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Source: Circonflexes

Probably not that great anymore, but i still enjoy it!


  1. 💪💪💪

  2. Double Double 4G

    Damn, last time I was this early, the IS-6 was good o.0

  3. You have about 9 3marks left at tier 8 right?

  4. Never liked the Cent 1. It should get the B barrel 84mm gun as the upgrade.

  5. Kristijan Tolic

    What mode are you using ?

  6. Circon: *barely drops below 100 million credits*

    Me: sometimes goes into battle with no repair kit as I ran out of credits and didn’t realise

  7. Waiting for a couple your T28 games! 2 insane aces

  8. Loves my time with the Centurion 1! The stock turret is kind of a joke but it’s quite a good hull down tonk when elited

  9. cent1 was buffed.
    truly old nowadays is only the panther 2 if we compare tier8 tech tree meds.
    edit: also if circ was the elc around midgame in bush he would have raged so hard at the cent1. but oh well.

  10. what tank has been your favourite tank to 3 mark?

  11. btw circon, what do you think of the performance of the 20 pdr? I would argue that it could do with some aim time improvement. Thoughts?
    Also I say again that I really enjoy your content, I should hang around the streams more often

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I thought you hated Studzianki Circon. *Realized that you can only ban 2 maps* Ah I see why ….

  13. Loved how all allies sat far away on the hill, watching Circon battling STA, Lowe and IS-M. WoT.. Never change.

    • Also literally camped base the first 2,5 min which is a very shit thing to do for WR but for marks its good, basically its very selfish

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