One of my favorite tier 10 tanks!

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One of my favorite tier 10 tanks! Shame tier 10 is not to much fun atm.


  1. Thanks for keeping me away from any clan duty. Btw i found a gem, the link between russian mids and heavies; the mighty KV-13! I bounced an AP-shell from KV-2 12m away, upper plate!
    Yes, i’ve the 122mm mounted.

    • Unbekannter Nr. 1 , KV13 is a beast, so much untapped potential. First tank I 3 marked (and my playstyle and skill isnt exactly beneficial for 3 marking).

    • @Playwme Bawls Very happy to hear this, i still tomatoe with poor wn8. Time for more than 1 mark on the barrel in the future, thx to lil 430U!

    • @Playwme Bawls Dez just revealed some news…, no more guns to choose from as it becomes a ‘reward vehicle’; same for KV-85.

    • Yeah, I heard that. I probably should have a couple pf games with the 122, just for Lols. I’m sure that one suprises people if you pen them. I’ve just been using the 85, and basically charging in and brawling in close combat.

    • Nice, i should practice that to get better overall. Thanks!

  2. Clan wars really depends on your clan and how good you are. My clan is not toxic at all and we had a laugh all 11 days. It was tiring and long but fun and we have ended the campaign with 55 players getting tanks as well as 42 getting the 3D camo.

  3. I agree…next to the fact that it costs so much if you do not have a premium account. Some ‘tanks’ are way too dominant…

  4. No arty… I mean, the game can be fun at times.

  5. This tank is too much

  6. The problem with clan wars is, you need to be in a good tight knit clan. If you think you can just join a clan 2 weeks before clan wars starts, roll out and get a reward tank you are not going to have a good time. Most likely you are joining a clan that will use you for a filler tanker on team 2. Clan wars is a commitment to grind advances and tier 10 game play exclusively. If you are not tight with the people you are playing with, you will not weather the salt, anger and vitriol that a competitive game mode creates. The more committed the clan is to clan wars the better the clan wars experience becomes because you are using less filler fodder. In my experience most callers take the blame as long as people are following the calls. I don’t do it anymore because I have to many other things I want to do but it is fun to be in a good clan with good people.

    PSA: If you joined a clan that doesn’t have a posted winrate/wn8/tank list requirement to join in the three weeks leading up to CW you are more then likely filler fodder.

    • All of this sounds absolutely revolting. Why anyone would want to get into this kind of thing is completely beyond me.

    • @Tomato Potato The social aspect of it is great. I made a lot of friends in game from being in a clan and doing clan wars/strong holds. You don’t join a clan for the reward tanks, you join them to hang out with people that are better at the game then you! The problem is a lot of people want a quick reward and don’t want to put the time in to get it.

      If you join a clan a couple of weeks before an event, how do you think the clan is going to treat you? Like a leach because 9 times out of 10 that is what they are!

  7. Clan wars is pointless for clans that do not have chieftains or 279e’s. they have made it so those who have those tanks are invincible and those who do not have it are simply SOL. Nearly every aspect of this game is cancer.

  8. My clan literally does clan wars for gold. 90% of us dont spend money on the game, just time.

  9. I wonder what jingles is saying when someone sub, do any one of you guys know ?

  10. I dont agree with u circon. I like to play CWs for the team spirit, tactics and outplays. I like to be competitive not only on a personal level but on a team level and the CWs are made for that.

  11. The shots on the E3 were bullshit.

  12. I just ended a campaign for CW and it was fun right till you realize that you have to commit to 4 hours a day of tanks, where any mistake you make is instantly punished and yelled at for a tank. The season I personally find fun because they are much more laid back and you can take a few days off without any real issues. I would only recommend if you have nothing better to do.

    edit: I am from NA and in [-zoo-]

  13. Stop talking shit of clan wars you fat fuck, you dont know anything.
    Keep playing randoms which are fucking aids.
    Oh and also enjoy your 907 and Chieftain, oh wait…

  14. So I started blasting all over again. Odd how no arty improves the game?

  15. Which one do you think is better tier for tier, Standard B or Progetto 65?

  16. Watching this 10 minutes before my surgery:)

  17. I saw the title and just thought: “Chi-Ri?”

  18. u ain’t playing it with HESH meme? 440 alpha and 105 mm has a real potential

  19. Progetto 65,
    Prokhorovka winning spawn,
    +2 MM,
    and most importantly: *no* artillery pestilence!
    It can’t get any better …

  20. Man they nerfed to prog 65 so hard on console they should’ve changed the name. Its not even close to being the same tank, I really need to get a new PC

  21. Came for the gameplay, stayed for the on point analysis of clan wars.

  22. Campaigns are the most fun ive ever had playing the game. Like i love circon but this just sounds like ignorant pubbie talk from someone who doesnt want to be competitive.

  23. I don’t play clan wars (so what would I know right?) but I always thought people played it so they could be on a team of good players playing against another team of good players. As opposed to being in match after match with a 15 – 3 outcome that lasted 5 minutes.

  24. Wow 200IQ level there…People play the campaign mode because they can get tanks they otherwise couldn’t…Well no shit Sherlock.

  25. I play on console and they sell us the clan rewards tank. I just bought the 279 e. Also 60% off. Like $50 🙂

  26. One of the worst tank you mean
    Because progetto 65 is trash

  27. Guess who is going to be bidding 35k bonds to get a T95/FV4201 Chieftain because they didn’t get enough fame points for the 3rd straight CW campaign.

  28. 65k profit in the progetto 65 coincidence I think not.

  29. “I haven’t played in the campaigns and never would but let me tell you everything about it…” – Circon 2020

  30. +2 matchmaking being fair and fun once again. (writing this after the Lorraine clip)

  31. What about advances then? We don’t really get rewards from those despite still doing them.

  32. Yeah, try clan battles on NA. The definition of selling your soul and getting jack diddly squat for it

  33. I’m working on getting the Progresso. (I call it that because of the soup commercial. “Ring ring Progresso.”) I’m on the Standard B and I’m starting to like it now that I have the top gun and turret. I cannot wait for the tier 10.

  34. The shadow in the thumbnail definitely looked like a Maus. I’m disappointed.

  35. Why don’t they just remove the top down view and let the SPGs be used for direct fire. Works well for the type 75 in War Thunder

  36. *Circon after getting an Ace and High Caliber* : “decent.”

  37. Me who plays CW: …yea… pretty much

  38. I finally got this tank and love it.

  39. I loved doing CWs with my clan. Working together with a team for a common goal. Although my opinion might be biased because i was part of a top clan at that time period.

  40. When you described CW i felt every word 🙁 I played and got mi tear X tank but at whut cost!? I was so tierd and wanted to play tear IX arty for next 3-4 days.. so I got help and had sex with my gf and niw i dont have to play tear IX arty 🙂

  41. Confirmed, Circon OP

  42. Hey Circon, I just bought the 60TP today. I played a few games and I enjoy it so far. What are your thoughts on it?

  43. Clan Wars is the greatest way to insure that you will never want to touch the game again. I doubt it’s changed over the years but while I was in my old clan it was usually just the same few boring ass overpowered tanks spammed across each team, saying goodbye to your credits because you absolutely have to have full premium consumables and ammo because you will lose due to aiming or not being able to pen, and selling your soul for a few hours of non stop battles that play out roughly the same way because the completely competitive way to play this game is unbelievably, mind-numbingly boring. Winning was not fun. Losing was not fun. Doing extremely well was not fun. There is nothing fun about Clan Wars. Not even watching it was fun. There’s plenty of reasons why it failed to ever take off. This was before all of the incredibly bullshit tanks and maps that are now in the game. I can’t imagine what kind of aids it’s like now.

  44. Clan wars hasn’t been worth it in about four to five years, since they started nerfing the hell out of the rewards/gold output.

  45. The spaghetti65 and TVP are my go to tanks when things are going south. The 48 Patton is an option as well. It’s weird how many of the CC and great players consider the spaghetti the best Tier 10

  46. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    I would pay good money to see Circon… what’s the rest of it?? I don’t know this meme

  47. It’s amazing just how active the gameplay on this map is when there’s no goddam arty in the game.

  48. He just shut down that VIII in 5 sec…… ;(

  49. If you not kill t95, you will complete secondary mission

  50. That was a hot take on Clan Wars. Some of us genuinely enjoy organised play.

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