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Today I’m playing one of the oldest tanks in World of Tanks going down a trip through memory lane!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. One of the first tanks I fell in love with? Even before I got it myself, the T29 just looked so cool and unstoppable. It was and still is my favourite tank.

  2. Well…. i still love my Fireflies 😁

  3. I can remember the days, when team games or strongholds were purely about an IS-3. Thats why i was grinding a looong time for it, because Tiger II was weaker. But it took a long time. Then came Defender and VK 100.01P.. and IS-3 became sad. Now you can grind tanks way more faster than it use to be and I don’t know if its good.

  4. first tank i fell in love with was the first tank i set my sights on when i got the game, the little legend that is the T-34. It was the only tank i wanted to get when i started out. Mine now has 3 marks on the barrel and hundreds of games under it’s belt, and will always have a place in both my garage and my gamer heart.

  5. I remember getting multiple ace tankers on my lil SU-18, and my Renault UE 57, the PZ III/IV used to be god tier too

  6. Yup. I stood in front of that IS-3 too. It’s huge in RL.

  7. I just don’t like the fact that tanks are way to fast now a days.

  8. IS-7 is my first favorite tank
    because it look badass

  9. The first tank that I utterly loved was the VK2801, the german light tank with the 105mm derp. it was so hilarious and fun to play that, of course, WG had to delete the gun from the game T.T

  10. I digress WG should allow vehicle statistics of how often we fought as a “top/bottom tier” +2. 😎 I miss 8+ minutes battles.

  11. First tank I’m in love with in the game was the Renault FT then the DW 2. After that, the VK 30.01(H). BTW I started playing wot since 2013 but stopped playing half a year later because my PC broke. And came back again in 2018.

  12. Well here’s the thing. During the 7 years I’ve played this game, the power creep has been INSANE. 7 years ago I didn’t mind the odd +2 game, but these days it’s pretty much +75% of the time that you are low tier and it’s against Skoda T56’s, Borrasques and other things you can not PEN no matter what you do (looking at you VK 100P). Not to mention what it’s like trying to deal with tier 10’s (that can’t be penetrated even by other tier 10’s). So as much as I love walking down the memory lane, I don’t think it’s the same thing these days.

    In my opinion; WG screwed this up themselves and it’s about time we change to more enjoyable +1/-1 format.

  13. I was there. The graphics was sh*t but we didn’t know that before. I wish they’d bring back the old in-game chat where you could talk to the enemy. Just ban some words that reveals location like A1 or B6 etc..


  15. YE OLDE SCHOOLE <--- THE Best WOT times, ever

  16. I don’t mind the +/-2 matchmaking, but what makes me want to uninstall is when I’m bottom tier like 80% of the time. I just want to be mid or top tier more often. Bottom one game, mid one game, top one game, and that would be good. I just want to be not bottom tier some of the time. At the moment when grinding credits at tier 8 it’s so rare to be top. And it’s frustrating as hell.

  17. “CabMech”!? you do any comment on it?

  18. I would like to have some wot classic, same as wow is.

  19. The game was better before! Soon it will become only op premiums even in tier 10.

  20. Did you get PREMIUM for free or did you pay?

  21. I have a soft spot for the FV 4202 having bought it soon after it’s fall from grace as a tier ten heavy. And it has served me well ever since.

  22. I much prefer the older game because the maps seemed so much bigger. View range and vehicle speed were half what we have now. The old play style was slower, more tactical and so much more fun.

  23. back in the day before power creep, this vehicle was feared. I hated facing these so much I would just run from them aand hope other dealt with it. Today though, its just another damage pinata unless you unluckyto be a t6 or 7 against it.

  24. beautiful tank

  25. game is still bad…the -2/+2 to me is one of the biggest issues that and absolutely stale map design that just favors vehicles with amazing armor or hull down vehicles.

  26. Yeah, I have some Wittman’s medals. Stupid political crap why they removed it, seems how he fought you know, enemy combatants, didn’t do the rest. My first favorite tank, and one of the most horrendous to fight honestly was the Sherman jumbo, back when you could still get it with the 152mm turret and the best 76mm gun. Managed to 1v1 a type 59 in my jumbo, lol. Both of us at full health, he tried face hugging me, but could barely push me, and well, I could aim down and hit his upper deck, perming with standard ammo, he bounced most off the front as I was angling and wiggiling. I wish we had some of the stuff from back in the day, like all chat, was always entertaining. And well, the ammo types for arty, with some of their improvements, but not the most recent ones. And less damn premiums/stuff like that.

  27. Benjamin Márk Zelicicovici

    Take us back to where the Defenders, 279(e)s and Donquerors were not in the game with the current tanks and more balanced armors and I will be a happy little Joe 🙂

  28. If anything the armor has been somewhat nerfed when it got the HD treatment, much less black hole area on the sides and corners of the pikenose, also turret. I have fond memories of it as well as the IS-4 at tier 9 that followed it lel

    • Also as a side anecdote of the good old days, when the game started beta, when I joined my plan was to get a Tiger II and IS-2 as heavy tanks and a jagpanther and SU-152 or ISU-152 as TDs. Well we all know what happened to TDs in the long run and Tiger II has always been a bit of a meme tank in WoT, but IS-3 was the next thing in the tree after IS-2 so it was a ‘why not?’ purshase decision. IS-2 IS-3 IS-4 were all brilliant. (go figure)

  29. Apart from the “ususal suspects” among the tanks you go after when I first played the game, I was really after and into the ARL 44. I basically just saw it the first time and thought “Wow, that’s a loooong barrel, I need that one”.

  30. I bought a Panther M10 seven years ago for around $10. It still has preferential matchmaking. Whether you drive off a cliff with goose eggs it earns 20k credits on a very cheap reload. My crew has 7 skilss and I play it every day. I am sometimes called out for playing 16k games in it lol. It looks whimpy when you only do 1300 damage but then you count and thats 10 pens at 130. 10 pens is pretty good to me.

  31. What modules and equipment should I put on my T95

  32. Mine was the KV1 QB, grinding for the IS3 lol

  33. In my opinion the match making should be +-1 not 2 because the difference between a t4 and a T6 or even the difference between a T6 and a t8 is so huge and not even mentioning if those low tiers are stock fighting fully upgraded high tiers. But the difference between two tiers is so huge that I personally think isn’t fun, that’s why a one tier difference I feel would slowly balance it out because it’s a little bit more of a fair fight. And can’t say that the match making would take longer, that wouldn’t be that bad to wait an extra minute to have it expecially since so many people now are really just playing t6 and t8 premiums than you got the casual players to fit in between for t5,7,9 and you always will have people at t10.

  34. I remember I really like the IS tank it was so easy to use and i felt comfortable using it and I like high alpha damage tanks too

  35. For some reason, my brain is also convinced that is3 has 226 pen, and then I get corrected.

  36. The T-50, it was a zippy lil thing.
    My first tier 10 was the M48.
    I am working towards the Tiger 2 now, it is a beautiful vehicle and its huge in real life

  37. Even though some of them are still decent, the time of historic tech tree vehicles is gone for good. World of Tanks has turned into a farce, and there is no going back.

  38. The IS-3 is the most equilibrate tank in the game and it’s my favorite tank, I’ve seen one rolling in reality and I’ve made an Ace Tanker with it in a tier 10 MM two weeks ago. So happy to talk about this ordinary gem of the game, that’s a paradox I know.
    And my first love in the game was the only real StuG III (the G nowadays), the lone one before they added the B version or the IV reward. Fast, tiny, great rate of fire, a real solid vehicle (not like his motor), it was like a E25 at tier 5 before the E25 existence with the same problem of low number of ammunition. Special mention to the JPanther, the first tank who gives me a Radley-Walters medal.

  39. Quickybaby, Wittmann’s medal was changed to Boelter’s medal first, before they introduced Radley-Walters and removed the former 😉 Not pointing out mistake, just a friendly clarify – that was a long time ago after all 😉

  40. Cent 7/1. Loved it so much when I played on console and got 100% MoE on it. But it has been power crept so badly on pc

  41. I love the IS-3 it is the only tank I have 3 gun marks on

  42. All 3 of you should have capped instead of chasing that stupid clown car, the game would have been over 3 minutes before it was.

  43. T-29 and Hellkitty all the way…
    started with Muricca tree…
    I was so proud when I bought E5 and Patton…

  44. Just want back all chat, talking trash makes for good entertainment.

  45. uhm, radley-walters wasn’t introduced until about a year after release, they first changed it to “Bölter’s Medal” and then removed it entirely, upped the requirement to 8 tanks and called it radley-walters. Although, if you look at the service record of really old accounts, you can still see them having Bölter’s.

  46. Not missing particular tank, but the maps

  47. SP1C and the Bulldog with the autoloaders. Ahh… really miss those. Wish WG would bring those back for bonds or gold.

  48. First tank i really fell in love with was the Luchs. Fast, good spotting, decent armor, fun gun and able to dish out quite some damage. Still one of my favorites.

  49. i remember me with my JPZIV against an E75 ahhh…

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