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The T-10 is so old school in World Tanks it was one of the first T9 heavies! Here's why it's not in the retirement home quite yet!



  1. funnily enough t10 has way better gold pen than is7

  2. I like CDC but it doesn’t like me xD

  3. Famous last words:

    Elc Even 90: “Oh Sh!t!!”

  4. The name change of the IS-8 to T-10 is as much a historical thing as it is a thing where the tech tree looks weird. The T-10 tank was originally designated as the IS-8, IS for Iosef Stalin, but after Stalin died, the Khrushchev government wanted to shift away from being locked into doing everything the Stalinist way, and so they undertook a policy of de-Stalinization. One thing to be done because of this was redesignating the IS-8 Heavy Tank, which was in service with the Red Army, as the T-10 Heavy Tank.

  5. Cookie Command Gaming

    I would actually love to see more F2P account struggles and videos.

  6. and now the M-VI-Y lead to the tier 10 M-V-Y

  7. T10m never goes wrong for me, grinding the 277 half a year ago wasnt very painful and the grind went as fast as my t110e4 grind.

  8. The T-10 was renamed because that’s what it was accepted into production as. Under development, it went through the designations of IS-8, IS-9, and was accepted as the IS-10, but due to Stalin’s death it was renamed to the T-10. Realistically, the IS-8 was a prototype vehicle that the in game tank does not represent, hence the rename.

  9. Quickybaby! I’ve got two of you. One for the code and one I bought. Kind of wish I could buy more for more tanks.

  10. 2:37: Phrasing my man.

  11. I don’t play WoT but I like this content. why. what have your done to me, QB?!

  12. Is8 to is7 makes no sense, but at8 to at7 makes perfect sense

  13. Fv4005 at the start never stood a chance lol

  14. The commentary was intense on this one, well done !

  15. Historically, the IS-8 was relabeled as the T10 as part of destalinization in the 1950s. Pretty interesting that the name change happened in wot too (obviously not for the same reason lol)

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  17. tried to look up the concept 1b on tanks gg and see how a newer tank compares to this. Are they removing features there?

  18. Unlocking the main gun totally transforms this tank imo.

  19. Only veteran call this tank IS-8

  20. hey I’m at 3 marks 99% on this tank

  21. so rad.. stressful

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  23. Great players like you can make pretty much anything work for you. Superb work!

  24. Im not really like questioning other player game but boy…. what are those bottom four 12:06 doing?

  25. That bourrasque was a devil of a driver avoiding all those opposing force tanks

  26. The t10 was my first tier 9. I loved this tank back in the day and I really believe it’s still a beast

  27. that first FV4005 kill was awesome

  28. Very good old tank. I still love mine. Its just fun to play with.

  29. T10’s problem is there are 3 big holes on turret!.. Thats it.


  30. Oh man I still play my IS 3

  31. Always joyful to see old balanced non broken Op tanks still do great shows you don’t just have to play broken tanks to do good

  32. Im still loving the AMX 50 100 with its high clip potential.

  33. The Gift Above Official

    I haven’t played much games in this heavy. I have great success! doing reverse side scraping and as long as I’m more of a support heavy I do fairy well. I get decent games so I can’t complain, much better for me than is3.

  34. man that poor FV4005 at the beginning. that made the video itself right there lmao.

  35. Very good game

  36. 3 star tank, impressive.

  37. One of my favourites: Had to go through this one to the IS-7, my first tier ten tank. Never sold this one however, it is still very good. I must admit I do have a bond rammer on it, that’s how much I like this heavium. However, it could do with some buffs compared to all the new tanks coming into the game. It is such a waste that WG seems to have to make the new tanks better than the oldskool ones. I dont think there is really a need for that, people will play the new techlines if they are balanced. No need to OP new lines, just balance them properly.
    Just to show it is possible to get a good WR on this tank my stats for it: Most played tank I have!
    – 1591 battles played
    – 53,93% win rate

  38. Actually it’s name has nothing to do with numbers in tech tree. Is-8 was renamed t-10 by soviets after Stalin’s death as a part of the “De-Stalinization” process which apart from political and economical reforms comprised removing Iosif Stalin’s name from various places it was put as a part of pre-1953 “cult of personality” similar to current North Korea.

  39. Марио Петров

    I love the Jpanter 2 🙂 beast T8 destroyer

  40. what do you think they do with those that promoting scams? do they go to jeil? you will be good wife to some one there

  41. What about an AT-8 at Tier 6?

  42. As a heavy tank main I have to say this is the most fun heavy tank i have ever played. Thank you for making a video about the T-10, let it never be forgotten!

  43. It’s not old school IS-8 was

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