One Of The Most Feared Turret Designs In The World | THICCCCC ISRAELI MBT (Merkava MBT)

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One Of The Most Feared Designs In The World | THICCCCC ISRAELI MBT (Merkava MBT)


  1. That’s another cool shot!

  2. We need more phlydailys in war thunder it would make it such a better game

  3. Wow that’s a cool shot!

  4. Question man, when do you think the MAUS will make a come to war thunder?

  5. Im excited for the Super Shermans

  6. That is a lot of cool shot!

  7. Shoot this comment with Merkava MBT

  8. I see an Israeli Vehicle. *Mainly Merkava.* I like. You made a man happy today.

  9. That thing smells of guhugamuga through my screen

  10. I like the idea of finally being able to kill isis

  11. phly never fails to make me laugh

  12. Remember when they kept saying very emphatically they would not have an Israeli tech tree? Lol. I always added ” until we decide to have one.” Looks like I was right.

  13. I got a model i built of this

  14. One of the most failed tanks in the world is the Zionist tanks 😏

  15. Phly, we need to petition to add the Yugoslavian ‘SO-122’ to the game, its a sherman with a 122mm gun and an upgraded engine.

  16. The thunderscreech is #1 about 140db at 20000 ft

  17. Day 14 of asking for the A.C IV

  18. Moinul Islam Mahin

    we gonna have a uss liberty user mission soon

  19. Phly was being psychically punched during the making of this video

  20. Hey Renammed_Panda ! Il parait que ce véhicule est pas meta ? Ben devine quoi : il va y en avoir d’autres… beaucoup d’autres !

  21. Im from Israel lol. שלום

  22. I hope the m60 sherman gets added too.

  23. an israeli tech tree imop is far more interesting then a chinese one. atleast they have modified ww2 ground vehicles let alone the copy paste chinese tech tree till like 7.0 even then they’re copied t54s but atleast built by them. excluding the low teir spaas that one is Vietnamese and the other is post ww2 so yeah

  24. do Merkava have much down tier matches? Because iff its do i maybi buy this!

  25. Attempting since Sept 2018. I-16 type 10 please Phly. 3 years requesting.

  26. Ernests Stanevicis

    5:33 are you good bro?

  27. 1:04 This game is working properly and perfectly as it design.

  28. that Sturmpanzer is out for: *a little bit of trolling*

  29. Modern Tiger II (P) turret. Ironic.

  30. Odd request but you should do a control layout video. I have 0 clue how to set my stuff up and it would really help so please man

  31. imagine dating phly when he knows all

  32. To people who get upset because of the engine configuration and fuel tanks: The Israelis intended this tank to be safer for the crew, thats why the engine is infront off. It is a Giant Shield that protects the crew. About the fuel tanks yes, They are actually self sealed so they cannot leak out but idk if war thunder added these to the Merkava.

  33. The Mk 3D is insane trust :3

  34. Those are really good shots

  35. Hey umm.. There is a video in your ad

  36. can you play top tier sweden please

  37. the m50 super sherman is a french 75 based on the panther 75. the one i’d hope to see is the m51 super sherman that has the 105 cannon (not the derp)

  38. Sheico deserves special mention in this one, great job! <3

  39. 22:42 Phly intruding enemys i love it 😀

  40. Stupid tank very weak nothing like the Russians and the germans in real life and even in the game 😏

  41. the warcrime tank

  42. The plural of aircraft is aircraft.

  43. 20:37 i wish I had T 80 🤣🤣

  44. strv 103: allow me to introduce myself

  45. for Merkava weak spots always aim left mantlet or turret ring

  46. If I do not get myself added in that update, I’m gonna be mad.

  47. Commenting to help with baby phlys college fund

  48. You sound like a certain bob’s burgers voice actor who just raises their voice for everything. Bunny ears are you hint on which one .

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