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  1. Wait, this isn’t mines….

  2. Your Local Meme Dealer

    Nice meme.

  3. Cent is a very nicely balanced tank methinks – does its role very well but can easily be outplayed if not played correctly.

    I only wish the Pershing had the same kind of turret armour =(

    • @Epiquai, Scipio

      Well, thinking back to when I played it, I don’t recall havging had too many problems with the pen.
      It felt adequate for most of the targets. But then, I’m a subscriber to the “if not even your frontal armour can protect you, then why bother” philosphy. So I never felt like I should be able to pen everything from the front.
      Maybe that makes me a weirdo…

      Anyway, I never had any real complaints about the Comet’s gun. But your milage may vary off course.

    • Cent should have it;s turret armor nerfed really. Pershing doesn’t need a armor buff either. the buffs console gave it would help it more.

      Can’t agree. The Cent’s turret was never bullet proof. Pretty good? yes. T-29 level? no, certainly not.
      Tha angled part above the mantlet for example is iirc 51mm. So all you need is a 105mil to get partial overmatch. The mantlet itself is tough, but hardly inpenetrable.

    • @Bird_Dog 254mm for a tier 8/9 that never needed it. bounced some really retarded shots with my Cent 7/1 that never would’ve in something while in the Pershing and rightfully so. T29* needs a armor mantle to 203mm where it should be as it still is OP as balls. 51mm is enough to bounce a shit ton of things too if it had that which isn’t true and you got the armor wrong as it’s armor above the mantle is 88mm not 51mm. agree with giving it some love but armor just like almost all British (and Swede based) prems WG has brought out doesn’t need that armor nor should they either.

    • 88mm? Either we’re not taliking about the same piece or they buffed it since I played it last (that’s possible, since I haven’t played much in quite a while, ever since WG has ramped up their BS).

      Still not agreeding with you though. Going hull down is the only thing this tank has going.
      DPM is low with the top gun on both the 1 and the 7/1, dispersion values on the move have never been great when I played it, so you had to wait and aim, armour is meh at best everywehre else, and the whole thing is big enough to warrant its own post code. So, nerf the turret armour and what do you have left?

  4. Bruh that is-m at 5:00 obviously doesn’t enjoy doing damage 😂🤣😂🤣☠️

  5. Did they buff all the British mediums / heavys or what? These were so bad when I played them that I ended up hating them all except the 7/1

    • 50kph topspeed for cent 1 and 7/1 along witb same strong engine and turret armor. Really nice tanks. Oh and DPM buffs

    • @ranger7650
      Yeah they say the Caravan is one of the best now… I will have to buy them again. I sold them as scrap metal because I was so tired of them back in the day.

    • @Janusha Oh yea. 3 marked caernarvon EASILY. It’s a keeper for me now. Great turret armor with 3000 DPM at tier 8 heavy? What’s not to like? This thing butchers all tier 8s and 10s if you can pen them..

    • @ranger7650
      Maybe because it used to be shit and now its good. I dont 3 mark anything. I dont have the patience. There is no way in hell. But I remember the Caravan was one of the big disappointments. Ill try it again.

  6. The whole enemy team was boosted especially their light tanks.

  7. this is the tank that made me want to play WoT

  8. Krystian Olszański

    1:30 you can actualy play the game, why did they add those artas into game is beyond my mind

  9. Circon just seems like a new man after he 3 marked all of the tier 8 Chinese tanks. He’s found a new meaning for life

  10. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    After all that 3-marking…back to you playing what you actually enjoy playing…i fully expect your WR to go up at least 1-2% because of all those experience playing with “crutches”.

    • He is still 3-marking, he’s just done with the atrociously bad Chinese tanks. And his win rate was not even that bad in those crappy tanks, they are just not enjoyable. WG should really take a look at them, and buff them slightly. Slim chance that is ever going to happen, but it would be most welcome.

    • AnTrAxX Slingshots

      @Stefan Pajung Indeed it would. And it is not even a lot of work…sadly we all know how WG values balance 🙁

  11. When i maxed out the cent 1 witch was quite easy for some reason. Got all my xp from spotting, i loved the thing. I got my first mark really easy. Its just an amazing machine. Now to max out the ferdinand and imma save the credits for the Cent 7/1

    • The 7/1 is easily one of my new favorite tanks, I fully elited the tank in like two weeks because I couldnt stop playing with it

    • tino897 the 7/1 is great. It’s got a pretty unique play style as it isn’t as good as all the other T9’s but it’s gun and HESH can sling pain. Don’t bother with the AX

    • @Austin Reeves i was aiming for the 7/1 more than the AX

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The only thing I hate about this tank is you have to grind it to unlocked the 17 pounder you basically have to unlocked from the Black Prince and save some exp to buy the suspension then the turret, the gun and lastly the engine ….

  13. Slightly better than the T-34-2? Should I switch and grind for this instead then?

  14. My favorite tier 8 next to the tiger 2 but my god was the stock grind painful…. It hurt so much…

  15. Gun depression that doesnt give you depression, keep doing god’s work Circon

  16. Great game. I miss these. These are the best.

  17. Circturion still works?

  18. Centurions dont have a commo rating, they have a fifty foot floating neon target indicator above them.

  19. Look what a well-played tank can do when there is no arty…

  20. The Cent I is still a BEAST, even in tier 8 team battles, you can carry real hard in this tank

  21. Not a Meta Tank these days but I use in in frontlines to great effect…love raping progettos with it. Still holds up for teir 8 good view range gun handling and good pen a keeper for me.

  22. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    My favorite tier 8 is either the German bulldog or the iron rain :3 (it’s basically a borsig with a 3 round 128mm autoloader that reloads in like 2.5 seconds. 490 alpha. A mini waffle basically

  23. Where dis camo from

  24. Nice, exciting game Circon !!

  25. how much you pay those guys to walk out in front of you? Are they your mates doing it for a laugh 🙂

  26. Circon’s RNG makes his shots dip below the marker into the tanks lower plate everyone else’s RNG makes it miss high and sails off to the moon missing the tank completely.

  27. What’s the name of the “Penetration indicator” in Aslain’s modpack?
    I can’t seem too find it.

  28. love watching the IS-M get further and further from the battle at any moment.

  29. A lesser player would have given up, maybe driven into the lake, or just allowed the enemy team to kill them. Circon, clearly is no lesser player – he stayed alive, kept his cool, and ultimately was the reason his team won 😉 Also, wtf was with the light tanks at the start of the game? Normally when you see suicide on that scale, kool-aid is involved….

  30. can I have those enemy lights in my battles please?

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