One of my favorites! – UDES 14 Alt 5 – World of Tanks

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Playing one of my favorite tier 8 medium tanks!


  1. Hope you’re doing well.
    Thanks man!

  2. ofc only frontally my beardy dud

  3. Lansen was jealous of much better swede tier 8 tank.

  4. Nice alpha nice gun

  5. I use Aslain’s modpack as well, but I download it from his site/forum thing ( ), because the WG version doesn’t have certain… ahem, _cosmetic_ mods that I’m used to having, or Duke Nukem’s voice, which is just too fun to have…

    • Really? I downloaded aslain’s from the WOT mod site and mine has duke nukem. I couldn’t play this game without it.

  6. cheers uit Brabant! keep save man!

  7. amazing video keep it up bro

  8. awesome content you deserve more views

  9. U look sick sir… 🙁

  10. What mod is that? The one that’s making all that annoying ass clicking???

  11. I see Circon i press like.

  12. This tank is awesome but only with the big gun. I wanted to kill myself when I was using the 90mm. It made the tanks lack of armour stand out so much and gun handling wasn’t good enough to justify the low alpha. But then again most tanks suck as long as they are not fully upgraded.

    • @Χαρης Αλεξιαδης Oh I feel the Pershing is okay, just from days gone. It’s just that the Pershing at least has some armour, where the udes has only it’s mobility, camo and gun as good/great things, so having the gun be mediocre sucks. (Also don’t like premium HEAT, but whatevs)
      The 90mm is certainly workable and far from the worst grind, but the 105 makes the tank great without it I wouldn’t play it. (The thing with tanks like the Pershing is that why would you play it if you can get a centurion that’s better in almost every way?)
      I actually really like the is-m. The armour on that this g is insane for tier 8. And aside from view range and penetration it has no real downsides but usually I can make them work. (I suck at heavies but the is-m has about 65% WR)

    • Χαρης Αλεξιαδης

      @M vE About the Pershing being obsolete I agree, given the great centurion turret and laser accurate 88mm gun on the panther 2. Also I never said the IS-M was bad, but the stock grind sucks, given the 130 armor on stock turret and 175mm of pen on AP on the stock gun

    • @Χαρης Αλεξιαδης yeah that’s true I guess, but considering I did the kv4 right before it I didn’t mind it at all. Cause holy crap the kv4 is irrelevant, like the 107 is a nice gun, but even that can’t save that POS.
      What I did with my D25T tier 8s is load a boatload of HE and shoot that quite often is the only way to be useful.

    • Χαρης Αλεξιαδης

      @M vE same with those 122mm guns, especially if you shoot under the tanks or on mantlents and stuff. Kv-4 is trollish if you overangle the 130mm sides. I liked it 2marked as well, but the powercreep is understandable

    • @Χαρης Αλεξιαδης Well the problem is that the hull is awesome, but that box on top is paper, especially to higher tiers and I have to mention I played it mostly during the previous MM where you were very often bottom tier when playing tier 8.
      If the KV4 turret had a more square shape you could angle it like a maus but its kind of rounded so if you turn it to the side the side becomes weak.
      But you know when your top tier and nobody spams gold at you the tank is incredible fun.

  13. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Maybe one day I’ll get the tier 8 med tank ….

  14. Kairoru Iced Mocha

    Not gonna lie, this tank is also one of my favorites compared to its bigger brother on tier 9 and tier 10

    • Arent the tier 9 and 10 better?

    • Kairoru Iced Mocha

      @Cerberus Rex stats wise and the armor profile, tier 9 and tier 10 swede MT can bounce more shots from the enemy, but being a higher tier means that you will be facing more enemy of the same tier that can chew your armor like it was made out of butter

      true that udes 14 5 can meet up to tier 10 as well, but when you’re top tier its feels really good compared to the other two

      at least that at i felt playing with those tanks

    • Kairoru Iced Mocha I felt exactly the other way around. The lack of armor on the T8 was awful, yet the broken turrets on T9 and T10 made the tanks enjoyable. “Oh hey, you are a *insert X*, you can’t do jack shit, let me pen you”

    • Dennis Hakkie yeah thats more in line with what I’ve experienced while playing against them

  15. ThunderKlap - Brawl Stars

    the more your gun is pointing straight forwards or straight backward the more gun depression you get 🙂

  16. Watch those commercials to help out our favorite content creators!!!!

  17. The UDES 14 Alt 5 just released on WoT console not too long ago. Though console is like the kindergarten of WoT where scrubs like me go to be Unicums, the tank really is a breath of fresh air in the potato field of crappy tier 8’s. The turret is god awful but it seems not too many players know it yet on console.

  18. I love that tank too. Way more than tier 9. And now we have got 3D style for it in wg shop. Bought it looks nice 🙂

  19. Hey Cricon, the thing is even from the WG mod portal side you cant download without the risk of getting banned, cause WG never said that all mods from there are checked and safe, they keep the back door open just in case, liek always.
    Thats the 1 thing I hate the most at WG, you cant even take their words for safe

    • I’m 99% sure that they said all mods on that website are legal and that you run a risk of getting banned if you download them from any other website.

  20. WG butchered the Swedish mediums on console…..😥

  21. Eating some pizza while hanging in quarantine, now eating while watching the video | feels good

  22. I tried man, I really tried. I reinstalled and have been playing for the last 8 days, but I’m done again. Can’t even get to 10 games before my patience runs out – not one day did I make it to 10 games. Logging out every day with 40% or less win rate does no good for my attitude, and even less for my “progression”. Uninstalled again. I guess what used to be my favorite tank game is still noting more than a platform with which you entertain me. Play on, I’ll just watch I guess.

    • maybe you’re just bad? Can you really blame the game after saying you have 40% winrate?

    • Kristoffer Johansson

      The meta has changed, a lot.

    • have you considered that you may just be an ……. with a quick temper, there are many like in the world, really too many

    • I understand man, the true measure of ability would be 1v1 but in this game you have to rely on 14 other people, don’t listen to these trolls. If you like the game play it, if you don’t, don’t. The bottom line is embrace people who give you sound advice and fuck the trolls most of them aren’t as good as they think they are. Tank on!

    • Kristoffer Johansson

      Regarding the meta, look at that SU-130 that fires gold in a tier 8 game. This is common play style today. I was recently farmed by a obj 705a that fired 100% gold at my tier 8 tank. Is that reasonable? Is my play style bad when the enemy just negates my armor by shooting gold ammo.

  23. yeah, the turret is incredibly squishy. Will never forget when I got HE penned by a lowe at around 400 metres

    • Χαρης Αλεξιαδης

      HE doesn’t lose pen with range so it was just bad luck he/she hit that

    • @Χαρης Αλεξιαδης yeah, ik. It made me realise that this tank is to be played carefully. The gun is amazing though. 360 alpha is a sweetspot at tier VIII

    • Χαρης Αλεξιαδης

      @Samuel Hunt the thing that I don’t like is that shots bounce off your hull and land on your turret and pen you. But at the same time, that’s the only complaint I have about this tank. It is decent, especially with vertical stabilizer, and probably the best tier 8 non prem med, even better to the p44 in my opinion

  24. Nice Circon ! Never mind brain-derp, I have it about any 10 minutes or something……..

  25. Alunita Inghinala

    I love you, Circon, so i endured a 5 minute ad promoting some ultra secret stuff 99% of people do not know about and some woman wrote in a book i must buy so i can get what i allways wanted in life. She even said i could keep the book and get my money back from her personally if i do not see any improvement in my life.

  26. An amazing tank. When playing it, I use a battle cry I got from you, Circon: SEND UDES!

  27. that game gave me Covid 19 – so gay

  28. Man I hate people who play that far back, in my waffles and 130pm I’m up front and brawling

  29. Where are the smiling chevrons, Circon? I always find joy in seeing your happy little tanks wreck the enemy.

  30. 8:27-8:33 Circon´s laugh should be kept for posterity so here it is 😀

  31. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Hello Chat-me 😀

  32. Glad to see you online and kicking. Be well .

  33. I have my best tier 8 medium stats in this tank. very underrated, but still balanced

  34. 14 alt is garbage 🗑

  35. circon’s rusty voice in the morning is lifefuel

  36. Always a beast! Keep it up! All the good to you Sir!

  37. I have understood why I cant do anything the way streamers do it on Youtube. Because I don’t have 7 skill crew in any of my tanks.

  38. Do you ever get bored?

  39. grinding my way up the Swedish techtree…just finished the Leo and researched both the Kranvagn and the Udes line…which should I do, or maybe both when I look at this gameplay.

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