780 in a game today.

  3. Still no T95E6 in the bond store.

  4. Today i’ve spotted an 780 with kran and was pretty much outstanding

  5. i dont like the idea of tank have more or less crew then normal

  6. it is classified as lvl 10 so reward for clan wars probably.

  7. Soldier From TF2

    I saw the tank once and i was confused what is that tank and why is it so rare to find 1 of these tanks and how to tame the tank

  8. Eh, still could be years before the tank gets released. I spotted one of the NA media team running the udes 03 alt3 back in 2020 on the live server. I’ve heard nothing about it since

  9. Saw that object yesterday on prokhorovka.
    Guy driving was better but not exceptional player, he did 0 dmg on prokhorovka. Name was “karathox” check him out if ur interested.

  10. T110e5 stand no chance against this wot is a joke russian fairy tale game

  11. Just had one in my team ^^ i did more dmg in my emil 2 i did 4200 and he did 3400 xD and we lost ofc ^^ because team things

  12. no more objects

  13. Where is the overpowered American or French heavy tank ? Who gives a crap about clan wars or whatever, they dont need anymore op tanks.

  14. I actually started watching this video when eating pizza in the morning 😀 made me laugh

  15. Jaromir Szewczyk

    Looks like the t100lt on steroids I would say

  16. I hope the 780 is ranked , because I really hope I can just wallet$ the chief proto , ranked is way too toxic for me happy I got the 114 last ranked but dam never again haha

  17. András Lőrincz

    Hey Dez, I just fought a battle where I saw the new Udarniy tank inthe enemy team. Comment here if you’re interested in the replay

  18. Ah yes, T100 on steroids

  19. social3ngin33rin

    More cancer premium vehicles -_-

  20. Thing with obj 780 is that the mid cupola is the weakpoint. Also, obj 780 (like a lot of russian tanks surprisingly) is actually autoloaded (just no clip) just like stb, strv 103 and is-7

  21. SteinyAndTheJets


  22. Controcarro Mk 2 looks like Kampanzer 70

  23. In the video it says for example Foch 155 is 12k bonds, but in reality i see it in game being 14k, why is that?! Don’t know prices of the other new tanks in bond shop, but it feels strange. Almost had bought it, glad i didn’t yet, maybe they fix the prices…

  24. In a developer diaries episode, it was stated it would not be a clan wars reward tank. This would be a good candidate as the final reward for the Third campaign personal reward missions.

  25. Manipulating RNG and MM in order to give better RNG to P2W players, should be considered a crime. WG is a fraud and a criminal company.

  26. Dez: so object 780. Where do u want or think it will end up in?
    Me: In the void. Back to the nothingness it came out from. Bec we dont need anymore russian Tier 10 heavy.

  27. I got killed by a Obj. 780 yesterday in my AMX 30B

  28. About the Obj 780 – I really hope it is a new campaign veichal(s). It’s been many years now since I collected the Obj279 so I don’t have any missions left to do except some very hard (3 or 4) secondary missions. I need something new to ‘grind’.

  29. Obj 780 (as it is) will finally BREAK the game. Seriously, WG, do not let this OP (and completely UNREALISTIC) beast enter the game!!!! In reality, no crew member would even fit into the tank – this is most probably why it did not enter service. However in WoT, the most unrealistic tanks get the strongest values. So, honestly, a tank without the space for a single crew member has the best armor and DPM????? Game breaking – in a negative way!!!

  30. Peter Mikkelsen

    Hoping that the obj 780 will be a campaign tank. Instead of different types of vehicles or the alliances, it Would be cool if there were missions for each tier.

  31. This intro is perfect, thank you Dez XD

  32. The new Italian td line is a meme wtf wg is thinking 10s intra clip and 490 alpha you guys know e100 has faster reload and better alpha than this XD

  33. I yesterday saw the new t8 russian heavy Udarniy

  34. WG pls buff italian heavys

  35. 9er chief spotted too all the time

  36. Kampanja i hope

  37. NorthernUnion13

    Lol loved the way Dez said “what the fuck is tis”?

  38. last night I had a game against something called Udaniy or something like that, can some1 knows wtf is that, it has V-shaped hull like T22 med, I can send u that replay

  39. Obj 780 the 10 Years Reward Tank that we dont get
    i hope its for new personal mission campagne (its different to 260 and 279)
    for Ranked Battle T9 Chief is comming i think so (all t9 reward tanks from ranked are very powerfull, the 114sp was good but nothing more)

  40. Engineer gaming

    fun fact about DezGamez :
    hes your friendly neighborhood

  41. CC Mk2 is weird, maybe they mean 10 sec for whole magazine? It is very long that it is 10sec intra-clip

  42. Seen it the past 72H in 2 battles, they werent played by super unicums so maybe thats the reason they didnt shine … but in a 1:1 in my E100 it was hard to penetrate at all when its wiggeling.

  43. I saw the obj 780 too, he was playing on the clan battles

  44. Jacinto Palomino


  45. The Italian TDs’ stats look terrible. Unless they get a pretty juicy buff to inter-clip I’m not sure they’ll be worth getting.

  46. Gavin O'Driscoll

    ranked or global map

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