OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m going to take an Dog, in the form M 41 90, and try and it some New Tricks in World of Tanks!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Just over 100 hp in a light tank, and the 704 didn’t load HE?

  2. That’s one cursed thumbnail

  3. Enemy arty played very good

  4. Georgij Srebren

    That! Was! Beautiful!

  5. just a question, cant OBJ704 just fire HE to kill him?

  6. Yeah, I had a feeling that QB used a similar title before. It seems like I was right.

  7. Has he ever played WOT Blitz or WOT Console

  8. Zabimaru Kamido

    Its funny, in the end, if i were the 704, i would have fired HE for sure. Good game regardless, but that is what should have happend.

  9. arty for the win…

  10. Hey QB I’m from Indonesia, glad to watching ur videos all the time. But I have a little problem here, when I turn the subtitle on, I can’t barely see ur face tho😂
    Hope u read my comments, and thank you!

  11. As usual QB is not able to show a game in live, just replays because he is not sure to do a decent performance like Skill4ltu does on his videos.

  12. What do you think about putting the autoloader back on the bulldog

  13. The hardest part to getting credits is getting your first tier eight. I managed to get the is-2s but it is just not the same.

  14. Michael Treppelin

    6:10 “he” is going to be completely ruined…. f wargaming they don’t even care anymore.

  15. Butch E30 M3 s14

    Watched this on stream, the 704 dance was a cool moment 😍

  16. Maulik Sharma 2.0

    Hey quickybaby, can you feature the tier 8 double barrel soviet heavy tank, the “is 2 ||” in your next video ? And tips to play it against higher tier matchups like tier 10s because i recently got mine and got completely destroyed because my first battle was against tier 10s and my team was full of bots.

  17. Harry Ampatzides

    5-10h to gain a profit of 5m ???without any repair or 1st aid or fire exq …and ofc zero gold and ofc also being a much better than avg player,ye it can be done. Cause all my friends around me that are yellow -green players to make 5 m profit they need from 5-7 days.They struggle every day to hardly make any profit in bad days were RNG desides to play games with them and i listen to them in Discord ,hardly making any profit every day while playing countless hours and feel sorry for them .The frustration omg…

    QB dont ever compare or think the way you exp the game…you make money cause youre a good player.the big majority of this game are hardly avg… and those numbers you say are at least…utopia. IF you wanan be competitve even as a yellow player you will hardly make any profit in every single game(using gold-premium food-big exq and maybe even directives with credits).
    5M in 10 hours…good one cant stop laughing…and then we blame Wgs devs for not playing their own game and being realistic…

  18. I’d love to see a video on the t10 collector tanks. The 113 is still one of my favorites and my friend loves the AMX 30, it’d be interesting to see qb give his two cents on them

  19. 5-10 hours of gaming? People with jobs can do this? On the other hand, I may be skewed. I work 12 hour shifts, and am perfectly happy to P2W.

    And, oh! Look at that arty, making sure the gameplay stays dynamic by punishing sitting still.

  20. Miss llay at the end? He used his repair kit and then you retracked him?

  21. Baiting the shot was a risky gamble. If the 704 had lloaded HE it would have been game over.

  22. QB: M41 GF “Black Dog”
    Me: I think you mean M41 GF “Mad Girlfriend”

  23. Patriotic American

    Feels like he takes free to play to far almost, considering he has tier 8 premiums there no reason he can’t run larg consumables on his tanks, f2p players don’t micro manage there credits that hard

    • that’s fair, although I will say that (back when I still played), I basically never used large consumables (in fact, I don’t know that I ever did). I also didn’t have a single tier 8 premium, in spite of playing ~5 thousand games. I appreciate QB sticking as close to “el cheapo” as he could possibly be.

  24. hahahah love the chat in the end…the arty calling him and idiot then gg 😀

  25. Don’t you just hate when you’re taking a poo and you Bluetooth headphones auto connect to your computer and then won’t connect to your phone.

  26. To be honest if I were the Obj 704 I’d load up on HE. Seeing you on 120~ HP basically means that the 704 only has to hit you somewhere (as you baited your tracks).

  27. blitz version on this game we don’t have black market to buy premium tank for credits

  28. AliShaqra Shaqra

    I can’t do that trick as I will consider him shooting HE on me.

  29. The thumbnail at first looked like a tank with big swinging testicles until I did a double take.

  30. Hope you enjoying life quicky

  31. Антон Михайловский

    im guessing 704 might have had 2 repair kits, since he repaired so fast

  32. robotti ruttunen

    PlaysForFree: spg cancer. ok qb xD

  33. If that 704 use HE he could win

  34. What the dog doing doe?

  35. Sorry to say, but it horrible play against that Obj by relying that he wont shoot HE… Before that you were talking about your advantage: mobility, then why didn’t you use it? It was pretty clear, that all you need to do was to get unspotted and flank Obj – less risky strategy

  36. If I would tried this at the end, the OBJ would have loaded HE as usual… 😉

  37. forgot to load HE :))

  38. Ive been playing war thunder alot recently and every time I watch world of tanks i kinda laugh at how arcade like it is compared to war thunder. (I still like WOT btw)

  39. You were so lucky that He didnt shoot HE in the end

  40. xxbuffpapí 176

    ive alway wanted to play this game on pc for the past 5 years, but i dont have the room for one. would this game still be fun on a gaming laptop

    • I mean, it would *run* on a gaming laptop, but tbh, I’m not sure it’s fun on anything 😉

      forreal though, I used to play this on a potato with only integrated graphics, so I’m sure your computer would handle it just fine.

  41. Do would of tanks is all about trolling vehicles without turrets?

  42. QUESTION: How do you use the camera thing in replays

  43. Mass respect to the arty that reset the cap at 13 sec left in the begging

  44. Jebaited

  45. But, when the Obj. 704 load HE 😀 Old Dog will die 😀 :D, maybe just shoot into ground nearby 😀 (Sorry, i’m english self teacher)

  46. I like how the fricking arty on ur team at the last minute called you an idiot lmao

  47. see your still selling tanks for your employers QB

  48. I hate sneeky artillerys

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