ONE GAME, 30 TOGS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. At 2019 I gave away 10,000 TOG rentals – here's the result!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. When you going to update your mudpack Quickybaby, had to reinstall WoT because your mod wasn’t updated

  2. Kimmo Rintamäki


  3. omg game carrier game!

  4. Bulletstorm – 30x Jagdtiger 8.8

  5. Stephanie Kawadias

    Well I have two suggestions for your next event like this. As I would love to see a 15 vs 15 with either all AT 15A tanks or a 15 vs 15 with all Somua SM tanks. As the AT 15A is kind of like a tier 7 TD version of the TOG II. But seeing 30 Autoloading French Premium tier 8 Somua SM Tanks, would be kind of interesting being that it has a 5 shot magazine.

  6. next event should be with the kv-220-2

  7. Maus 15 v 15

  8. Ask them to buff the ELC

  9. KV-2 (R) is the second most fun tier 6 premium tank, because you could get those lovely one-shots.

  10. 30 FV215 183s, let the HE fly. (I actually like using HE more than the HESH, more fun)

  11. Do Frountline in all TOG II. 30 v 30!!!

  12. finally they made mm balanced

  13. 15 vs 15 M3Lee?

  14. Well done QB , was really fun to watch and play.!

  15. Need more MEMES!!!!

  16. now we want 30vs30 togs !!

  17. 30x Pz I C, bombing around at 80km/h with the 40 shell autoloader xD
    Hopefully there is something similar for rental.

  18. The “Tog” and the “e25” … Are my dream tanks!

    And I can’t get them. I can’t go to vidcon, I can’t do anything that costs money…

    So for now, I’m stuck. Just watching…

  19. Haven’t watch the video yet but I know the TOG will win this

  20. Anders Tronstad

    Please; French D1 next time 😀

  21. Bring back the og bt-7 for a 15v15

  22. BT7 Artillery! M4 Sherman Derp!

  23. 30v30 T95. The doom turtle strikes back.

  24. “”Not being the best TOG leader”, the best is the one who’s team has most fun. I looked like you did great.

  25. Niklas Svensson

    This was a great event!

  26. shitty british tank…as all british tanks are.

  27. juancho atinaja

    M3 lee?

  28. Commando Quackers

    You might be a Muppet but your one of the best on Youtube 😛

  29. Šimon Špinler

    30vs30 : E-25 / Skorpion / Black Dog / T-22 Medium / SU-100Y / KV-2

  30. AMX 40 with stock gun


  32. Kudryavka Gaming

    Oh, I hope you watched Jingles “documentary” on the 15v15 TOG game.

  33. a tom and jerry game. where you have a whole team of maus’s and a whole team of the french wheeled boys fighting it out.

  34. I just want to share news that Jingles is prepared to have your Baby for this one 🙂

  35. THIS IS PROBABLY THE PEAK OF MATCH MAKER THAT NOONE CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE. Man this is better that teir 8 matchmaking ?

  36. Kv 2 (r) would be so much fun

  37. one of the Japanese super heavy. (o-i experimental or o-i would be fun)

  38. the most balanced battle of WoldofTanks ever seen

  39. Console version of WoT, one christmas, had TOG boats… TOGs as boat and part arty… 15 TOG boats vs 15 TOG boats… It was awsome!

    Next tank Doom Turtles!!!!

  40. Grand battles of togs lol

  41. 30 vs 30 togs Open up grand battle maps for tier 6 and see if we can get all togs tog TOG tog TOG make wargaming do it

  42. I want a TOG skin of the Partridge Family bus.

  43. tank historian:*sees 30 togs in a game*this is madness


  44. Quicky baby what about 10k kv-5

  45. You can not rig this one with any code, but i suggest it anyway. Would be nice to get a event with only a couple of small maps like Mines and Ensk and for with TOG II only. That would be a lot of fun for couple of days. WG has done too little events like the mighty Karl or the Tank Rally. With codes you could try to rig something shiny like Type 59 Gold.

  46. Dominykas Švilpa

    the lefefefefe ( the prem french arty )

  47. handgranate2008

    Like i said it on Jingles Video to Such a Match where Quickybaby threw this Code out, im MAD at you not because i dont got the Code but thats a Wet dream for a Kv2 and im MAD that i wasnt in that time online to get my Kv2 out 3 Marks would be mich easier in such games ?

  48. next time lefh18b2 please

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