On the fly review – Excelsior / T14

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Source: osirish

I haven’t reviewed the or T-14 yet, so I decided play them both on today’s stream as they are currently on half-price.

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  1. Time for a rage. So to sum it up both are not very good. Why must you have
    a go about Exc gun over T14 when only 1mm better pen !! Exc better
    accuracy. Why say a tank bad when you have 70+ w/r in both (why you haf to
    be so mad). I play both as fun tanks like the Tog load the prem (not so
    much prem in Tog) and have some fun. Now days with prem shell costing
    credits everyone can buy yes !! you pay real money for both Tanks load the
    prem and have some fun. Have never lost credits playing both Tanks always
    make and leave with a smile. B.T.W. my w/r not as good as your on these
    tanks and I’m happy chappy. OK stop rage now love your videos please keep
    them up.

  2. who is this maniac on your team that constantly shot into space …

  3. like T 14 … useless gun

  4. T14 isn’t a bad tank. It’s not a good tank, but it’s not too bad. You can
    pen the sides of a Tiger or IS if you get a good flat on shot.
    And I’ve bounced shots from an IS with it. Of course you need to get lucky,
    and know how to angle it.

    And know what you can shoot, not to shoot at targets that are well angled…
    Drive it like you would a Sherman almost, or a KV-1, don’t use it as a long
    range sniper.

    It’s mobile, a relatively small target for a heavy. I hated it at first,
    but now that I’ve trained up a T32 crew in it from 75% I kinda like it.

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