Object 780 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks just the Object 780, a heavy with a bizarre armour layout and 530 alpha. Here's all you need to know!



  1. Oh stfu QB, I got up at 345am.. typical never happy. If it had 50mm lower belly plate and better prem ammo you’d be crying its OP!

  2. Seems like the Tiger II problem I had at tier 8. Tiger II has good standard pen and high accuracy, and decent armor, but the armor does a lot better at long range when you can snipe and they have a harder time consistently hitting the weak points they aim at. Sniping heavies are viable, but the matchmaker just counts it as a heavy, so your team can be left without brawlers that it needs.

    It’s a weird problem, but I think sniping heavies are weird in the first place.

  3. George Arvanitis

    I play 9 games for this tank lost 8 time
    6 time fire
    9/9 game full level 10
    2k damage per game
    in the body has no armour
    and I paid for this rubbish 40 million credits 8000 gold
    the biggest scam for Wg after 13 years of playing this game

  4. This is a stupid tank designed to sell gold rounds -_-

  5. Have to say, i still rather play my 277, better gun and better mobilty, and you don’t have the tumor on top. And the way you need to get it is disgusting

  6. I regret getting one already, its not fun to play I thought the way they portrayed it that I might be able to compete with 279e and chieftain etc but it is not the case and as for the gold rounds they are poop. I should have waited for your review because I know that I would not have got it, my bad lol

  7. Looks like a Russian VZ55 minus the auto loader.

  8. The questions asked at the end is an easy answer, had the CC tried the tank and the reviews went like yours, wargaming would not have sold the tanks as quickly as they did

  9. Junk, don’t waste your money.

  10. After knowing these are the MMs I’ll be seeing I used my kran and sconq they work really well against this tank

  11. I went Hardening, Turbo, and Modified Config… When I get thru the Field Mods to Level 5 I think it was, maybe 6, I’ll set the 2nd slot to Mobility for the Turbo… That’ll get the 780 to 50/18kph..

    I’ve also done this on my Lowe, but I went Grousers instead of Mod Config… That keeps the Momentum Up when Climbing and Alleviates some of the Inherent Terrain Issues of being a Fat Pig of a Tank… lol I MAY set the Obj780 up the same way and see how that Effects the Mobility over Terrain as well as Climbing….

    I’ve also Considered setting Up a Purely Accuracy/Sniper Set Up but haven’t looked into that as yet… I also used my IS3A Crew because it’s a Perfect Match to the 780… Since it too is the Only Other 3 Man Oddball Heavy Tank in the Russian Lines…

  12. Did I miss it, or was there no crew layout discussion?

  13. I bought a hoodie from you

  14. you are my favorite youtuber keep it up

  15. Pros: Great gun for Soviet standard, nice armor, hard to dig out when hull-down, decent mobility, good all-rounder
    Cons: Weak “shoulder”, not great for side scraping, Gold ammo can pen you easily even through the front of the turret and most importantly… IT BURNS LIKE HELL!
    Overall still a very good tank, not broken but decent, good sink for in-game resources but yet, still feel like a money-grabbing move by WG

  16. Not outrageously fast? =)))) Bruh all of the new especially Soviet ht are now moving at 60 km/h. This is game not even fun to play anymore

  17. Tks to this tank i finaly get my mission done, 6 module HT4
    In E5 i manage to set on fire 2 Obj 780 :)))

  18. I love that the tank is made balanced. I think that your comment about the armor is a bit too much. WE DONT NEED OP tanks to disrupt the mm.

  19. Sale started at 4am where i live. Decided to sleep instead

  20. I think the tank is cool and i would like to have one but I’m glad I didnt convince myself to spend the 130 dollars i would have to to get it.

  21. And yes. A DAY LATER, all of them are sold out

  22. Even if not OP, this is a toxic tank that pushes the powercreep further.
    Not the strongest of tanks but very meta and very annoying to play against. Eventually, players will most likely play it from mid/long range with gold, where it can abuse its strength while being unchallenged with its gun depression, armor and higher alpha (fortunately the gold penetration isn’t as crazy as some other tanks).

    • Whats so annoying about it? There is no position where its invulnerable, it doesnt have big alpha or big burst, not even good dpm, also gold pen is lowish. Imo this is exactly how tanks should be made, fun to play – its not painfully slow, can hit where it aims, has decent armor and overall everything is decent, and its also fun to play against, it cant take some hull down spot or corner and block whole flank because noone can pen it, and if you make a mistake you will not get hit/clipped for 1k+, +it has lowish gold pen

    • @Janis Karklins It’s annoying because it is a tank which can decide to play on the second line almost like a TD and out-trade most heavies and meds. It is a tank which encourages passive play and gold spam. At mid to long range when using it’s gun depression, it can hardly be challenged without gold, you need high pen to get through the weaker parts of the front turret (280-310).
      At least, it is indeed not yet another autoloader with high burst damage. It remains a very decent hulldown heavy tank with the best stanard pen and gun depression of all soviet/chinese heavies.

      As for its DPM, it’s only 130 less than an Obj260 and 370 less than a 113, it is not that dramatic for a heavy tank. It’s higher pen and accuracy makes up for it.

    • @Sylver I can see those things being annoying, but in my list those are in the bottom part.
      I rather play vs this thing than impenetrable Krans on the ridge or 705a on the corner, or even Strv sitting in the bush which is almost impossible to spot

    • @Janis Karklins I fully agree for the krans, there is a consensus this tank is OP.
      For the 705a, it is strong in a very specific situation in which the tank can control a small area. Its impact is limited (and it’s wr isn’t very good).
      For the STRV, I can understand. There are many situations where it can dissuade everyone to take any risk/peek on a large area. At least it’s got a low alpha and small caliber. But if spotted, the STRV can be punished really hard.

      780 can have a similar effect, but it does not care if it is spotted and it’s got a big gun making every peek worth it. I think its main counter will be arti, or what’s left of it.

      In a way, it feels like a 122TM. It is not OP and has bad DPM but damn it hurts when this thing fires gold at you from afar. I hate 122PMs. xD

  23. I think you are to hard here. Do you really want another OP tank in the game?
    I have the 279e and I think it is one of the most boring tanks to play.

    But I agree on how they sold this was shit.
    I think the first 15k should be able to apply for the numbered tanks if they like and then the numbers should be given out random. I wanted a low one but because of the technical issues I didnt even had the chance.

    Also players need to get rid of the idea of owning everything immediatly in the game. This is cleary endgame content for players with huge amounts of ingame currency and I think it is completely fine to cash this by wargaming. For me it was a free tank even though I played “just” 30k games. But Im also the kind of player who saves up free xp in large numbers. I never skip tanks. I mean why would you. I need something to grind??

  24. QB I don’t understand why “not being the next OP tier 10” is a problem for you. Why not commend wargaming for releasing a balanced tank? I am super happy its not OP but presents a challenge to be successful in. I bought it and gotta see whether or not I like it in the long run, but I am happy its not OP. (I agree with the bad time for sale and high pricing, lack of CC testing)

  25. Hundred mill goes BRR

  26. I personally think the way this tank was sold was good. They gave everyone a choice with how they wanted to purchase it, either by spending gold or resources already accumulated. While the unique styles did create FOMO and drive sales, the vehicle itself isn’t overpowered or frustrating to play against, so they can’t be accused of pay to win. It’s a better approach than driving sales of a new overpriced premium tank by making it OP. If someone doesn’t want to get up at 6am then they are ultimately only missing out on a style and that’s the choice each individual makes.

    I think the event was a good way of rewarding dedicated players without granting them something insanely overpowered. I know that QB is a proponent of content being available to casual and dedicated players alike, but I don’t see a problem with incentivising your dedicated playerbase as long as it doesn’t ruin it for casual players.

  27. OMG I logged on at 10:40am UK time and their all gone, just crazy

  28. 2400 dpg, congrat Qb you are so strong. Btw, STOP thinking vent < stab ffs

  29. QB do U know who has numbers like 001 or better 007 ? :)))

  30. i use it as a support tank, it works for me.

  31. I think the tank is pretty. I think it works well on a wallpaper or a cinematic slow motion. 😀

  32. All the things that QB is whining about again and again – mediocre DPM, mediocre gold rounds, a couple weakpoints in the armor – are all the things that make this vehicle balanced instead of yet another overpowered powercreep tank.
    QB, man up and relearn to aim. Seriously, WTF?

  33. My experience from yesterday was pretty much the same: you can’t side scrape reliably. The enemy will pen you more often than not.

    Tank destroyers such as 103B can hit turret weak spots even from afar without too much of the issue.

    I think that gun is the only really good thing about it.

    All in all an ok tank, but way overpriced(in retrospect)

    But WG knew this-so they didn’t give it to CC for review

  34. Petar Stipancevic

    Is it possible to publish a replay if I haven’t recorded?

  35. Petar Stipancevic

    On WoT replays

  36. 100% true. I am so fucking dissapointed, that I sepended 150 euros worth of ingame currency, for such a trash tank, that I could not even test before. this tank is so bad. I rly wanna stop playing the game, I want my currency bad. when I would know, that this tank sucked so hard, I would never spend my ingame stuff for it.

    can I create a ticket and refund it?

  37. 20:05 I’ve gotten like 3 victories in 13 games with my 780. I think the tank just gets bad mm

  38. I thought it looked op from the thumbnail, thank goodness i’m wrong.

  39. At 30:00 there is a lot of pens that never ever be penned and they registered it as a pen. That’s corrupted RNG for u to show how it makes your team lose without a comeback. If you doing too much to comeback u get either ammorack exploded or set on fire or even tracked and ammo racked in 1 hit

  40. Is this even legal? Creating a sense of urgency is illegal right? This tank should have been boycotted if you bought it your supporting the predetory monitisation they use and your supporting nfts such a shame this is the way gaming is going

  41. Christian Schmidt

    37:27 I would like gold rounds removed…

  42. Franklin Clinton

    You hate this tank for all the reasons i love it.

    I don’t have the tank but i love it’s inclusion in the game. It’s a new reward tank that doesn’t really fit in the current meta, but is still strong enough to want to play it. It doesn’t enhance the bullshit hulldown meta, more like changes it to the better.

    Also new tanks usually don’t have weak spots or obvious weaknessess to make the game friendlier for new and bad players. Finally a tank that to counter, you need to know it’s weakspots. turret top overmatchable to 152mm guns, weak cupolas, weak side armor when angling too much.

  43. Prem pen not enough, has weak point, too slow etc. You really want another OP tank? Are you also salty that you paid for pixels in a game and had to wake up early to do it?
    As a content creator perhaps you can view it as ‘ today I have to work early’ and remember that you are in a privileged position to do so.
    Whales and wallet warriors would have bought it just to have it.

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