Old Premium Tanks Getting Buffed! | World of Tanks Premium Medium Tanks – Update 1.12+ Patch News

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World of Tanks Buffed Premium Tanks – STG Guard, T26E4 SuperPersing, STA-2 and T-34-3. World of Tanks Premium Medium Tanks. Guard and SuperPershing Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ News.

00:00 | Introduction
00:42 | WG Buffing Message
02:15 | STA-2 Buff
03:20 | GA Annoucement
05:35 | GA Details
07:23 | T-34-3 Buff
08:35 | STG Guard Buff
09:50 | SuperPershing Buff
11:00 | Conclusion

► Information from: WG

Today I am going to talk about 4 quite old premium tanks which are going to get buffed in one of the upcoming patches and on the top of that, going to give away some more free loot boxes for you!

What do you think?


  1. Quite excited actually about SuperPershing getting some more JUICY, higher octane gasoline! 😛 What do you think? Which tanks should be buffed as well, premium tanks?
    Also, good luck in yet another lootbox GA, here is the link: https://gleam.io/B1tOW/69-boxes-hype-part-3 🔥 – Even more to come, stay tuned and consider subscribing! ❤
    EDIT: Added time stamps, so you can jump into topic what you want to hear the most! 🙂
    00:00 | Introduction
    00:42 | WG Buffing Message
    02:15 | STA-2 Buff
    03:20 | GA Annoucement
    05:35 | GA Details
    07:23 | T-34-3 Buff
    08:35 | STG Guard Buff
    09:50 | SuperPershing Buff
    11:00 | Conclusion

    • László Szikorszky


    • Meanwhile my T34 is crying in the corner…..

    • A buff to type 59 maybe to his pen should be good or it has to be played full premium rounds

    • Hey Dez. Thx for hosting giveaways to your community but for me there is a problem: I don’t do social media: no shitter, no facepalm, no nothing. And that Gleam site want access to any youtube accounts witch i am not prepared to do (I do not use any apps, sites that request access) call me paranoid but thats how i do things… So how can people like me still take part???

    • Really easy. Look at all the prems they have sold before and don’t get played….

      CDC, 59 Patton, Patton KR, T54 Mod1, FCM 50T etc.

  2. How about type 59??
    Yes it was op when in a wolf back, waaay back.. now it’s a rolling ammorack

  3. Username: Vilemos
    Server: EU
    One kinda forgotten but quite nice tank T25 Pilot….not bad at all, but buff is always welcome.

  4. Meanwhile JgTig 88 is still crying in a corner while being THE WORST premium vehicle in existence ever

  5. Aight, best Bond Tank is now guard, hands down <3

  6. was hoping to see some buffs on low end prems. I got most of em. It would be nice, but nope.

  7. Once you buff a premium u cant nerf them…

  8. Buffed again?

  9. World of premium tanks

  10. you know what really need a buff? jtg 8.8

  11. Jagdtiger 8.8 need a huge buff. Armor is bad and the gun is worse

  12. yeah don’t even dare to buff the T 34 because it’s the worst t8 prem and stays as it is maybe a debuff is more optional

  13. These had all been buffed within the past 2 years and, while not great, were all good. Maybe the T-34-3 was a bit lacking, but buffing SPershing and STG just doesn’t make any sense. The only reason I can think of is that they ran out of new premium tank designs so they have to push the less owned premiums for players who already have all the best ones.

  14. I don’t think the buff of the Panther 8.8 was anywhere good enough. +40 alpha is always nice, but 237 pen even with gold? Come on … And for some reasons I mostly seem to get into Tier X matches with it, too … Disappointing :/

  15. I really wished they buff the Fv4202 gun handling 🙂

  16. Devs: Hey we are buffing old premium tanks!!!!!
    AMX CDC: yeah everybody knows i’m the brand new Premium tank…

  17. Hope I’ll finally win something😆
    Dez i love ur vids and ur humour!❤

  18. luv u dez

  19. My sweet Type 59 needs to become god like again!

  20. Name: Inferna_rabies

  21. Thank you, Dez for this nice Video. After the Update I’ll have much more fun playing with T26E4

  22. Username: “pepepes605”
    Server: EU

  23. I want them to make the AMX ELC Bis great again! I loved that thing when it was fast as hell.

  24. I’m really happy to see t-34-3 with some better gun handling that’s always nice, but where are bufs for tanks like is-5, cdc or fv4202 ;o i’d love to see something made for them aswell.

  25. why tf are they buffing premium

  26. Cries in AMX CDC.

  27. I’m really happy about these buffs. Super pershing and T-34-3 are the 2 premium tanks wich I like the most. I was using Super pershing with turbocharger, but after this buff, I think I won’t need it anymore

  28. username: safenuke
    Server EU
    Any boxes would be great, c’mon donate me you sexy beast I’m from poor country haha

  29. There need a very important and very urgent buff for a tier V medium tank, the Turán III Prototípus need ammo capacity buff, it can carry only 39 ammo , what is very low ammunition and with their accuracy You can easily run out of ammo.

  30. The Austrian Avenger

    I paused the video when you asked what I think the buff of the Super Pershing would be like… I was thinking “are they actually kidding me??? first they remove one of it’s additional armor plates because it was considered to be too strong, now they wanna buff it again? come on…”
    so. now I’ll press play again, I’m curious.

    EDIT: really?? It’s a Pershing with additional armor, of course it’s slow. I wished they gave it back the armor it used to have. I should have taken the gold last time. 🤷‍♂️

  31. AusCan Plant Support

    I’d like to see the T26E5 get a better alpha gun, it’s suckin hind titty when it comes to damage per shot. A touch better hull armour wouldn’t be a bad thing either I reckon.

  32. i love t26e4 , like its look and funny ish to play . and now it will be even better

  33. Happy about the Super Pershing. Glad it’s getting some love!

  34. U think they’re gonna sell progetto again?😥

  35. You gotta love the way Dez says ‘prrrremium’

  36. T34 and AMX CDC should also get some love from WG….CDC with gun handling, and maybe viewrange, and T34 also with gun handling and mobility. Keep up doing good work Dez.

  37. Erm… M46KR anybody? Gun is tier 7, on a tier 8 medium. It faces tier 10s, has no armour, mediocre mobility, awful low DPM, bad accuracy, abysmal pen… it has nothing at all to justify facing tier 10s, it is literally worse than many preferential MM premiums, definitely worse than the Super Pershing and T34-3 after these buffs.

  38. AMX CDC should get a little buff to the gun handling 🙂

  39. Username: lluuca69
    Server: EU
    Any Loot box is fine 🙂
    Thank you soo much for this good content buddy I got lots of informations about this amazing game from your account thank you !:)

  40. woohoo they are buffing my favorite. the super pershing.

  41. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    At least WOT on PC keeps going strong instead of completely fucking over their fanbase like a certain WOT. Im looking at you console

  42. About time the T 34 3 got a buff

  43. thank you, as usual good video

  44. All they do is give more and more tanks and tank reworks. I would like to see new maps.. new maps and some more new maps. These are old tiring maps.

  45. Yes,, T92 pls , got it from a friend, now i feel sorry for him.

  46. Shouldn’t WG be buffing the Panther 88? That is actually unplayable …….

  47. Damián Martin Maro

    Are there going to be discounts on tech tree tanks ?

  48. I like the prem buffs, they’re not game breaking just helpful. I play the STG for a medium is slow and I have worked reload down to I believe 11.2 which is longer than some heavies. It doesn’t feel like a sniper and it also doesn’t feel like a medium, plus it can’t brawl due to lack of armor compared to heavies it faces. I paused your video at 9:50, what I think E4 needs? mobility. Its far far to slow down to how it turns with WoT being fast paced with wheelies and such if you get caught out in E4 you’re dead.

  49. *premium tanks getting buffs*
    Me, a f2p player

  50. Polish sausage.
    Sweetchuck, NA

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