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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. I’ve been playing the 2011 version of the game on the Classic server, so here’s some old of Tanks!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Console has the map swamp

  2. soo…classic wow servers and now classic wot servers…? 🙂

  3. I cant log in at all even get on the waiting list off 250 thousand and 2 hours waiting I been told so I not even going try now I join wot na in 2012 I don’t think they know there were going too be million off players trying play old wot classic.those get on have fun enjoying old memory.

  4. I don’t know what that frankenstein was, but definitively not the original one. We never had gold ammo limited to a max of 3. Team killers don’t become blue back in the days. The shall scatter on the classic is excactly the same like today. This is bullsh|t, back in the days we had laser like rng shall scattering. Then the classic lent camo for cradits, back in the days camo was only available for gold. We played with 150ms ping on russian beta servers and it never felt that laggy. I also miss a lot of tanks like the T23, Aufkl.Panther. and so on and so on and so on. For fuck sake, that is just to show us how good we have it today. Don’t get me wrong i loved it to play these three days. But 0.7 wasn’t like that what WG want to show us with that frankenstein of a client.

  5. I still can block a lot of damage in my heavy tanks. I don’t see why anybody would prefer the older versions of the game except to get some of the fun tanks back that they’ve removed from the game.

  6. I’m having issue of ping being through the roof, being +175 Ms constantly

  7. You made a good point on your twitch stream, the whole add up points per side and make teams that way, the whole 1 point per tier idea. Would make games so much more interesting these days, as opposed to the fecking mess the matchmaker currently is.

    I loved playing spgs that I could shot gun with, i had missed that terribly, I’ve also missed *scouts* mattering, as opposed to wheeled vehicles running around you shooting (joy), peeking mattered, map position mattered it was really nice. No auto loaders… christ, I felt like I actually had armor on my t8 VK Heavy tank.. I did not get tracked and die in 12 seconds… well I mean I did, but it was usually a spg, and a few other tanks that took me out.

    Speaking of SPGs, I got my Gpanther, finally got the ability to buy 3 shell types, HE with a bigger blast radius… cost gold, HEAT… that cost gold, and normal he rounds… I loaded in to the game, and promptly doinked the HEAT shell off the engine deck of an IS-3… I had a sad. I would love to see the stun mechanic removed, keep spgs to 3 per side, aim time would have to be similar to current day with the whole every vehicle seems to go 50kph plan that WG has. Then have damage go up to around 90% of what it is on the test server. Would make it so SPG players can actually feel like they are playing the game, as opposed to hoping the team plays it for them, by killing the stunned tanks that the SPG just did 12 damage to =_=

  8. sad we had to start again

  9. 350+ ping for Australian and New Zealand players, cheers WG ?

  10. MvB - Mathe vom Besten

    ? Arty is a real problem: I have to play now with 12, 14, 16 up to 19 !!! Arties a battle ???. Why is it so much fun playing Arty ???

  11. I feel like grandpa QB is telling us all about the old wot
    “Well back in my day” haha

  12. Kimmo Rintamäki

    But that tier 4 light tank still had better viewrange than any tier 7 ?

  13. Can I just say something? Turn up the gamma, Filthybaby. It’s getting dark in here.

  14. Wow one of the things i noticed is there’s no drowning, can you imagine if you couldn’t fall off the road on Lakeville lol

  15. I love the classic server!! The only problems are 8-10 artys per team, there are no tanks to make the game, and the T-50-2s where crossing the map to kill the artys. And the Russian Players who kill the own artys. I didn’t see any EU, NA or ASIA Player who get blue!

  16. I hope they keep classic and it’s not just a april fools lol

  17. So glad to see Tank Companies mode back! Pity 350-400 ping, yes QB, that is not a typo, prevents those of us on the SEA server from getting the full classic experience…. then again…

  18. I remember the SU-5 being broken back then. It basically had a version of the kv-2s 152mm derp gun, but at tier 4.

  19. 15:29 I don’t honestly know if there’s people saying that this *exact* version of wot is better, no way, this is old wot but it’s too old, too far back that none of the golden age features were in the game yet and that’s what i would much rather play than 0.7.0, if we could go just a couple years forward, 2013, update 0.8.X something then i think it’d be a perfect game mode to have around regularly but maybe not permanently cause that would hurt the amount of players on the regular server.

  20. TheXxcruciator Gaming

    Yesterday I was playing in an IS-3 and I was top-tier, and there was a Tier 1 as the bottom tier, but the next tank was a Tier 5 tank…love this matchmaking?

  21. Plays classic and doesn’t use the KV with KV-2 setup. So much disapointment.

  22. I currently like the current arty situation, but stun should only happen on direct hits and arty could be balanced with worse aim time…

  23. I had my one and only 14 kills game in KV-1 with KV-2 turret and DERP gun. Sadly Raseiniai Heroes wasn’t a thing back then.

  24. It has been few days only and I have just playing with Maus (lol)….ok t95 is next

  25. Blackbeard The great

    I wish console did something similar, go back to 2014 when wot Xbox 360 edition first got released, I missed those days when premium tanks were not overpowered as fuck

  26. Certainly looks more fun. The game has come a long way in terms of graphics and gameplay, however. But the old school arty was certainly better, ignoring the ridiculous alpha damage.

    Hope Wargaming learns from this and finally makes a version of arty that suits both the non-arty and arty players.

  27. I’ve seen a Lowe, Churchill, the mutant and type 59s. How do you get them?

  28. Ardjan van Binsbergen

    I think the sound for the shooting is way in classic nicer than now. I love the old shooting sounds and the soundtracks as well.

  29. Ah it’s good to look back and see some old stuff. But for me personally in many ways game today is better. We have divercity of tanks, much more nations, premiums etc. But some things now are badder than before. We have bully mm with this 3 5 7 or 5 10… and we don’t have as many maps as before… I really miss Port, Komarin, Swamp, Severogorsk, Pearl river, Northwest, Dragon ridge. Even this WTF E 100 is missing. It was fun to block 5 hits from it with is-7 or maus… And finally old arty was ways better than now… Yes it’s nit fun to one shot you, but with old accuracy it was not too often and the campers was less then now … 🙂

  30. There are some things better in 1.4 as back in the old days (i.e. grafic, physics, sound) and of course it was no fun playing against tanks 4 Tiers higher or having 10 arties in the opposite team. But playing against obj 268v4 or 430u isnt fun either! Stunned to death now is also no fun!

    WG should take the best of both worlds!

  31. Gave it a try each day, but from Oz the lowest ping I got was 347……………… and not constant.

  32. I miss all chat so much. I don’t care how “toxic” it was, being able to taunt and or congratulate the enemy and the feeling you got from rubbing in your superior plays was insurmountable compared to some ambient tank flaming in the background.

  33. François Creuzet

    Ofc it was better before, but not that far ago ^^ after english techtree adding was the best state of the game. Cause some months after that : free golds ammo, no weak points tanks (those 2 are the most ugly ffs ><), op premium tanks etc

  34. We need to stop saying “it was better” or “new wot is better” It’s not about the ENTIRE game from back then or now being better. It’s about the fact that SOME aspects of each version are better than the former or current. Why does it have to be “it was better before” or “It’s better now”? Why is it impossible for people to pick certain aspects that makes the game better?

  35. 8:49 punishing HTs confronting other HTs in an HT line. HT becomes experiences of SPGs
    Worse still, all those pre-aim at popular initial positions lead to many one shots.
    SPGs are just tumours of the game, we don’t need them

  36. They need to bring the old arty back, or remove it, there is no other choices

  37. I feel they should really look at what worked from the old and what is working with the new and try to bring the 2 together.

  38. Anmärkningsvärde Viking

    If I say it simply – back in the days of 7.0 the game truly was better, because I used to actually enjoy playing it. And it would be so amazing to have this permanent. Yeah, nowadays there are many more tanks, the graphics are fancy and blah, blah, blah, but… Overall I just miss those days of 7.0.. If it could stay like this, but maybe with all the tanks we have now (expect for the Defender, Japanese heavies etc.) and more old school maps, I would definitely keep playing.

  39. 0.8.0 was great. Also I have a weird problem with my keyboard controls having like 1.5 seconds of input lag in there.

  40. The maps. Put the new game, on the old maps. That would be AMAZING.

  41. 4 tier spread? More like 5 tier spread?

  42. Have been having a blast going down memory lane! I feel patch 0.8.x was the golden era of world of tanks and would love to have a classic version of that!!

  43. You see guys back in the days you could have seen +4. So in qb opinion you should choose between bad and worse. Like you dont deserve to play in +1or_1 or even same tier.

  44. would have loved to play it but gave up trying to download it after 8 attempts over three days.

  45. Did you forget to press X when playing arty? I didn’t notice the aim time any longer then nowadays and it’s a lot more accurate.

  46. Bring back old arty pls wg

  47. mostly yes…it was better… they improved graphics, sound and interface but fked up the real gameplay

  48. Wot classic is the game I saw so long ago and the game I signed up for a fun tank arcade game and I would sign up for it again wg needs to tale take what made the game and put it back fuking love wot classic most fun ive had with wot in a long time

  49. I want this artillery back

  50. Back in the days when World of Tanks *GAMEPLAY* was actually miles better and more enjoyable.

    As I said on the forums the game has expanded on content and even gameplay mechanics massively but it’s actually become worse in gameplay, not better.

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