Offiical Major Update “New Power” Preview Stream!

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Our next Major Update, “New Power”, will bring vast improvements to Game Graphics thanks to our new Dagor 6.0 Engine, as well as a wide selection of vehicles for all of our players.
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thanks to our main partner Intel for providing the Streaming Computers!
Thanks to Logitech for providing peripherals for this Stream.

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  1. no thanks, too little too late.


  3. The display of premium vechicle in new hangar reminds me of the WoT’s hangar premium vechicles display

  4. Those fire effects are so obviously setting up napalm. Like, come on it’s gotta.

  5. Lautaro Darian Fernandez

    44:21 for me it seems that in a future update they will put the SA-22 “Greyhound” in Russia

  6. I wonder if the nuke is for the end of mixed games as a detail or something

  7. Antisocial Engineering

    But, They’re fixing the core issues in the game as well, right?
    Or just adding more bling and more toys, and forgetting the issues with poor maps, the constant player comments about Matchmaking, BR and “Balance”, not to mention the overpowered CAS in ground forces? Or is that too hard, the player base too easily ignored?
    Fixing the inconsistent damage results in armour/ammo? The could be funny, but really frustrating in reality dodgy hit boxes with terrain?
    Just add more bling, further tax the already struggling servers that give more and more issues like packet loss, drop outs and cute effects like “ghost shells” and vehicles/terrain dropping in and out.
    Losing ground in player numbers to competitive products for a reason.

    Potentially a great game

    Oxy and Mike Goes Boom, based on the comments you made on your excellent youtube channels I had so much hope when you got picked up by Gaijin for some real change, but so far, disapointed.
    Looks like nothing will change.


  9. Wait hold up bare with me. Will exploded tanks open up?!?

  10. 12:40 this reminded me of the trailer for ace combat 7

  11. I don’t know their names, BUT… The guy on the left is sooo annoying 😀 He talks too much and tries to be funny at any cost.. Don’t really know what was the reason you chose him 😀 But I guess Phly refused to become your main streamer 😀 Now I mean no offense but he just really is annoying with all the fake laugh and overexcitement.
    Also give us new tank shot effects please 😀 All the new effects look amazing and I’m sure it took quite a lot of time to make them, but tank battles look a but goofy with those old effects. It doesn’t really look like a tank shot it should pick up so much dirt you wouldn’t be able to see for at least a few seconds. This would also add a new aspect to the game when you would have to really think about revealing yourself.

  12. I feel like they are setting up the effects for when the A-10 comes 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Pandramodo is going to get nuts

  14. Great presentation – love these 2 guys!

  15. Will this update impact the performance on lower end pc in any way tho?

  16. Finally they are adding the Harrier

  17. Why nerf Sweden

  18. Why do people ask for an a-10 just why?

  19. New modern bomber???

  20. Wow, Oxy, you look just like my son if he shaved!

  21. ATGMS Get Rekt from the T-90 now xDD

  22. F in the chat for oxy’s pub

  23. Well that was cringe. Anyway, Harrier incoming.

  24. Some of the Chat if not all of them are being jerk!!

  25. Adrian Eslava Sepulveda

    cuando suben la actualización

  26. Really bummed Russia has zero heavy cruisers and now zero battleships. Naval needs all nations to get even. Stop putting certain nations way ahead and screwing up the game metas.

  27. Adrian Eslava Sepulveda

    I could not download the update

  28. Hulusi serdar Yıldırım

    Loool i told yall about vtols will come soon in ufo event . and here it is..

  29. Guys at work make fun of me, saying I play gay thunder. Jerks

  30. Me with an XP adapted computer: no

  31. Nice update. Still miss the Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkryie tho.

  32. where is the T90

  33. Rip gtx 1050 2gb 🙁

  34. gosh this test servers should be avabile for anyone

  35. Gaijin did the best thing possible. Hiring these two. I enjoy this stream very much.

  36. Shabyy & Slav & colep

    How long will it be until the next official research of the Maus because I didn’t get a chance to ;-;

  37. Give us the Panther 2, even as premium, and I’ll delete my WoT and switch to WT.

  38. They need to fix the Naval air carriers slingshot to wear the plane stays on it when it takes off from it.

  39. Fix your game already..You already make enough to fix it

  40. Please make for PS4 and Xbox better controls for helicopters and planes plus missile controls for tanks and planes and helicopters for USA m1a2 v2 Tusk and the lav 25

  41. Александр Кизуб

    шо за полупокер справа?

  42. Sorry! German still suffer!!


  44. Give us free Abrams

  45. Can you guys add the Kranvagn?

  46. Now all they need to add is the thing where a part of a plane’s wing breaks off and folds into the rest of the wing.

  47. well looks like my potato PC will burn

  48. Great now atgms have no effect on russian tanks

  49. great update and all but how about you fix the stupid airfield camping that’s been an issues for almost 4 years now

  50. I cant update mine…is there a problem???

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