OBJECT 906 – RIVER MONSTER (War Thunder 1.65 Tanks Gameplay)

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906 – RIVER MONSTER (War Thunder 1.65 Tanks Gameplay)

War Thunder Update 1.65 Patch Notes – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/341614-preliminary-update-notes-war-thunder-update-165-way--the-samurai/


  1. They need to bump the American M4A3 76 W Sherman down to tier 3 5.0. It’s
    not fair how the Japanese version is the same thing but is lower tiered.
    The American one is hard to play in tier 4 since it’s usually out gunned
    and out armored.

  2. hey phly that was you who killed me in my t32 . . . didn’t noticed till i
    watched this video XD

  3. Phly, your intros make my day. My favorites were this, the ‘disappearing
    Panther’, and ‘t-34 fuel tanks are extra armor.’ Also, if you see this, can
    you play the M22 Locust and A36 Apache just for salt?

  4. Must have blown everybody on both teams…

  5. at 13:00 how did you get you crew to speak russian? is there a national
    voice feature like in WoT?

  6. When Enemy tank Pop up Right In-front of u … Like Magic
    Even in AC also like that zzz


  8. Name of the music of the beginning?

  9. I'mlachlangaming Poop

    Do the b 17 in war thunder

  10. play the me 410 b2 u4 with the panther D. please. it’s my dieing wish. for
    when I die. in 70 years or so. bless you phly

  11. Do a bunch of objects 906 vs Swordfishes attempt#1

  12. win will ps4 get Japan tanks

  13. I wonder if he noticed that they made the Russian tanks have Russian crew
    voices in tank realistic and the German tanks have German crew voices

  14. Guys, i’ve started playing War Thunder yesterday, and i made myself a
    tactic to kill an enemy, im at Tier 1 right now so, maybe that will change
    later on, i usually shoot the enemy’s turret, so i can kill the
    gunner/commander and loader at the same time, then i shoot the driver/MGer,
    is that a good tactic? also can somebody give me some tips on
    survivability? im a WoT player so, when i shoot an enemy, i dont move, then
    i always get shot because i forget there is no Health Bars in this game,
    also, any tips on ways of earning more RP and SLs?

  15. #ripGroundUnitDestroyed….

  16. do the tu-14t with the torpedo run. curious how big is the torpedo?

  17. US BR4.7 Combo: M4A1 76W & P-51D-30

  18. phly please play russian awesome combo yak-7b and t-26-4

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    World of Tanks and use the IAMTANKER2016 invite code to get 7 days premium
    time, 250 gold and a free Churchhill III tank

  20. They’re having this popping enemies problems more and more eh?
    Really hope they fix it soon, I died many times lately because of this :(

  21. I am so mad because every time I try to load war thunder it just goes to a
    black screen?

  22. (just a little joke abotu APHE)
    I have AP
    I have HE

  23. crap vid, dull footage and too much swearing.

  24. War Thunder has sooooooo many bugs. And the Tiger spam is soooo bad.

  25. challenge: take out the flak 88. get aerial kills as mysch as you can to
    get to the gepard aa

  26. Fly the Spitfire Mk 1for the new Dunkirk movie.

  27. Why are some tanks unreaserchable in the japanese tree, and in battle i see
    other people playin it?

  28. Phly do the easy 8 Sherman and the p51 mustang



  30. Hey phly. ;D

  31. I love the new update….but. What i want them to do is fix the matchmaker,
    change the stupid spawns, and maybe have a spawn like heroes and generals?
    Sorry for the rant. Love the channels phly

  32. your videos dont have 60fps? :(

  33. Why have they changed it to target destroyed

  34. I have relized that instantly popping tanks in my screen after the updates
    thats really anoying

  35. I’m guessing you all are here because you enjoy warthunder well I would
    love it if checked out my favorite youtuber @BoTimeGaming please check out
    his channel he has real good content watch a few of his vids?

  36. Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

    I wanna see bomber cockpit views! (Also great video, as always. 😛 )

  37. Didn’t know boats also came this patch xD

  38. Phly!!, how did u get the crew to talk russian? :O

  39. have you played armored warfare

  40. OBJECT 906 VS T95

  41. fucking sucks tht you have to pay to play the other tanks on japs

  42. Repetitive

  43. What does the Japanese Derp Gun say when it sees it’s target?

    Oh Ho-ro!

  44. dem SCP-106 sounds tho

  45. I would imagine that they would put the Japanese tanks with the German
    tanks, But NO. they will put it against Germans…

  46. That 150 is weak. Couldn’t kill my dishka truck With 3 shots.

  47. Om Telolet Om

  48. Christian Scavenius Andersen

    phlydaily please tale The boomerang mkii and The Cromwell attempt7

  49. phly can you give me some gold eagles to the warthunder pls

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