One of my best games, in an uncommon tank! – T-34-2GFT – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

T-34-2GFT, uncommon and a beast of a tank!


  1. Enjoy! This game was crazy haha. Going live later today with more World of Tanks:
    Also check the other game on el Halluf:

  2. G to the G sir!!

  3. I was already wondering when you were gonna upload. Finally!!?

  4. Decent game sir!

  5. What is up lately…did it went from “i have to play nonturrettanks” to “i kinda like them now”? 🙂
    Nice Game, that positioning won your Team the Game!

  6. So basically Chinese SU-122-44

    • slightly worse SU-122-44 yes

    • with better pen…

    • @carlos Honrado im pretty sure the su122-44 has preferential mm. But correct me if im wrong

    • @mike C nop, we can fight vs tier 9.

    • @mike C No, it has regular MM too.

      The SU-122-44 has notably more armor, better DPM and better camo while shooting, but the T-34-2G FT has notably better camo while moving or sitting still, much better view range, better reverse speed, an extra degree of gun depression, and slightly better gun handling (especially during gun movement).

      Frankly, while they feel similar in playstyle, they have enough differences between them to make them distinctly different choices. Some players will prefer one over the other. Personally, I’d much rather play with the T-34-2G FT. That view range, camo and gun depression is much more meaningful to me than the SU’s armor and DPM.

  7. See this is the thing…. I have NEVER had a game where complete nabs line up to get shot by me.

  8. Tier 6 and 7 were the two best in that line. Tier 8 the worst. Camo on them are insane, and I had several 6K+ spotting games on F1 on that map. They are mobile, armor can work, guns are not terrible. They are worth looking at indeed.

  9. 8:00 That’s what I call a smarty

  10. Circon you have reignited my interest in playing this TD line. I have been having a lot of fun playing the 60G at tier 5, so to hear you like the tier 6 and 7 and to see these games makes me want to keep going! Definitely going to try to mark these tanks after seeing your gameplay. Nice games in this one!

  11. #Circonflexes My weekend. Saturday was my 1 day off this week and it was was 41°C And I worked Sunday in a lovely place called Malcolm were it was 46°C and a million billion Flies, I drove an empty freight train from this lovely place after a little bit of ground work in the sun. Heat Speed restriction was 30 km/h max speed and I needed to travel 236 km’s back to Kalgoorlie Western Australia ! November average temp so far is 28.8°C. Ps. I always laugh when Pom’s cry’s about a heat wave !

  12. Teammates cooperating? What black magic is this?

  13. I love the Chinese TD there’s only 1 TD I love is the tier 8 cause the gun is very spicy (although you have limited ammunition still better than the British LTs in terms of alpha damage) and for some reason it reverse faster than the most TD except for the Swedish TDs

    • All of the Chinese TD’s reverse surprisingly quickly. They all range from 16km/h to 20km/h backwards, which is really nice to see on a turretless TD.

  14. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Glad to hear the tier 7 isn’t that bad, I really liked the tier 6 and have only heard the tier 7 was worse.

  15. Only towards the end of the game I’ve noticed that you’re bottom tier… crazy result

  16. i still play both tanks

  17. I read the replay title wrong first time…

  18. I feel like WG really had the Chinese TD line going good until tier 7, then they fucked it up by bringing out all those derpy soviet clone guns. The Chinese TD’s could have continued being a stealthy, non-turreted, high dpm line like the old SU-100M1 TD line used to be and I think it would have been a lot more popular and useful. The RNG cannons are getting really boring.

  19. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Wow, Circon recommending a TD without a turret… Must be good!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  20. I need more teams like your enemy. Tier 6/7 were good but after that its all ass. Tier 9 has a good gun but its armor is paper (with everyone spamming prem rnds) and its slow af.

  21. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    0:30 Can anyone link that Jingles video for me?

  22. Uncommon tank? I fully approve and support this video. Well done Circon, gg.

  23. i really hate the tier 8 chinese td, any tips on it other than camp like a bitch?

  24. Krystian Olszański


  25. Sebastiaan De Vries

    isnt the topgun on the tier 6 the same gun as the 1 on the hype 59? i like the tank but the standard pen is so ridicioulis bad

    • Honestly i just used it with the 85mm with some heat shells on it for upper heavy armor. Mostly regular ap tho. It feels like a 85mm e25 outfitted like that.

    • It is the same gun, but the Type 59 makes do with it at Tier 8, these are Tier 6 and Tier 7 tanks we’re talking about. The pen is absolutely fine for those Tiers.

  26. Tier 7 is basically a su12244?

  27. The tier 4 is great, better than su 85B, the tier 5 not good, no camo, no mobility, tier 6 is ok but nothing special. Can you circonflexes play tier 8 and say your feelings ?


    • The Tier 5 is one of the best tanks at that Tier… It has a gun that’s better than most Tier 6 mediums get. And I don’t know what you’re smoking if you think that it has no mobility. It goes 45km/h forward and 18km/h backwards, with a great power-to-weight ratio.

  28. I liked how you went into detail about your tactics and thought process during the battle.

  29. I almost always sell the proceeding tank in a line, but i kept both the 6 and 7. Loved them. used them for the td missions second line of tanks. fast, sneaky, hard hitting, easy damage tanks. tier 8 not so much.

  30. Another Circon trademark game. Beautiful!

  31. pta was like damn i carried this team, sees results *absolute disappointment*

  32. i grinded the chinese ft line and really quite enjoyed the tier 6. i stopped at tier 7 thinking “this is the sweetspot” and didnt bother about the higher tier fake tanks. but yeah, speed + camo + gun is all pretty damn good. recommended ….

  33. This was a great game to watch live

  34. Which mod pack are you using? Thanks

  35. This is basically an SU-122-44 with slightly less DPM and without the broken camo mechanic on the old premium TD’s. If you ever wanted to play the 122-44, try this out.

    • There’s a lot more to them than just the DPM.

      The SU-122-44 has notably more armor, better DPM and better camo while shooting. The T-34-2G FT has notably better camo while moving or sitting still, much better view range, better reverse speed, an extra degree of gun depression, and slightly better gun handling (especially during gun movement).

      They end up being disticntly different choices, and neither one is better or worse than the other. Different players would rather pick one over the other. For me, the T-34-2G FT is the more enjoyable / comfortable tank to play.

  36. This is a good game but Not “best”

    • It’s over 9k combined in a Tier 7 tank, while bottom Tier. It most certainly is one of the best games any player will have.

  37. Huh, punchy gun, decent speed, great camo, I’d probably grind to this thing if I ever started playing again 🙂

  38. In my eyes you are fucking amazing at world of tanks! Loving all the uploads and content ??

  39. Any tips on 2 marking the 13 57? Im 3900 WN8 in the last 50+ games with it, 67% winrate and sub 3k combined damage. Hovering at 81-83% on the marks but every damn time I’m close to 84%+ I get tier 9 on maps like Abbey/Himmelsdorf/Mines, teams that wont hit tanks that I spot, 2-15 steamroll games where I barely have time to empty 2 clips. It’s driving me crazy, go up 1% after a few great games with 4k+ combined then get a single bad one and I’m back to where I started.

    • 3900 WN8 isn’t great in the AMX 13 57. You have to remember that light tanks have very low expected values for WN8, since assistance isn’t measured in the formula.

      If you’re nearing 3k combined, you’ll easily get the 3rd mark, let alone the 2nd mark. You just need to make sure that you’re being consistent. It’s better to have two 3k combined battles in a row, than it is to have a 1k game followed by a 5k game. (Although obviously if you can get 2k in one followed by 5k in the other, that’s even better).

      Also, the AMX is a really weird one. It’s easy to get a lot of tracking damage because of the autoloader, but it’s also a scout that can get spotting damage. Make sure you’re careful with how you’re splitting your assistance. If you’re getting 1k damage, 1k tracking, 1k spotting, that’s only 2k torward the mark. In those city battles, just focus on farming up as much tracking assistance as possible on top of your regular damage output. Then in more open maps, if you spot a target, make sure you don’t accidentally track it if you’ve already been getting spotting damage. Just like Circon tracked the Ferdinand in the video, which meant that 600 tracking didn’t help the mark; whereas if he had just shot him, the damage and spotting he got would have helped the mark.

  40. One of the most informatively balanced virgin mobile, resent

  41. Light tanks. We don’t need no stinking light tanks!

    -2 TD for tha spotting win!

  42. that’s some quick, fun, insightful commentary

  43. Circon you are exactly right the mid tiers on this line are good and fun to play. I’m on the t9.

  44. That Tier VII is awesome

  45. This is one of the tanks I kept after grinding up the line

  46. I had a great game on that map yesterday. in the tier 6 Swedish premium. I was carrying in a tier 7 game, flanked the last enemy tank and took him out. my reward? to be one shot by the arty blind firing just 10 seconds later. I instantly quit the game and uninstalled that pos. No wonder Wargaming can’t keep customers around.

  47. This tank looks like they put a widebody kit on it. 10/10

  48. I still have both of these td’s, very fond of the tier 7.

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