Okay I’M IN LOVE | Introducing a BT-7 With a 76mm CANNON (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Okay I’M IN LOVE | Introducing a With a 76mm CANNON (War Thunder)


  1. Phly,please play Panzer IV H,the best vehicle on War Thunder
    Attempt #104

  2. *sakkijarven polkka intensifies*

  3. Imagine the BT-7 with a 76 mm gun with rockets

  4. patrick guerriero

    Thanks for the meme colonel_dab

  5. *Soviet tank design bureau:
    Ivan: I got it!
    Igor: What is it comrade?
    Ivan: Why don’t we put the 76mm on a BT 7? Less armor, less material, more speed, same kill counts as KV 1 and T-34. And more BT 7 76mm can be produced!!!
    Igor: We must hurry and make a draft, we’ll propose it to Stalin this evening!

  6. Undecided username Is my username

    14 Tons for the sports man only Russian designs will satisfy,
    V-12 for the speed demon that needs to fly,
    Stealth technology for the late night drive to Berlin,

    KV-2 Mini
    Now supercharged

  7. Hey Phly its been a while but I think there is a loving the unloved that you have yet to do. The SU-122. It is time to bring the series back

  8. immature demolitions

    Touché on the intro

  9. PhlyDaily: BT-7 with a 76mm Gun is unbeatable.
    BT-42: Am I a joke to you?

  10. I hope you guys are doing well

  11. U don’t fucking deserve eny of them tanks or aircraft u fucking pay for them u are not skilled at that game at all stop acting like ur good ur not good u have the event items before thy have dropped wtf u don’t deserve eny thing on that game u didn’t earn eny of them

  12. Gone, Reduced to Atoms…

  13. The Breaking Potato

    They finally made it so you can transfer your Xbox account to pc…. ,
    Finally I can play with the dominant race, fuck console

  14. Round drop off duh

  15. Hardbass intensifies

  16. So we going for bigger BTs? *WHERE IS MY BT-42 GEIJIN?*

  17. Another event where casual player has no chance. Seems to be a thing these days with soviet game companies

  18. Jesus this is far superior to something like the PZ III…

  19. SU 122-54. Dew it Phlee

  20. Russian m18

  21. 13:04 russian mg bias

  22. on 3.0 isnt it a worse T-34 prototype?

  23. By the books challenge: Take out any tank/lineup of your choice. BUT you have to follow proper protocol, and bail out if your vehicle gets penetrated

    Attempt #6 (I think)

  24. Love your content Phly!

  25. Phly – raising awareness about depression since 2013

  26. Germany-russian was a really nice idea: DDR had also tanks, not just planes and ships.

  27. Fast, big gun… sh*t armor.

  28. And a bunch of kids still think that World of tanks is better.

  29. Russian puma with right there xD

  30. No armor with a big gun is best armor with a big gun lol good jop phly keep it up still looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield one day

  31. Florian von Wangenheim

    Just another op russian prototype…

  32. 2:47 how about bt-42 with 114mm gun?

  33. Challenge Video.
    Take out the M60 or the T-62 on the map Fulda and try to blend in with the environment ones.
    It could be hard so good luck!Attempt#8

  34. This is going to render Panzer III’s obsolete. No reason to play them. You’ll lose every time. This could be balance breaking, but the balance is fragile anyway, so meh.

  35. I want that tank!

  36. Do you phly with a joystick or mouse and keyboard

  37. I want to this tank a nick name and that is “KV1 Mini”


  39. That glitchy spitting

  40. We’ve got one step ahead before BT-42 comes out

  41. Bt42 would have been better

  42. Muhammad Iqbal Zunaedi

    anyone know the link to download the sound?

  43. Challenge uses the T-35 and destroys at least 2 tanks of rank V, VI, VII.

  44. please play the japanese type 16!

  45. I have a feeling im the youngest War thunder player. I’m 12

  46. The best VI era tank

  47. looks like a good vehicle.
    question mark over that il2 though.


  49. Ok now play that BT-7 on top tier 😀

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