^^| Old Men World of Tanks Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

I remember when did not complain about gold ammo.


  1. Snooze is fucking killing it :D

  2. screw you, i almost pissed myself!

  3. how did they keep this up for so long. I would have just died laughing from
    old age

  4. Someone make a sn00ze old man voice pack!!

  5. I crapped my pants

  6. Make an episode 2

  7. circon+sn00ze = fucking comedy gold

  8. Circon, your laughter cures cancer.

  9. I demand a Snooze voice pack, hidden comedy genius.

    “This is the guy that gave autism a face”

  10. I’m pretty sure that at one point, Circon shit himself.

  11. Oooooo Myyyyy Goooooooood…. I loled so hard.. .Circon you crazy pleb! 😛
    Also.. Snooz found a new calling :D

  12. that stream as epic

  13. Steakenglisch DontcallitSchnitzel

    This was funny as hell :)

  14. LOL, even though all they said was silly as fuck but Circon kept laughing,
    it was too much my jaw hurts

  15. Damn Circon and Sn00ze kills it!

  16. Edmond Paul Murphy

    This was epic. In stitches from start to finish lol :D

  17. foch was sounding like this at the end of hes 30h stream but hes 1 was not

  18. Cung Tuan Thanh Le

    BIHHCH *cough*

  19. What’s he saying at 5:40 ?

  20. savethedandelions

    snooze stealing the show. lol :D

  21. i never laughed this hard at one of your videos before xD

  22. Honorary “why you should watch my livestream” part 5. I haven’t laughed
    like this such a long time. Thanks Circon.

  23. Rename to “Why you should watch my stream #3″

  24. Huuuuhhhhhhh…lariousXD

  25. More of this shit please! :D

  26. Fucking memes


  28. Gross Domestic Plums

    oh god lmao, on the floor from the first second of the video

  29. holy shit these videos keep getting better :D

  30. “E5 still not balanced, GD’it” I fricken lost it, my ribs hurt lol

  31. I wish I could like this more than once. This vid had me in tears

  32. Henri Liimatainen

    never laughed so much since the dicker vaccuum max

  33. YDGameProductions

    Had to watch this video in two parts, my jaws were hurting too much from
    all the laughing!

  34. <<<< *now dead from laughter*

  35. This Old Men streaming is simply fantastic a lot of fun I want see new
    videos please Circon:)

  36. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    circon pls do more of these it was soooo funny

  37. The Sanity Assassin

    “Billy…Billy… come closer… go fuck yourself” Last words of Circon

  38. my ribs hurt now


  40. Old men of Bromanian Tonks :D

  41. Haajahahahahahahahaha

  42. I dont need more premium days i wont live so long anyway hahahahah

  43. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Circon: “Suck my dick…”
    Snooze: “Just follow the catheter and you will find it.”

    That was the best part :’D Fuckin’ hell I don’t remember the last time I
    laughed this hard MingLee

  44. lol i was more fun live

  45. Mature humor for sensible adults.

  46. Haven’t laughed this hard since the Russian Mic’s video well played sir
    Circon GG

  47. I remember when I was on this stream *cough*

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