Once Needed For Clan Wars, Now Forgotten by WG | World of Tanks 113

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World of Tanks 113, Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Collector’s Vehicle Rare and Old Tanks. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Where 113?
00:40 The history…
01:40 Setups
02:25 Field Modifications
03:30 Announcement
05:33 First Battle
17:20 First Battle Results
18:10 Second Battle
23:30 Second Battle Results
24:00 Details and Conclusion

Today we are going play with a tier 10 heavy which once was a requirement for Clan Wars, but now simply collecting dust in the garage… is not bad, just forgotten and falling out of meta patch after patch. It may be forgotten, but it is not dead yet as you can see from today’s gameplay video.

Enjoy the Show!


  1. What’s your tank which you would like to see getting buffed by WG, let me know! 😉
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  2. Ebr’s are forgotten on your channel!
    EU: Benkkuuu

  3. Forgotten tank T110E5. When they buffed the 2nd turret it was OP then nerfed it and disappeared, like 113


  4. T62A i thing forgoten


  5. This is great to see you giving back 👍👍
    Want to see IS – 4

  6. T110E5 was a beast before the nerf, i think that tank needs some love.
    EU server

  7. 113…I like that heavy tank, played some battles with him but after WG pull out that wz 5a, 113 was just a weaker tank, compared to wz 5a. But I still love playing with 113, just like I loved playing with t62a. Short story, same thing, when obj 430 u came, t 62 a was doomed, plus on top of that, obj 140 got some buffs so it was game over for t 62a.
    If we are talking about tier 8 premium tanks, the forgotten one, in my opinion is definitely T 25 pilot (I know but it was, I think, my first marathon tank which I finished in record time and then finished same marathon for my brother xD ) but Boze moj…. 🙂 <3
    bolid_cat EU

  8. Dez play kv5. I love mine but I hardly see it played or talked about. InfernoJack EU.

  9. I still love this vehicle

  10. Hey Dez, i think Jagdpanther 2 is one of the forgotten tanks… barely see them on the battlefield. Would be awesome, if you could play with it, for me it was fun back then :D.
    Agent_B2000 / EU-Server

  11. I’d love to see you playing lower tier tanks like the the mighty Hetzer or the sneaky T-67.

    Nisroth EU

  12. i love amx 30B, but it needs some buff =(
    username: doc_willy
    server: EU

  13. Amx 30 pls.
    Hell of a good tank and gameplay is beautiful as well.



  14. I want a T62a and st II buff



  15. Alessandro D’Ascenzo

    Yo dez
    dascio EU

  16. Progetto i guess after the nerf is least playable tank.
    username: loveuman
    server: EU

  17. T49 troll gun doesn’t see the field anymore, idk about Sheridan, T49 was the one to roll it back on tier VIIIs
    piotrtw5, EU

  18. KV2 – they neutered it with the HE nerf.

  19. 113 was feard tank ones, no more sadly. Some old favs:
    AMX 30 and 30 B are in never never land now. Would be nice to see those in action in Your hands. Is there a reason why they are left in the garage?
    JPanther II is another “ones greats”.
    Thanks for the great content!

    B00tm4n EU

  20. Johannes Opriessnig

    i think tanks like k-91 werent never really good from its release, maybe mehh but no more. Or T-57 should also get a slight adjustment for the current meta. FeeltheHEAT, EU

  21. I would like to se m60, that cancer take my half life

    Server eu docmata

  22. I like to see T-62A … It’s forgotten and need some love from wg.

  23. I would like to see E4s turret same as E3 it would make E4 very enjoyable for me
    Nick maaata

  24. Amx 30B had always been irrelevant since the beginning with its tech tree rival: batchat and now it is thorown on collector’svehicle.

    Name: Niko_333_1
    Server: Eu

  25. O-I, O-HO, Type 4 and 5 needs to be buffed

  26. Dez. The IS6. It was “buffed” recently.

  27. DraGula
    AMX 30B

  28. Forgotten tank? Progetto 65 is completely disappear after nerf

    Server EU

  29. T 40 with derp gun, t-20 and t71 da. I remember I did enjoy that tanks a lot
    Hubas_is_Funny EU

  30. i think centurion ax or IS4 need some buff too…hope to see cent ax in the next video
    ISU130 or 152K in some next gameplay?
    NA server

  31. WG really should buff the AMX 30b, it a awsesone little tank, but it is a bit weak
    Server: EU
    Username: zali40

  32. I would like to see IS7 terrorizing again!!

    Xeryil, EU Server

  33. 113 sucked ass even when it was meta, inaccurate and low module hp. It’s saving grace is that it was fast with ok dpm

  34. Hi Dez, probably its not forgotten tank, but I would like to see gameplay with 60TP
    Pargavit EU

  35. kamov123 ; EU
    i want to buy the 113 personally its better than WZ

  36. I use to like to play with Jg.Pz. E100 now i see cheften and press 2 key twice
    biliora EU

  37. No need for your tanks too old power creeped killed them already thanks got suck into USC server for changer over could not get back to NA, WG Ssssssk

  38. Bože moj :). Amx 30 and 30b are absolutely forgotten. I see them i 1 out of 80 games.
    Sever: EU
    Nickname: cro_498

  39. Buff the freaking Mauerbrecher, at least give it 490 alpha and a less derpy gun. Cupola removal is also preferable, it has enough weakpoints.
    Ilija22, server EU

  40. jadgtiger 8.8 used to be very common in battle but now the only i see is mine, it definitely needs some love from wg
    alejandrozapataq NA

  41. Dez, I think people have forgotten about the Soviet T-62A (same reason as for 113). Love to see you play that tank.
    bjscherer on NA server

  42. First take care of collector tanks,the tier X are especially outdated,second giving new life to chinese td or the top tier light tanks,they feel nowadays very weak in some aspects.
    Nick: ElGabacho
    Server: EU

  43. I thing the turret of the AMX 50B needs a bit of a buff it should be able to bounce some shots because for now that is what holds it back from being a truly competitive tank


  44. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    I think the obj 268 nd k 91 are forgotten tanks would like to see a episode
    Server eu
    Name maxxxium_power

  45. Maybe german pzkpw tier 10

  46. ST-II is a rare sight novadays.

    Username: NousInfinitum
    Server: EU

  47. when i reach tier 10 tanks in the chinese line i will fore sure buy the 113 when i can afford it

  48. Day 83 still waiting for meme review 🙃

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