Oh just a simple Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Oh just a simple Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/769872/en/


  1. Kommander Phly, pls the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills, no APCR and bonus if done with squad)
    Attempt No 36.

  2. The Epic Thunder sound mod makes this thing even more satisfying

  3. Phly, do yourself a phavour.
    Play the gun that is literally “to die phor”.
    Play the Panzer 4 PH2 and have a good time. 🙂
    (Challenge: Get 15 Kills in one game)

    Attempt #15

  4. Damn just noticed your crew slots… damn it man how many have you unlocked and WHY?!?!!!1!

  5. 16:40 – They do travel in herds

  6. Next video : oh another COMPLICATED PAK PUMA

  7. Phly try to get kills with the daimler in 10.0

  8. I love how 13:30 onward he is just smokin bitches

  9. Phly can you play the m26 Pershing? Attempt #2

  10. that thing is the seal clubber’s dream.

  11. If you enjoy Puma, you will love AB43

  12. No armour is best armour, that works with humans to right??

  13. NO Armor Is BEST Armor
    Say it

  14. Phly please play the t-26-4

  15. Lots of Puma butsex lol

  16. Use a m10, m18 and a m36 and get 3 kills with each

  17. That noise at 1:27 is killing me, man…

  18. Nice to see some low teir, thanks.

  19. 16:30 actually the other 234 get the kill 😀

  20. i want to see 234/4 。sdkfz234 is so fun

  21. I am playing it at 6.7 BR with my Tiger II’s and still manages to kill people with APCR …

  22. Kalidoscopic Duck



  23. I love that trank.

  24. hey phly, idk if you’ll read this, but if you do: i tried to buy 1000 Golden eagles from the store link you’ve put in the description, but when i select Payment trough IDeal, i get an empty page over and over again. idk if its the link or the store website, but do u have any alternative links i can try?. Greetings from the Netherlands ??

  25. Rubber Duck at 1:27

  26. That’s cool Steve, but have you PLAYED AMR 35 ZT3

  27. i enjoy my puma, doesnt hurt its my favorit AC irl

  28. Martin Cruickshank


    P.S.- I-go-ko is not that bad, you just don’t know how to play it.

  29. It’s only 6 syllables

  30. Plz can u play the
    Fritz X and destroying as much as ships from the He111

  31. Phly! Please up your recording bitrate! Or stream+record locally. Your videos look like Bink game videos from the 90’s!

  32. British tanks are not very good in this game ?

  33. would you recommend the PE-3? i’m thinking about reaserching it, but i want to know if its any good

  34. *No armor is best armor*

  35. Ok cool but you can’t get it without paying

  36. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    This thing should be 3.3, at 2.7 it’s just OP.

  37. i can tell he made this vid on the PHLY

  38. Hey Phly alia Fly, what about taking the Puma into a BR10 game? and shoot some abrams 😀

  39. There were about 70 Pumas with a 75mm PaK mounted instead of the turret. I saw one recently in the german tank museum. As it seems this version was very effective, although it didn’t have a big impact on the war with this low numbers.
    I like the Puma. It has something special.

  40. Man ….You in that low br is like watching some seal clubbing

  41. hey phlippidy, remember when you did a “let my tankers tank” mini series? now its time you do it the other way around! “let my planers plane” in which you pick a top tier flying vehicle (id sugest something you havent used yet but thats just a sugestion) and go kill chunguskas, otomagics, adats, rolands, stormers and anything else that might be a threat!

  42. Phillip von Scheven

    Got my first ace today with the bt-5

  43. NO ARMOR BEST ARMOR –Everyone who watches this

  44. a pride of pumas?

  45. how you go to gear 7? the max gear is not 3?

  46. Im a Proud KKK Member -Bleak Tiger

    PUMA in its natural habitat!

  47. Excellent and very fast light and fatal

  48. I wish life was as cool as war thunder pumas

  49. Ohh yah ze panzer is going to kill ze Sherman yah to much bias

  50. Just say FUMA

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