OLD BUT GOLD – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks released the ST-I a long time ago – and while a lot of things have changed in the this old tank is still ’s weight in gold!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Brandon Baltzegar

    Great video! Well played

  2. So it’s “ST-1” and not “Sexually Transmitted Infection” (STI)? Huh, the more you know.

  3. I’m an old F2P player, so with all the events that have been going around, I’ve managed to get a heap of garage slots. So I’ve only just started grinding a heap of new tanks, and am currently at the Tier VII Soviet Heavy, the KV-3. And in my final game before I unlocked the KV-4, I had a 5,200 dmg/2,100 blocked/1000 assist game on Province of all maps. I see I can expect things to get even better.

  4. haha sixty nine thousand views

  5. finnallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ST 1

  6. shooting gold at lower tiers is low and pathetic

  7. Wot is garbage play warthunder

  8. Soo much gold, it’s disgusting. I don’t like games like this. Just sitting and facing each other and shooting gold. So crap

  9. What will this tank begin against a IS-3 II ??? Nothing that thing is Meta you have 2 barrels and you do 780 damge with a salvo shot i do over 3K average damage in that thing it just insane also it has -8 depression with an flat turret Ruski balance DA!

  10. Вячеслав Миронов

    rate my videos)))))))

  11. I lived to see Quicky play the ST1, oh -my -God! Thank you Q!!!

  12. Elephoontof theShanpes

    @Quickybaby have you seen the equipment in world of tanks blitz?

  13. I genuinely think that the st1 is better tier to tier than the is4, it carries more ammo, has a better turret, more gun depression and almost identical hull armour

  14. I’m surprised that no one is mentioning the balls of that indien panzer guy. gg mate

  15. As a former ST-1 player, 7 can confirm, its pretty damn good

  16. Challenge: *Quickybaby plays WoT but Everytime he dabs the 2 key, he has to dab irl.*

  17. 1:17 Careful, there’s a sexually transmitted infection (STI) at sector D3. It can penetrate your armor easily

  18. But the pain goin trough the kv4, ugh

  19. Amporn Chaingam

    i play world of tanks blitz
    thank you

  20. Old but gold ainds thia game was from a stream last week but it was insane keep it up qb 🙂

  21. I said instead progoto portrogo cuz i say it like that

  22. Gil Gerald Getes

    quickybaby at his best

  23. 11:48- 330 hp? no it is 330 damage. for a second i though i was watching a jingles video.

  24. Nobody:
    You Tube subtitles: “Hey everybody, it’s a squeaky baby…”

  25. I remember watching this game on stream brilliant game to watch live

  26. TaurusTheKing 72

    This is my favorite tank

  27. I need to log into my account
    Haven’t touched it for 7 months

    Rip my account 🥺

  28. Old but huge emphasis on the gold( coming in and firing out)

  29. GeneralTrueFocus

    And those feelings you experience after getting the IS-4 are, quite, strange…

  30. 9:08 thats why wot is not a great game cuz rng and MM it if u want to have a good game u need rng and MM and that is some bigg bs

  31. What are the specs of his pc

  32. The latest smoke and mirrors video by this fully paid up slave to Wargaming, just keep giving him and Wargaming your hard earned money folks, it must be nice to rip people off on a daily basis instead of getting an honest job and working for a living like the rest of us….. Wake up People!

  33. i’ve been playing wot for 6 years now on xbox, love your videos, but recently i started playing war thunder… to be honest i don’t think i’ll be playing wot ever again. war thunder >>> wot

  34. Those sandbags from the start of the video are actually desantniki sandbags.
    There you go.

  35. Nice video QB

  36. Cross12 Dremmur

    this is my favourite tank as of now , in blitz
    I’m aiming for the IS-4 now and M103 from the T32

  37. mate we have traveled deep in space and those here who were sucking money can’t make a decent matchmaker

  38. DeceptiveCobras

    Biggest waste of time,him going on about over powered unbalanced broken pos USSR tanks in a bias game made by bias Russians. In other words another qb video..

  39. Ok qick baby i got pen on the gun on st1

  40. It’s still ST-i for me

  41. Pobut's Crackerbox

    NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition

  42. what a joke ! I just had this tank this morning over 6 games , 1 win and stupid teamates that mr Qbaby never meets on battle and show us how good it is having bots in the ennemy team ! no arty and on map where arty is not predominant anyway !

  43. john alvin oliveros

    Best tank for me on wot, and looks very cool

  44. Polish tank tree ??

  45. Lehtokurppa Von Fön

    A relic from the times armor actually meant something in this game.

  46. If anyone watched this game live, what Ike said after it when qb was taking a break was pretty funny 😀

  47. as Ali G would call it…..the ST-Ayyyye

  48. Emperor Palpatine

    Peppy dont like STIs.

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