ONE SHOT AND A DREAM – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

It's happened to all us in World of Tanks you lost your HP and you're down to a one shot… But what can you do with it?




    I love how he brings pleasure and laughter to all of us tFKO

  2. Michael Williamson

    Always love these videos with in depth stuff about mechanics, it’s always really interesting to find out weird things I never knew while playing the game. I’ve been using that bush transparency trick for years since you did a video on it.

  3. I watched this game live on his Twitch stream yesterday and I was very impressed by his discipline and use of cover whilst hammering the damage out. Very very good game to watch, made me think long and hard about being impatient and using cover more in my gameplay.

    • @detroit sucks bc of bushes

    • @Sebastian Raab There have been plenty of bad updates but also plenty of good ones, qb presents them all as negative and bad, plus he has HORRIBLE opinions on what equipment you should take on your tanks. He can be alone all he wants but I don’t think he has ever played with another cc in the last 5 years, mainly due to pride and wanting his viewers to just watch him because most other ccs are more entertaining than qb. Also he constantly makes up excuses for bad plays. HE changes were tbh not bad and artillery nerfs were amazing but he presents both as negative.

    • @Botond Nagl People already know how to use bushes, if you don’t then you are a very new player.


    i enjoy ur videos so much!!! keep it up man MZ6M

  5. But quickybaby! If your a heavy tank be it a td or not ,on low hp, where your slow and have a bad cammo rating would this style of game play still work?


    HOLD UP!
    Did u not see that when u shot the 277 and didn’t pen, it bounced back and did 12 dmg to yourself?? QB, go back and look at it!

  7. Must be getting low on good content so he has to yolo or something.

  8. So you’ve got the battle pass camo for the M48 in your free to play account?

  9. nice game mate!!. but still, you can see the game is so messed up, enemy team won the north side I guess by most of their heavy tanks using a turbo and grousers, while your very slow heavys don’t even have a chance to get in position. i really dislike the new equipment. it just broke the game even more. i stopped playing wot for that reason. games are so imbalanced that they last 4 mins avg

  10. This is gerat pixel lovin,i need to update my pixels 🙂

  11. Good old american cowboy:D . Nice analogy:)

  12. From the title I thought this game would be about having one shot left at the end and needing a fire or ammo rack to win. I only had that situation once and I didn’t get it, just a normal pen, or maybe I didn’t do enough damage to the module. Either way, I did manage to kill both of us with a ram for the draw.

  13. The problem with the bush mechanics is that, you pull back, fire, and no one can see where the shot has come from, yet fire from Arty can be clearly scene.

  14. Friedwart Gurfinkel-Büchsenschütz

    rt a Crowdfund for the Assassination of Vladimir Putin!

  15. It would be so cool if wg would bring up/buff up to the meta all old/forgotten tanks

  16. past few videos have been abit more pixelated

  17. Szilárd Újvári

    Hi QB thanks for the great content! Could you do a 60TP master class video for us?

  18. Would have thought your most played tank would be a German

  19. Nice game QB.

  20. Jonathan Pinkerton

    imagine being in a 103b with over 300mm of pen as standard, and still spamming gold because you are stupid. this game is getting so out of hand with the gold spam…..

  21. the gigga chad M48 Patton in WOT vs the laughing stock M48 in War Thunder

  22. Is it just me or is the payment system frozen for Wargaming?

  23. I just got the Patton, my very first T10, the other day, so far i only have like 10 games but I love it so much

  24. I tend to do those risky plays at the beginning and loose a good chunk of my hit points. I need to learn not to YOLO so hard.

    I have also had some great games after being taken down to a one shot too. Sometimes you can lure a greedy player who wants to remove you around a corner and allow your team to take care of them.

  25. GG Quicky, how’s your job and wife doing these days? Hope all is well. Take care, Mike in the USA

  26. Hi all, after re-intallation x100 times I always miss some maps. Do you guys know where I can download the .pkg files for some certain maps?

  27. Michael Hornschuch

    Did not expect this to go broke back mountain within 2 minutes…

  28. Me going to same location in this map and all medium tanks of the red team will join me there..

  29. Yoo i was watching this on stream!

  30. Losses are useless.

  31. FFS, you are full off s h i t with your free to play account. on every video when you get to the part Detailed Report we see “with premium”.

  32. Survival instinct!

  33. Dude you are posting a game where 9 times out 10 you would have and should have been dead by making a plebe play in the first minute. It is a minor miracle that in a tier 10 game, not one moron on the other team was there to clean you up. You are funny man. And not in a good way. You are so annoying.

  34. Complaints Department

    Down to a one-shot? I’ll drown or crash my tank on purpose, just to deny the enemy a chance at a kill and more exp. Especially if the battle is already lost. In today’s WoT games, full of overpowered and busted clan reward tanks, mission reward tanks, and even a tech tree tank or two, and with everyone spamming gold to cover up their lack of skill? Fuck em.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      45% wr?

    • Complaints Department

      @Test_name Test_surname Was 53.89 with 15k battles when I quit playing 5 years ago. Started back up again this holiday season and MM has literally been forcing me into sub 50% WR matches with donkeys.

      There’s a huge difference in player caliber between NA and EU servers. That much I know from watching QB’s streams

    • Test_name Test_surname

      @Complaints Department 5years ago game was slow and easy but meta has changed.. I still don’t see the point for suicide to deny exp to red team

  35. Seems like QB should have adrenaline rush on any of his tank crews lol

  36. My best one shoot game was like 5 or 6 years ago, i was obj 140, got hit by t92 in second min, got pen and did 6k dmg with 140 hp left 🙂

  37. You talked about the new “vision” of tanks when you shoot them, that separate the part of the tank that you see and the part of the tank that is below some cover or smth. But the question is : how do you activate that ? I am playing on the latest version but this function doesnt seems yet to be there. Or maybe you are playing on sandbox ? idk

  38. This map hasn’t been in the console version for at least a year.

  39. Isn’t this the same map you did the tank review on lmao

  40. You basically sold your tanks soul to have a banger game

  41. Camping tutorial for bots, from QB elite school

  42. Alexandru Matasaru

    you are a very good player , 300wn8 plays

  43. it is all complete luck because enemies never climbed hill. this a game 1outof10…also i would argue all day that world of tanks is surely not a game of chess. it is all day long a casino roulette game. random battlegrounds, random team random shots random blocking spotting etc…

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