ONE-SHOT Machine Too Stronk!? 🔴 NO, DON’T TOUCH! | World of Tanks The Biggest Gun – FV215b 183

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World of Tanks FV251b 13 Gameplay, The Biggest Gun in The Game. World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II and FV215b 183, Tier 10 British Tank Destroyers. World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank. Should FV215b 183 and FV4005 Stage II be Banned in World of Tanks?

Today let’s talk about a topic featuring 183 Boomsticks and the legendary HESH ammunition.

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. Lets give it a 6 shot auto loader with a 2 sec intra clip reload

  2. If a tank needs removal, it has to be the EBR. This you get hit if you peak even though you know it’s out there. Those EBRs, those “tanks” destroy the game, not this.

  3. I quit the game a while ago and deleted it. I’ve been playing for about 6-7 years. They managed to kill all the pleasure of the game by saying “we will balance”. With each new update, I have become more and more sure that the game is one hundred percent pay2win.

    Still, I watch your videos from time to time. I just feel sick just thinking about how ridiculous they can get.

    Have a nice day.

  4. No way Dez, there are plenty of other tanks that need removing first… if you think the 215b 183 is op your stupid…period.

  5. Such a hypocrite, this one you beg them not to nerf, but the EBR you whine like a little B****, you’re annoying me, instead of putting your energy into advocating for tech tree tanks you act two faced, your content has gone south…..

  6. I’ve recently pulled mine out of mothballs and been having a blast playing it. Frankly the platform balances the gun pretty well imo.

  7. i just sell my 4005 , because i can’t hit shit(even in 70m) , my hit rate only 20%…..

  8. complain n complain why not remove tier 2 to 10 and lets play loltracktor forever? crybaby players are those players that doesn’t know how to use hulldown or shoot on the open field and no map awareness literally slow shitty players!

  9. I own one, how dare you attack me like this Dez. Questioning the existence of my favourite tank? I say good day, I said good day to you sir! 😂

    In all seriousness this tank doesn’t do it often enough for me to think of it as over powered. It missed a lot, reloads slow and is just as slow to drive.

  10. Pratima Rambojun

    Fv 215B 183 is op lol

  11. Play TXs they said, it will be fun they said.

  12. You should play the AT8 with the 75mm gun, full gold. Its supposed to be one of the worst picks for the tank but it has a base dpm of 2,900 I think. I have it up to nearly 4,000. At tier 6. It is just funny in detachments how good it is.

  13. Day 15 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  14. every body gangsta till they get hit by FV for 1950 hp with dead crew broken component

  15. Remove this tank, I quit game

  16. Александър Иванов

    Fv215b 183 and Fv4005 doesnt deserve any nerf its perfect how they are right now.

  17. Remove EBR first.

  18. Grille 15 needs a fully traversable turret.

  19. I paid 23 million credits for that tank. No fucking way it should be removed

  20. Nice RNG, no skill involved though.

  21. Give it 83 milimeter gun.
    Death Star in garage: what?

  22. Obviously WG will mess up the 183.
    They don’t like the players having fun. WG have been sucking the fun out of the game for years.

  23. Agree with Dark Star. Both vehicles have been nerfed due to the HE changes. They are very much hit or miss vehicles but now even when you hit you might not do any damage.

  24. Definitely stay, it’s that pressure to don’t make stupid mistaked and stay cautious about your surroundings

  25. I was surprised to see so few of them in ranked, because they are so OP. The ability to one shot even some tier 10 is broken. They are a big menace to slightly damaged tier 10 tanks. I took 1 shot and I was in kill range for this tank.

    This is an arcade game where you shoot multiple shells to kill your opponent. The ability to 1 shot them is broken.

    However currently the biggest cancer are autoloaders of any kind as seen in the fail ranked mode and bumper cars (wheeled behicles).

    in random battles you can add the arty is another cancer source.

  26. Increase the reload time by 1.5-2x the rest is fine.

  27. Jg E100 has a large gun too. Only issue with the FV is it’s effective. Just because you fear being one shot.. just make the FV have the same camo rating as the Jg.. bad.. also make the turret turn slower. I one shotted an IS7 in my Jg E100 just by accident 😀

  28. If arty can’t hit for 1k damage now, then these things should not be able to do it either

  29. Wg nake thingswlike shit.
    Jdp e100 1’050 alpha
    Hit for 957
    Isu 152 750 alpha
    Hit for 637

  30. they should give it a rocket ammo type that follows ebrs

  31. The oneshot tanks are balanced by having a slow ass platform. If you see them on the battlefield you can always just dodge their positions. TVPs and EBRs are way worse.

  32. Bogdan Sarnecki

    Delete gold ammo, chieftains, ebr’s, 279e and all artys, mines, airfield, cliffs, and there u have it, balanced game…

  33. Can you stop changing the title FOR FIVE MINUTES?

  34. I want them both because I like tanks with a big boomstick.
    I think they are very powerful, but they are also quite difficult to play successfully and once you are spotted in a weak position you are toast.
    Glass cannons

  35. Nothing wrong with it.
    FV4005 en Deathstar weren’t very strong, yes they can one hit, but they have huge drawbacks en they just received another nerve.
    Al the other tanks with issues that made the tanks far stronger are a bigger problem then the one-hit mechanic which actually hardly ever triggers.
    I played few games in FV4005 after HE nerf and it was a horrible experience, drawbacks were the same (logically), but hitting hardly did anything halve of the time (HESH in the face of Kranvagn did 249 damage, no not barrel direct hit on the hull), they ruined the tank for me, it was high risk high reward, now its high risk hardly any reward (it can still pen and be bad-ass but hardly ever happens anymore, and tracks/HE mechanic? well direct hit on the tracks with normal HE on Jagd E100 did sub 300, less than before actually)

  36. Tanks like this with 1 extreme feature are always hard to balance and result in inflexible vehicle.

  37. maybe nerf arty first into the ground so no one is playing it anymore so it can be removed. Maybe nerf them after that

  38. No, don’t remove the 183mm.

  39. How come the render circles were missing on the minimap? He obviously had them turned on or the blind minimap shot on the Strv would have been impossible.

  40. Kimmo Rintamäki

    Nope. Tier 10 needs lottery machine too. Remove KV-2 too then.

  41. leave it alone

  42. I just managed to grind this the week before it was removed as I really wanted it and it was really something. It was not called the Deathstar for nothing and could easily one shot most targets. It only had 12 shells then of course, so you had to carefully conserve ammo. I sometimes take it out these days and can assure you it is nothing like that now, though you can still have fun in it occasionally. My fervent advice to anyone new to the game is give it up and don’t waste your valuable time. It becomes an insidious obsession tempting you to spend money on the next ‘must have’ Supertank which in it’s turn, fades and becomes superceded. WG also has a bad habit of nerfing your favourite tanks and anything else you may enjoy in the game. The player base has many toxic contributors and cheats are rife. There are many other reasons why this game is to be avoided but that will do from me. I am still powerfully addicted, but working on it.🙏

  43. “One-shot”-able tank shouldn’t exist in the game.

  44. HE shouldnt be able to penetrate screens and obstacles
    this braindead ammo should get that nerf

  45. They are balanced. They need no changes.

  46. Jean-Philippe Morin

    We deal with atries, wheeled racecars, others tds, I think we can deal with this tank in game…

  47. 4005 should be mobility un-nerfed. It’s like man-handling an obstinate whale.

  48. Don’t need more nerfing is nerf enough

  49. it have already bad aim bad accuracy and bad reload.what else you want to nerf?

  50. How do you buy this tank?

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