One Of The Best Tanks Becoming One Of The Worst

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Ah, now you know my pain of being a newer player to war thunder a few years ago playing US main and looking forward to unlocking the baby Pershing.

    Then quickly realizing that I’m only going to spawn in it in a full down tier or to spawn camp the enemy SPAA at the last 60 secs of a match where my team totally annihilated the enemy

  2. Jumbo Sherman at 6.3 facing marder with ATGM
    Gaijin hates US mains confirmed

  3. Oh yeah, I almost forgot this thing existed. Wonder why it got up to 6.3 and its stabilizer removed.

    (@3:50 comes up)

    Right. -_-

  4. Pushing through this rank in America was horrid. I ended up buying the magach premium to skip this teir

  5. This pain has been me the last few weeks 😂😂😂

  6. Ran into a Marder a1 at 4.3 two days ago, sus

  7. All Panthers when the game was brand new were at 6.0-6.3.With time went on thanks to German mains they got dropped to 5.3-5.7.

  8. god now this tank is just like a less overtiered m46, im trying to play it and it just feels terrible to have whats basically a pershing at the same br as the german m48

  9. Day 3 of asking Phly to play the british ZT3A2 missile TD

  10. How do you manage to spend 2mil GE under 3 days?🤣

  11. It’s the M36 but not open top and a whole BR higher

  12. Tbf if the t25 becomes 5.3 then it’ll be fine but right now Sherman 76 is better than this like it has top speed and reverse speed but it’s anemic and the gun exist in 5.3 on a better hull overall

  13. Phly as gru talking to the minions;
    ” in terms of armor… we have no armor”

  14. It’s basically a much worse M26, but somehow they are at the same BR, amazing balance act by german mains

  15. This is the first PhlyDaily gameplay that looks similar to my everyday experience of this game 😂

  16. I find it funny how he is playing the tank to make it sound good but in reality well all know that the tank is doo doo

  17. It just goes to show how much the biased devs need a swift kick in the ass. They made it so the US tanks are slow, weak armour, weak rounds with the gun sight Excessively bouncing all over the place,, while they make Russia & German tanks have the best of everything.

  18. feel bad to the person who grinding USA through this tank, they will never experience how great this tank was

  19. This is what it feels like to play the Panzer series of tanks just until you get the Panther or Tiger. No confidence, no armor, poor gun

  20. This was my main and now theres no point to play it over the Pershing. It needs to 5.7, it would be perfectly fine there… Also the T14 needs to be moved down too because yea, the KV-1B and E can be 4.0 but the worse American version has to be 4.7 and fight tanks its hopeless against

  21. And then there is Jumbo with 76 mm gun at 6.3 facing T-54s. This is one of the reasons why I steer clear of 5.3+ matches. It is not fun and usually quite lopsided. If you are in a downtier, you have fun, if you are in an uptier, nope.

  22. Nothing screams balance more, than a 5.3 medium tank being able to pretty much lolpen a 6.3 medium tank, while the 6.3 has to aim for a finnicky weakspot.

  23. keep doin what ur doin

  24. Life & Times of JCM

    i’m just happy that you show the times u get killed so i feel normal playing and getting killed and don’t get too salty about it 😛

  25. Average German Player - AGP

    I got a nuke with this so its not that bad.

  26. This thing made me quit the US tech tree….

  27. T25 should be a 5.7 Medium Tank with the stabiliser.

    It is totally unfair for the USA tanks players in this situation right now.

    T25 maximum penetration is not good enough for the 6.3 – 7.3 battlefields, especially so hard to fight with the Germany Panther and King Tiger P / H.

    Weak armour protection and low mobility would only make this situation worst 😢

  28. Muhammad Mumtaz Mir

    Day 11 of asking to play gepard 1a2

  29. Tiger and Panthers shouldn’t be 5.3 and T25 shouldn’t be 6.3… Gaijin knows that Germany makes the money so they cater to Germany. FFS the JagdPanther is 6.0… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  30. “welcome to war thunder, where we have the hypocrisy of lowering overpowered german vehicles”

    “why? don’t ask why” – Gaijin

  31. Phleeee, try the Ju-188 at 5.3 and do carpet bombing >>>> for fun 😉

  32. Finally Steve experiences war thunder as the rest of us mortals do

  33. TBH, there is one thing that war thunder has to be correct by now, it’s not that tank nor the player itself. It’s abt the silver lions in the game. You know there are a lot of players who use silver lion boosters or RP boosters strategically, but not always. if you see the tank bonus points for RP or for silver lion, it’s not looking to balance itself no matter which rank it might be, it’s getting worse than expected. So yeah even though we use boosters or not it’s still unbalanced. And speaking about the war thunder itself, it doesn’t make any sense, right now it’s a big game they are adding lots of stuff including the premium vehicles or etc it’s their way of making money, actually respect it no complaints at all swear to god. But despite that can’t those guys fix this simple common thing for the silver lions.

  34. Víctor Matía Rodríguez

    Gaijin removed its stabilizer but never made the model be the unstabilized one, they left it as the stabilized model. Gaijin unrealistically merfing non Soviet models yet again based on fake data they made themselves, what a surprised, the Russian company is biased yet again

  35. Forest is NOT your friend! FOREST IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! ABORT ABORT! ULQ Settings ULQ SEEEEETTTTIIIINNNNGS!!! Ah, too late and welcome to my (and most Console players) world! 😂👏👍👌✌🤘🖖🤙

  36. As a Germany player i really like the current BRs of German mid tier vehicles.Makes me feel like i’m cheating sometimes lol.

  37. Martian Lives Matter

    I thought I’d seen you go through that canal before but remember it was oddbawz

  38. Who ever edit this video I give 10 out of 25, the music was absolutely pain, perfect for this tank.

  39. This is what every soviet main has to feel at 6.3 and up

  40. It’s so bad you can’t even kill yourself in it lmao

  41. Hey Phly! You should try that insane Italian plane. The P.108A serie 2! It has a 102mm cannon on it for some psychotic reason and it would be fun to see if you can try and get some kills with it

  42. Thanks!

  43. Now do the T34…

  44. When you will play with Praga m53/59

  45. T25 should be put to 5.7 change my mind

  46. To see M4A3(76) at 5.7 and T25 at 6.3 makes me wonder how badass US players compare to German dumbass…. Rather i bring T20 or M18 to 6.3 . I failed to figure what’s the strong point of this “monster”.

  47. 😂😂😂

  48. You got the Melvin

    This was painful to watch

  49. America suffers 4.0 to like 7.0, change my mind 😂

  50. Just watched topgun and has anybody tell that you look like goose haha

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