One of my FAVOURITE tank in the game!

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Source: Circonflexes

This tank is such a good , love playing it.

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  1. Ngl I love that tank too
    8 deg of Gun depression, nice gun handling and good mobility combined with 2 122mm guns with nice reloads is just perfect.
    It doesn’t have a lot of armor on the hull but its still angled and can created some bounces just as the turret

  2. Really fun to watch gameplay, almost got me to play the game again :D. Also i dont think the arty played that bad, rng can be wild on them 🙂

  3. Does the 3 in EU-3 mean 3x Guaranteed XP?

  4. Good to see some really solid gameplay in a completely balanced heavy tank. The double barrelled tanks I think were all balanced very well.

  5. EU THREE btw

  6. 9 tier is way way better than 10.. . terrible 😐

  7. Haven’t played WoT in a while so I’m a bit out of the loop, what’s special about EU3?

  8. a perfect gameplay except that horrible music.

  9. For ppl that didnt played it yet this the best tech tree 9t heavy in wot

  10. Name a player in this game who was not a muppet, i’ll wait

  11. A man has fallen into the river in lego city

    So when is that EU3 emote?

  12. EU3 is not only a server, it’s a way of life.
    You can take people out of EU3, you can’t take EU3 out of them.

  13. Can someone explain to a clueless SEA player, what the EU3 meme is?

    • EU3 is a rare Server that WG only opens during ranked battles and other big events. All players that don’t want to play ranked usually go to that server, which means all the bad/new players are on that server. All the experienced players stay on 1 and 2 to play ranked, mirny or normal randoms while all the memers go to EU3 to experience the way of life

  14. can somebody explain the EU3 meme to a pleb like me

  15. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Steve surely gets around in his tanks…

  16. @Circonflexes deserves 1mil subs too!

  17. Cant wait to get this tank upgraded now, I’ve had it for months but have been trying for my 3rd mark on the IS2II which is also a blast to play for me.

  18. My EU3 question makes more sense now lol just 1500 subs EZ

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