OH CANADA – M4A5 Canadian TANK! (War Thunder 1.61 Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

OH CANADA – Canadian ! ()

is out! – http://warthunder.com/en/news/4178-war-thunder-update-1-61-road-to-glory-en/

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  1. ki-100!! Japanese love!!!! Banzaiiiiii!

  2. 漂洋的鱼 AOFish

    Love Canada so much!!!

  3. Lol Davedaily


  5. Canada is no jokes.
    makes no MOOSEtakes.

  6. My theory on why there is such few content on this patch. Is Japanese Tanks
    are coming or maybe Navel Tech trees. The grand sail must be working on
    secret content.

  7. Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    Man, I’m digging the Canada National Anthem

  8. Waffles

  9. im sorry to say that its not a Sherman chassis its a M3 Lee Chassis

  10. The BRs for many of these new vehicles seem way off (like, more than

    This tank, which is now the best armoured Sherman in the game, is sitting
    at 3.7, with a 50-80mm thick hull sloped at about 40 degrees on the front,
    and over 100 mm of pen (better than the other shermans at that level
    think), plus a double 38mm gun mantlet. That makes it the best armoured
    tank at it’s tier – it probably outdoes some heavies.

    Also, the Ki-100, which historically was based off the Ki-61 Tei (from the
    second block of Hiens), is sitting just after the Ki-61 Otsu. It’s
    effectively a slightly downgraded Ki-61 Tei (so, 2 12.7s, 2 20s) with a
    much tougher engine at about the same level as the quad 12.7 Ki-61 Otsu.

    The fuck.

  11. The M4a5 should be in the British tree because they fort with the British

  12. Damn the reload in the M4A5 is insain its realy fast its not that good in
    armor but you can get some fast shots nice tank

  13. That mg is an m3 lee mg XD

  14. The new P-47N-15!!!!! :D

  15. canadian bias confirmed

  16. The Ki-100!!! Show the OP-ness Phly! SHOW IT

  17. This tank is the Ram in WOT. Great video Phly.

  18. Sorry for shooting you aye.

  19. Ki-100 plz!

  20. This should be in the british tech tree yeah because Canada is technically
    owned by Britain

  21. This tank is buffed as hell

  22. Aussie war thunder player

    The mg turret is a exact remake of the one on the crusader MK2

  23. Where’s the Fw-189??

  24. Is it premium?

  25. do the BF-109

  26. Think I heard the Ki-100 was added, if it was take it out pls?

  27. Am I the only one who have never been to a tank night battle?

  28. whats with the 70 ROUNDS!!

    Btw how about some dead by daylight on the channel?

  29. are you from Canada or America?
    anyway, keep up the good work!

  30. Lolzcrafter101 MCPE

    Phly is there a Hetzer in the game and if there is one pls make a vid out
    of it

  31. people be like…….WTF ships ships ships
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you better bring
    the british and the germans first

  32. Canada wasn’t apart of the British Empire in WW2, the entered independently
    also the had tons of influence fromt he US in ww2.

  33. Try out Hearts of Iron IV fun as shit m8

  34. Do the f7f on TankRB

  35. you should take out the m46 tiger american premium and the p47 new edition

  36. A27 Cromwell MkV with the Tiffy! (Explosive teabag load of your choice)
    Attempt No.2

  37. He 111 H6

  38. whats called the tank on britishs tank on rank 5 next from tortoise ?

  39. What about SMK + the IL-2 with 37mm cannons?

  40. Happy Christmas!

  41. Respect, I’m Canadian

  42. Fuck Youtube and UNskippable 30 second ads. I remember when you could skip
    ANY pos ad after 5 seconds.

    And on the basis of Ships coming soon(TM) I can’t wait for the cluster fuck
    Gaijin will no doubt pull off when they release the “Stronk Soviet Navy”
    which will magically somehow be better then then it’s Western/Asian
    counterparts even tho it had about as much relevance in WW2 as a Hobo
    shitting into a volcano and was famous for being garbage.

  43. Play the new m60


  45. Vladimir Poontang

    Take off, eh

  46. Cal-Garry Alberta (StripeFur)

    Canada, distributing the peace since July 1,1867.

  47. Nerf plz. I mean. That thing at tier 2 as almost the same armor as a tiger.
    Its only minus 12 mm of thick

  48. hey how do u have a desert area as your garage mine is the default one how
    did u get this?


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