Once in a Million Shot!? | World of Tanks Luckiest SPG Player Crazy RNG Shot

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Source: DezGamez

The Luckiest Artillery in World of Tanks – Once in a Million Shot through an SPG. World of Object 261 vs JagdTiger.

I mean… All the things combine.. Me running out of standard rounds, there is 14 seconds left on the clock and all those things combine. Quite an interesting ending for the battle! 😀

What do you think?


  1. Okay, describe your luckiest/unluckiest shot in World of Tanks… 🙂
    *Much love and stay tuned, beasts!*

    • This was back when artillery didn’t have stun and I was new to the game and wanted to try artillery, got myself the birch gun and on a game, only the artilleries are left including me, the Lef on my team charged and I followed him but I’m too slow, he spotted the M41 hmc on the enemy moving full speed, I then fired on the move with full bloom with around 80% crew training level and hit and killed the enemy 😀

    • absent-minded goldfish

      my luckiest shot was in the sherman jumbo with 105mm howitzer – fired at an elc amx, hit the gun, did around 70+ damage, but the HE splash took out both his crew members effectively knocking out his tank

    • With a KV-2 from the hill on Prokhorovka I managed to hit a Type-64 outside the visible range. And the second best shot was with the T92, ammoracked a Maus with an AP round, previous to the nerf. (when it done 2200 dmg)

    • I have no lucky shots

    • @Kohagaan well it is opentop so you dont need to pierce the armor to kill crewmembers

  2. Well, it’s safe to say that Dez can, in fact, get it in the hole.

  3. Artur Bałczynski

    he was russian

  4. some poeple say it’s bad RNG, i say it’s the luckies shoot you can have against an arty

  5. See you can brawl with arty if you’re good at angling your armor

  6. Knyaz Svyatoslav

    WG wanted to give you a Fadin for your hard work Kappa

  7. Sigurdur Bjarnason

    Same thing happened to me. Except for að hole in the tank it just went through. Ghost

  8. Happend to me too.

  9. RNG: you are not allowed to hit the target with your next shot.
    *almost impossible to miss*
    RNG: then we guide it to any opening it got in there.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Some people actually think it’s how the game works

    • @Алексей Сафронов It sure seems like it sometimes; I had two shots in a row go under a turret bustle, which was the only place in the aim circle that wouldn’t hit.

  10. Have you noticed that the arty rammed him for more hp than he did?? 😆

  11. As much as I hate arta I hate the fact that arta now fires fucking missiles with tracers that tell you exactly where it’s gonna hit and/or if arta is aiming at you….Those small circles on map that tell you the general area where arta recently fired is completely fine, that works but everything else is pure BS

  12. Rafael Gonçalves Dias

    Best armor is no armor.

  13. I had something like that also
    Was surprised that you can do it

  14. Like a glove….

  15. Freshwater Spaceman

    RNG aiding the Soviet tank, hardly news anymore lol

  16. And somebody still believe there is no russian bias in this game ? 🤧🤧uick🤧bab🤧

  17. You can’t get hit if you have holes in your armor

  18. send this to wg for the rng series

  19. Lol. Tough. Gone are the days of the epic arty battles.

    Game 1. GW.panther VII.
    There are 3 friendly players remaining. Our tier 8 French TD flipped over in the ditch in front of their cap. Our third tank explodes in the sand to the south east. I put my POS in gear and started toward the TD. I drove at an extremely slow steady pace straight towards him. (Also used the hill in center for cover.) The chat blew up. Slowly I made my way to his tank expecting the enemy to spot and destroy me at any second. But no! I made my way over the embankment and started to push into him. Oh crap I was lite. He flipped onto his tracks as the enemy tier 7 locked his tracks down from behind. With one shot I sent that super Chaffee straight back to his garage. The TD repaired his tracks in time to spin and see me crash into the last enemy as he rounded the edge. His well aimed shot sent my arty to oblivion, but less than a second later the TD ripped him to pieces. Win.

    Second game.
    GW Panther Tier VII

    City map. LONDON? Just a bloody battle! Enemies exploding, friendlies exploding. Getting close to the end and our northern flank has collapsed. As arty I retreat to just under the side of the bridge in the north west. I concentrate on the field as my team melts. Sixth sense!? I immediately drive back as an enemy IS-3 sends a shot across my face. I pull forward and hit him for over 300 in the side. Immediately backing back under the bridge. The IS-3 slows and continues towards my full health arty. Arty shells hit, one off the side of the bridge and one in the dirt near me. Removing about a quarter of my health. I drive slightly forward. Surely this IS-3 will finish me off before I can reload and try to remove the remaining 250 health points that he is sporting. It’s going to be close. I pre-aim the spot in front of where he will be. He lites, and fell straight into my trap! Boom. IS-3 only saw what was too late. Now it is me and an amx 12t teammate. I see him lighting up the arty. The enemy only has an E-25 and two arty remaining. I watch contently as our 12-t dips and doodles and takes care of both arty. With a smile on his face he explodes, lighting the remaining E-25. I let the shot go and it hits him as he went invisible. He had less than 1/2 of his health before that shot I thought. I know I hit him. Hmmm. About 30-40 seconds go by and I remain in my bridge location. Then the alarm sounds. I look towards the cap. My god I have 2 shells left. I start to drive my arty towards cap. No time. He has me. I zoom out and look into the base. Where would I be? Time is clicking off and I really only have time for maybe two shots?! I pick an area, my landing zone. It’s going to be in the southern area of cap where there is some hill protection and the tiny trail. With 30 seconds left I let it fly. Chat blew up for about as many seconds as the game had left. He exploded, to an epic round of cheers. Many asking for replay. Too bad I don’t do the replay thing.

    Epic ness that will never happen again.

    But feel free to jump 30 feet in the air and one shot guys while air-born.
    Got hit? No issue. Just pump those rubbers up fam! We good to grow bro! Yeehaw!

  20. Mission failed SUCCESSFULLY

  21. Unknown Baguette

    Imagine being a crew member of that Obj., looking through that hole in the tank, only to see a big, fat German shell speeding towards their face.

  22. WG just saw opportunity for Fadins so they tried their best

  23. I got shot through a tiny little window 2day….
    Put that on YouTube…… But you won’t !
    GG Back to the GayRage

  24. Dez faking it so that Fadin’s seems natural.

  25. Gotta upload that to WG replay’s lol

  26. Had a game in the patriot shooting a skorpion G on the move at point blank … went through that hole above the gun ..

  27. adCaptandum Vulgus

    Hi nice one

  28. Imagine that was your last shell xd

  29. Dragan Crnogorac

    I have 1700 blocked DMG on my OBJ 261. there was Patton 48, grille, IS7 all shooting me and bounce them all that was blocked DMG but I actually received like 5 non DMG shots. I actually sent my replay file to 5 people. They were accusing me for cheating. Like wtf maus armour on OBJ261.
    Chet out;
    Dragan_87 EU server OBJ261 max DMG blocked

  30. Reftous Warships

    wow lol


  32. Ive never seen this. Crazy!!

  33. When I was getting close to 3rd MoE in Sturer Emil, one battle I had was on highway map, fired 128mm shell at S-51 arty. I did a critical hit with 0 damage. I checked battlehits after the battle, my shot went under gun breech, above hull, killed his commander, but 0 damage.

  34. You have got to be kidding me!!! What a shot!

  35. wolfattack402000

    Working as intended

  36. I killed a Lynx last night on Prokhorovka while he was in the air trying to cross the rr tracks

  37. Happened to me twice.


  39. Dez you may be 60 years old but deep inside you are a 10 year old kid!!!

  40. Been seeing a lot of ghost shells lately.

  41. that feeling when I’ve done this on the grille in my Sheridan with the derp. The shell is bigger than the hole… but it still went through. feels bad man.

  42. Brandon Jacobsen

    I’m not even sure if this is Dez real voice either

  43. Brandon Jacobsen

    Lol the deep breath was hilarious

  44. I’ve had plenty that go straight through a tank and there were no holes. Loads out ghost shells in the last year or so. And to top it off, KV2 on himmelsdorf, tier 6, and I was last on team with zero damage cos thing would hit, even fully aimed ! Fu wg

  45. hey dez, heres an idea..
    make a supa modified loltracktor to farm lvl1 maybe? would like to see how powerful they can get

  46. You have to send this one to Claus. Lol.

  47. Thats the kind of luck I have ALL THE FREEKING TIME!! lol
    Welcome to my world…

  48. Davor Damjanović

    standard rng for my acc xD

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