OMG, 35K DPM Exclusive Sturmtiger Gameplay + Winners! | World of Tanks Sturmtiger Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks The Sturmtiger – Crouching Tiger Tank Event in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Sturmtiger Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary – ACT 3. World of Tanks 25,000 Giveaway Winners.

Today I am going to about the upcoming event – Crouching Tigers featuring the legendary Sturmtiger tank. We are able to into it the next 7 days, so let’s take a look what this event has to offer with some actual as well!

On the top of that, going to announce winners the previous 25,000 giveaway, which makes 100,000 gold total for World of Tanks 10th Anniversary! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. Oh boi, this event is going to be full of beautiful and derpy memes! 😛 Someone definitely loved to drag those sliders on the tank stats. 😀
    Also, congratz to all the winners, feel free to let people know that you have received the price. If you didn’t win, better luck next time, don’t give up! <3

  2. Server:eu
    Name: gio_geo_gamer

  3. Maksymilian Łucarz

    I know a way to put it in random battles!
    Make it only be able to shoot reward tanks!

  4. Congrats to all the Givaway winners
    Sadly I didnt get anything but next time 🙂

  5. Arvin Dave Velasco

    500 more subs till 200k… WE GOT THIS!!! lets make it happen!!!

  6. I love that mode ahahhahaha

  7. Hey DezGamez, i really like your Videos 😀 But could you please tell me how you got that nice custom crosshair from like a year ago ? YOu used it in your Jagdpanzer E100 Video and Lynx 6×6 Video. I Would love an answer 🙂 Anyway have a nice day ! PS: Hope you get to 200.000 Subscribers 🙂

  8. I love that you draw the names in a video and it is so exciting to watch and anticipate who the winners are.

  9. Hmm, will you be able to take it out into a training room? You could fake you own random battle with a bunch of viewers on a steam!

  10. @DezGamez: “I would cut my left nut…” –> WG: “Hold my Vodka”.

  11. This is how all arta should be 😀

  12. Lauris Fjodorovs

    This game is getting worst every time they put new tank in game!! Wot you lost another player, because since 2017 updates this game is broken!! ☹️

  13. Love the content keep it up

  14. congrats dez. one.of successful youtuber in.wot. lets roll hahaha

  15. IWasBornAFreeGreek

    wot like always make equal chance for everyone / so im working in night shift started from 18:00 / soo .. wot ???

  16. So this tank is SPG ?

  17. Is it really like this in real life… It appears to be way over the top.

  18. sturmtiger?this is so ridiculous SPG i ever seen!!!!

  19. So the point of playing is only for the badge and not much else.. a shame

  20. If this is added to public server`s ass un premium tank haha xd

  21. Almost 200k Yay

  22. It says “curfew is in effect on all servers”

  23. Is sturmtiger really only avaible between 17:00 till 21:00?

  24. 10:00 that splaaaash

  25. “it is never going to be in the game with those stats”
    July premium shop special: Sturmtiger pack: Sturmtiger+gold+prem time+pz-j for the low low price of $999

    Let’s be honest this still wouldn’t be the worst thing we face on the battlefield

  26. yvanthe terrible

    one should be allowed on each sides as a counter arty lol

  27. Me waking up wanting to Sturm the Tigers… Seeing a time limit from idiots
    Wargaming is this stupid yes

  28. A waste of time no thanks WG.

  29. In this gamemode are 50% bot 50% human

  30. Aw maan i wish it was in hong kong server

  31. You steal first video gameplayfrom russian youtuber, the title was sturmtiger (2)

  32. Почему надписи русские

  33. Others: shoots far distances with this


  34. Porcelain_Throne_God n/a

    Bumper Cars. Mein Gott.

  35. very stupid mod but this is normal for idiots for war geming

  36. Gundam Belphagor

    This is the day WT auf E 100 lost its name of ‘The most OP tank’

    after the soviet rng of course

  37. Well, at least the client put it in English, otherwise it’s without a fire, as I understand, are you from Russia?

  38. i can’t play that event because wargaming puts a schedule on it here in HK server and it starts at 8pm until 12am on Aus. server 4pm until 8pm..i only play during morning or daytime from 9am until 2pm..i hope wargaming will removed that schedule so that anyone could play..

  39. Кто руский

  40. imagine stürmtiger fighting ebr 105

  41. What’s the point…you get 100 coins and a few MORE stickers? Why does WG think we love stickers so f’in much? Thanks Dez.

  42. A7V Flying_Japan_Guy

    2:33 wait what! U can bounce this shells 😀

  43. This tank… is why..

  44. Rip kv2

  45. isnt it fun how the event is time locked

  46. kianmark gonzales

    He really sound like my german grandfather.

  47. Are they hinting they will add rockets to the game like in war Thunder there thanks which fires rockets

  48. Marcus The Savage

    Why is it just Sturmtigers in one battle? Isn’t there supposed to be other tanks in there also?

  49. Finally something fast enough to compete with EBRs along with double the damage of a FV4005 and 3 times hp of Maus, just what we needed.

  50. Atikarn Not Youtuber

    I always lose sad

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