OI Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

First Ace in the soon be nerfed OI.

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  1. OI wasnt build in real life.

  2. We grind up the tree, get these kind of tanks that are so much fun to play,
    then management decides to nerf them cause its unfair to the rest of the
    players?? Bit unfair to those of us who have them and spent time effort and
    credits on it.

  3. This tank is broken as hell and it is really obvious in tier6 stronghold :
    since their introduction, these heavys have crowded strongholds in every
    single campy hands, and when they camped in a map where you can’t use the
    view range (and even then, these tanks have better view range than most of
    tier 8 heavys !), it’s impossible (not hard : impossible) to take them out.
    In random battles, it’s not much a problem to take them out form range with
    gold or to get close and wreck them form their weak side.

    I think they are nerfing the OI mainly because they are killing tier 6
    stronghold (where they are obviously always top tier).

    It’s not crying, it’s not whining, it’s just being honest to recognize this
    tank is broken, and it is not to early WG put it down.

  4. good video, Irish.

  5. Yes WG nerf it to the bone the KV drivers are crying….

  6. Maybe, juuust maybe…the enemy arty player saw a very good scout in the
    line up and since this is the only valid bush AND you broke fences, he
    justed added 1 and 1 and tried his luck. Accusing him of cheating is as
    smart as ppl accusing you. If you play arty in clans a lot, you just have
    your obvious locations.

  7. O-I will get nerf next patch… i still never got around to play my o-i
    exp. :(

  8. first :)))

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