Object 907 – Malinovka

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Source: Zeven


  1. Love to watch your videos when you elaborate on tactics.

  2. Its all well and easy saying “let your team do the work” and that’s a BIG
    if, how often do you see team work in this game? XD

    What do you do in that kind of position?

  3. an_average_player

    One thing I don’t quite get is all the spotting you achieved even though
    there was a bush between you and the others on the hill.
    Were they simply too close for your view range to overmatch the bush or is
    it because it was only 1 bush rather than double bush?

  4. Thanks for another imformative video, it is one of the maps I struggle with
    and wonder what to do so this is very helpful.

  5. Hey Zeven! I really appreciate all the videos you post here, I’ve learned
    so much from this channel alone. So thank you for that!

    Also, was wondering if maybe you could show us a game of yours that has you
    in a bad situation like that patton or 140 was in this video, and how you
    deal with it. Just an idea :). Looking forward to the next video

  6. Obj 90zeven

  7. Great info. Would it be the same basic play for a lightly armor tank such
    as cdc?

  8. Thank you so much for all the videos. I’m learning lots and becoming a
    better player thanks to you.

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