OMEGA Alpha – FV4005 vs FV215b 183 | World of Tanks Highest Alpha Damage

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People always ask which tank is better, FV215b 183 or FV4005 Stage II… So today I decided to play with both of them and let's find out!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. First! Notification squad, let’s go.

  2. I prefer 183, just because it isnt paper thin, however the fv4005 i feel is better for rushing positions just because it feels faster and more mobile (also 183 deosnt have a 360* turret)

  3. I feel like no matter what, 183 gives me super bad RNG…

  4. frankly between the 4005 and the 215B 183 there is zero difference. even for the cannon.

  5. Welcome fv4005 FV meaning frustrating vibes

  6. I sold my FV4005 just because I needed the coin as I dont have a premium account and know I can buy it back latter. I got the 183 when it was on the tech tree and I like it more because it has a little bit better armour, not much but every little bit helps.

  7. Fv215 183 is better because you dont get two shotted by e100 he shells and penetrated by every arta in the game. Sadly new players cant get their hands on the 183. The obj 780 was a nice addition to the game. So far every hesh shell from the 183mm boomstick has penned for full damage.

  8. Which would would I prefer? Neither. Since they both have the potential for the lowest alpha damage in the game. I miss the old HE and HESH.

  9. “hand washes hand” is my favourite idiom

  10. some people dont realize that both can be used ass aggressive or up front tanks trading a shot from even td although the build requires more buff or repair speeds or crew protection

  11. I prefer FV4005 over the FV183 simply because nowadays shooting gold in high Tier matches is very common so the armor of the 183 doesnt really help you alot of the times + the rear mounted turret makes it tricky to hit fast around the corner snapshots alot of the time so taking a front mounted turret and beeing more mobile with the 4005 allthough giving up all the armor is simply superior! (imo)

  12. I give a thumbs up for the Death Star,, and the youtuber.

  13. Shut up and take my thumb xD

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  15. Please how can i contact Mr Charles Wilson? I want to invest with him too.

  16. Unfortually i only got the FV4005. I like it!

  17. @Jack thanks for his info I’ll get to him right away

  18. realy realy nice

  19. I’ll guesss the FV215b 183

  20. i don t have the FV4005 but im grinding this tank, hope that i have the rng jesus with me hahaha

  21. Highlighting one of the biggest problems with the HE nerf: accuracy was never improved. (Saying a tank now has to aim is useless if they can’t hit shit from inside the pile. Consider, also, the fact that wargaming has never published individual sigma values, as Warships has done, which makes it even more problematic. Sigma refers to the weighted probability that a shot will go toward the center of the aim circle; the higher the number, the better the probability. They improved Sigma and capped the max value at 2.0 back in the day, but never revealed if it is across the board.)
    Additionally, on some tanks, the alternate guns are either mediocre/bad or non existent, which limits the utility of alternate setups.

    • technically there are no sigma values iirc.
      in a very old version of wot we did have the sigma values but because inaccurate tanks were hitting spot-on way too often wg changed it to a new weird system with zones

  22. Legendary FV215b 183 is better. HaD_87 EU

  23. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Own both, improved equiment on them, play them with standard ammo. Both are situational, rely heavily on their teams and RNG loves messing with them, when fully aimed. Can be a pain up the ass, but there are moments when they are worth it. I shaved off 1300 hp off of a Chieftain and Obj 279 today with FV4005, my team liked it very much, sending those 2 to the garage shortly after.

  24. world of BOTS PATENT-kisly =GONDOM-PEDERAST!

  25. FV215b 183 is way better, but paytowin. Aniima EU

  26. This tank is both my stress reliever and stress inducer.

  27. 183 is my choice (i have both). The 183 is actually faster than the 4005 if both have turbo.


    remove world of tanks nerf nerf nerf Keep going

  29. Syahareen Sha Rani

    If only they didn’t change the HE I miss the splash damage ….

  30. 183 and frendly fire..that is be good one go wher is not proper for hes tank :)bigest dmg whit out fire or ammo rack is 2150 im maus lower plate..

  31. I got an raptor team wot ad. Ahh ha

  32. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Dez isted using premium Hesh use standard hesh on face of E100

  33. not as satisfaying as overpressure mechanics in war thunder

  34. Point a gun at my head, I go with 4005. It’s an economics choice. Grind with silver and XP, or give up a ton of bonds. As always, thank you for the fun video.


    After hearing all things about fv183 and Fv4005 and waiting for 1750 damage gameplay and there’s a sponsor you know what am i going to do bout that……


  36. Im 4005 boy

  37. Those 0 damage critical hits have been making this game almost unplayable. Really killed the fun of almost anything.

  38. @Silotano you good???

  39. HE should always have a minimum damage roll IMO, so using it will always be useful

  40. How do you get the deathstar tank?

  41. Gvozden Stankovic

    pick me for giveaway lol!

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