OK I MADE A MISTAKE! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

So yesterday I played the CS-63 IGNORING the T-34-1 as the “Best” medium tank in World of Tanks… Today Martjom will fix it!



  1. HE changes still the dumbest thing ever

  2. THis replay was more boring then staring at a brick wall… and there are no brick walls here.

  3. could you believe that people used to play the city, like actually play it? But not now. Wg had to ruin this map as well smh

  4. QB QB !!!
    Just a video idea perhaps, but videos on collectors vehicles that were once popular and now are forgotten like Jagdpanther 2, (you already did T-62a recently), Hetzer, firefly, T71Da and AMX30/30B would be cool to see!

  5. Shoulda submitted my 4.6k Cromwell game…. 6k combined damage. Damn.

  6. To all intensive purposes…..he skipped it.

  7. I don’t know man but every tank you play seems like it has the best win ratio. I play tomato so yeah. 🙁

  8. So my question…
    Why didn’t you played the T34-1 for yourself?
    Btw: I personally have a reliable Friend in the T34-3 the Tier8 Premium Tank.
    After the Buffs it is even better.

  9. Yes the KV-2 is useless now 😥

  10. after trying out war thunder for a while im back on world of tanks and omg its so much less painfull. war thunder is just pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain super epic gamer moment pain pain pain pain pain. wot doesnt really have super epic gamer moments that are as awesome as war thunder but its sooooooo more less painfull i dont even care. at least i can go into battle knowing i can do something. war thunder is just a sim. and real life aint fun

  11. T 34 1 one of my favorite tanks and I surprisingly do well in it, armor can be really trollish at times, BUT the gun is often derpy, it ammo racks a lot and burns occasionally, the 5 degrees of gun depression makes it tough on lot of maps also, but when it works oh boy what fun

  12. Don’t worry we love you anyway. even if you are semi blind.

  13. Doesn’t take a PhD in tanks/explosives to know that spalling is a basic part of physics…

  14. Hi Quicky! Just a suggestion, how about doing a poll for what mid tier tank should you play? At least doing it once every week or two weeks, should be fine for the viewers. May be put a poll on Monday and then play the most voted mid tier tank on Saturday or even Sunday.

  15. Arguably tho, mid tier is where more fun can be had. High tier is too full of the lifers and try hards. My T78 is one of my most played tanks.

  16. Can you play IS-4 please
    I wanna see you play that tank please 🙏

  17. imagine WG admitting to mistakes just as quick as quickybaby. The game would have been a heaven.

  18. Whats gun depression? Sorry kinda new at the game 😳😅

  19. I was like wtf when I saw 2 QBs

  20. Come on! The poor guy lost 34,000 credits in that game. Why didn’t QB donate a bit to him for such an amazing game?

  21. LOL I didn’t expect to get mentioned by QB directly here. Actually I didn’t really mind that you featured CS-63 as it IS an unique tank and tier X is more relevant for most people anyway, but still T-34-1 is one of my personal favorite tank that I’d love more people to notice. The only tier 7 medium with post war soviet style turret, punchy high alpha high pen gun, better stationary camo than most tier 7 lights, and small silhouette which made it hard to hit (and pen). Yes it has a lot of drawbacks as well, but if you manage to learn to deal with them you can turn a T-34-1 into a tank that could excel in any map and any tier. Truly a wonderful smol tank.

  22. Woah nice one right there! ngl T-34-1 is indeed as the best medium tank tier for tier

    As it happens I also do play the tank on my channel too! Have a nice day!

  23. Lol , relax, enjoy your videos.

  24. We love ” This Idiot ” !!!!

  25. At this point, why does he bother taking any regular ammo…

  26. QB, could you make a video about the tier 7 czech medium tank T-34/100 Konstrukta

  27. WG rigg win 152 kill me in one shot

  28. why isnt it live gameplay..???

  29. Vk. 45.02 p ausf. B is my favorite tank i dont know what it is on the tank but i lose only like 2/10 games and it never lets me down

  30. Joke’s on you, QB, i make mistakes 24/7, anytime and everywhere !

  31. Hallelujah. Hello T34-1 🙌🏼

  32. Here’s an idea, jump on console wot again and try to get some good clips in the maus or e100, the difference in meta is just ridiculous

  33. Don’t make little yellow people angry anymore 😛


  35. Video idea, ramming platoon with the kv5

  36. I just got my first ever mark and it’s in the IS

  37. I hate tier 7, my least favorite vehicle of every line I’ve gone down has been tier 7.

  38. According to me, the best VII tier med is Panther. 💪

  39. Notapopularytbersus

    This is quite a bing chilling moment +1000000 social credits

  40. That poor kv-2(R) from the beggining of the match. If he had managed to shot the t-34-1 once, he would have won the game.

  41. IMHO OP midtiers are fun but endgame content is better than midtier standard tanks.

  42. Theory: QB didnt featured the T-34-1 before on purpose just to be able to pull off the November joke

  43. + T34-1 has too really good camo, stand and when moving

  44. That T28 HTC is as competitive as most players in this game.

  45. Ma man…. Someone who admits mistakes and corrects them? those are rare these times

  46. kinda hurt my economic heart when he spammed all the gold rounds in the back of the T28 HTC instead of HE or AP

  47. I’ve actually liked that You’ve played CS-63, changed the equipment on mine (went for a turbo) and started playing it back – went quite well actually 🙂

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