OLD SCHOOL War Thunder Heavy Tank BRAWL (War Thunder)

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OLD SCHOOL War Heavy BRAWL (War Thunder)



  1. The golden days of fighting Maus with HE rounds in the IS4M and or facehugging him to death

  2. I hate heatfs rounds in this game it makes 7.0 through 7.7 so hard for tank that use to be so good

  3. My only desire in liphe is to see you use the Wfr.Gr.21 rockets in air rb ^3^ please im begging you

  4. Feel like Phly is getting real sick of this game’s bullshit.

  5. Phlap Phlop the Phlip Phlop you must take out the Leo 2a4 cause you haven’t played it since it was on the dev server

  6. A Phly. Take out the Maus.

  7. Please play the p108a series 2 tank hunting in tank rb this almost might be loving the unloved I’ve only seen one video on your channel about it #113

  8. almost like a slap fight

  9. You have to be mad because game is designed to make you mad so you spend more money. You just built up a tolerance to it.

  10. I want more! Give me more!

  11. Next =multi-turet tank battle (all country)

  12. look at me holding phys PHlanks

  13. If Phly ain’t Phlying something on Phriday I swear to Phrick

  14. You know a developer is bad when it’s the YouTubers and streamers that make fun custom maps and matches and not the devs. I mean just look at the Dunkirk one.

  15. Hello Always watching
    Please put subtitles Japanese
    Please keep going a good job

  16. You gonna play warzone or sth Phly?

  17. TheMalevolentSpoon

    … What’s the plural for “Maus?”

    … Mauses?

    … Mice?

  18. play the amx-50

  19. Tfw the Maus is actually meta…

  20. Intro was beautiful

  21. Diego Rafael De Guzman

    PhlyDaily: For the Motherland, Panzer Voa!

  22. I stopped playing when the armour means nothing meta came in. Don’t feel like tanks when playing now.

  23. *Is Only Game, Why You Hef To Be Mad.*

  24. darkfunewolf Coop

    Foch-155: *You can pen*
    Also Foch-155: *_and can’t be pen_*

  25. Phly play M551 with HE

  26. some abso retarded people playing in this match….id be muting right and left.

  27. clash of the titans

  28. Love your intros Phly!! ❤️
    They make my days every time

  29. They need to add new gameplay sounds…

  30. rts tank massacre)

  31. Anyone knows when 1.97 comes out because i think this weekend

  32. “someones using Heatfs” No. Someones using HE on the 128mm and hitting the roof of your T-95

  33. 11:11
    That Sturmpanzer recoiled so hard it’s pushed back like 2m

  34. Nice!!!

  35. Stop bunching up. Spread out and force the enemy to split their attention to multiple direction. Also it help to keep your friends clear of your out going shots !

  36. I wanna see you take out the P-38 lightning again… You phlew it last in 2018 and I think its time to see it again

  37. Worl of tanks 🙂

  38. I want the real war thunder :10.3

    I said the real war thunder :8.7-9.0

    I said the real war thunder :7.7 heaves not facing HEAT.


  39. How are people using Maus it’s not in the tech tree

    • Ehm, you know the maus was removed from being researched, right?
      That doesn’t mean people who have researched it before it was removed from research will lose it. You can still play with it.

  40. Incomprehensible Idiot

    What War Thunder should look like

  41. Ikhsan fahri pratama

    Armor is still relevant though, but you have to play in top tier. The match is ruined from 5.0 to 9.3 BR, pitting WWII tanks against Cold War era tanks is just so dumb. They are designed differently. Why doesn’t Gaijin put cold war era tanks in a seperate BR? That’s cool… Let Maus fights IS4, Jagdtiger fights T95 etc… Presence of T62 forces Maus to change tactics, and thus played differently… It ruins the gameplay, which makes me play only T64 and T80

  42. McPhly, do you have any new player videos? How to (blank) And controls tips? I have been playing for about a year but can’t seam to find my groove unless I’m playing one tank for a month. Am I the issue?

  43. Everyone: *Uses conventional APCBC rounds*
    M103 players with HEAT-FS: HOW ABOUT A MAGIC TRICK?…

  44. The devs hate heavy tanks, they have been hard at work killing heavy tank gameplay for years. High repair costs, insane br’s, ling reloads, and getting teamed against cheat FS. Discusting really.

  45. seeing the beginning and going “hmm a Pe.8 would get so many kills with just one bomb here”

  46. Phly, make a video focused on T-126 how it’s op cuz it’s better in like every way compare to T-50 while being the same BR of 2.7

  47. Heavy tanks and Advance to the Rhine
    Best thing in WT,change my mind.

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