ONE SHOT NUKE ROUND – KV-2 Zis-6 Gameplay (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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ONE SHOT ROUND – KV-2 Gameplay ( Tank Gameplay)

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  1. Aleksandar Ilceski

    First Like and First Comment 😉 BTW Keep up the great content

  2. FIRST

  3. Jacob Belcavitch

    Love the channel Phly!

  4. Historically it should have more penetration

  5. Primer Latino? TE AMO PHLYDAILY

  6. plhy fly the f84 on realistic battle in air

  7. yes kv2!

  8. Hrculasjnr Pretorius

    Hey I am a Brit

  9. WAHER(water)

  10. WT should actually just model the Russian T-150 that actually was made to
    use the 107mm Zis 6 in a much cleaner design manner

  11. Hurr durr the colonies are complaining when corrected by her majesty 🙂
    play the narhwal against tu4.

  12. Is this worth buying?

  13. WOEEEH, yeah fuck british pronounciation

  14. Swordfish vs ATGM or Bomber vs ATGM

  15. Christoforus Abimanyu

    I’m too fucki’n early,-

  16. Joaquin Hernandez


  17. Arturs Grunvalds

    PhlyDaily you are the best. Bro


  19. ຮຼຟໍзົзູтືຸ_ ໑ _ຣາໍLຼ3໌иູວົ້eຸ (Ghara)

    [/-] …

    [͡° ͜ʖ ͡°]/ Pika Boo~

  20. Complaining about how we Brits pronounce our words? Yea well its a school,
    not a shooting range. #rekt

  21. Hey Phly! love the vids man, I suggest you use the P38L and the M36 Jackson
    for your next duo vid! Thanks for all the laughs and info and keep up the
    entertaining vids, much love!

  22. poly how do you play tank and plane in one battle

  23. *Phly

  24. The Eurobeat song at 5:16 is “Speedy Speed Boy” by Marko Polo. Great choice
    Phly! I love Eurobeat.

  25. The KV-2 zis-6 has literal nuke rounds. If a shrapnel from a 20mm cannon
    hits it

  26. Some colonial is telling us how to pronounce words from our own language?

  27. You cant complain about how we pronounce our words as its our language old
    boy, English and all that :p


  29. DAT SOUND AT 10:57 THO

  30. PaTcHeR Gameplays

    why is áll the cool stuff premium? :c

  31. dayuum

  32. M48A1plz!!!

  33. Яussiaн bias

  34. SDSavage McGamerson

    +PhlyDaily so, I see the t-34 prototype in your lineup, what does it do? Is
    it just a t-34? (I’ve only seen it once)

  35. Are these new hangers/backgrounds for premium people?

  36. It’s just not the same without the huge barrel

  37. lol. waaatar

  38. You may as well not be a bomber in matches anymore until gaijin gets their
    head out of their ass and un nerf the bombs

  39. As a brit myself i can say you’ve rustled my jimmies Phly <3

  40. Sonny Worthington

    you shouldn’t complain phly because we are right

  41. how do you get the new hanger??


  43. The bombs are so bad now lol

  44. We made the English language and you just go and fuck it up it is not us in
    the wrong

  45. Wa’ur.

  46. Most of the future dislikes are gonna be from angry Brits.

  47. Plz unnerf bombs

  48. Yea, I’m belgian, and I was like “wtf, how does he pronounce that?” XD I
    thought it was either WEEvern, or Y-vern 😛 Love the vids Phly!

  49. Where are the american bias people? :/

  50. How can you see tanks ? I look and i cant see them when you say for that

  51. Tits

  52. make it a bush tank :)

  53. D25T russian 122mm has incorrect numbers in shell info. It has double or
    triple amount of explosive filer of what it shows in the stats.

  54. phly you need to compare TNT not the kind look at the diferent kinds please
    do it you make you’re self look like a noob
    but i like you’re content

  55. It’s fun to figure out which regional accent Phly is having a go at please
    speak in British more its hilarious

  56. how do you get the new hanger.

  57. Idiot Removal Specialist

    Fair and balanced (TM) reserved 2016

  58. Us Brits created your Language and your country! we decide how our language
    is said biatch

  59. i say waater

  60. This is just getting stupid, people who think there’s no bias The Kv2 zis6
    is a lower BR then the panther

  61. I don’t always support the IRA, but when I do it’s because the British are
    acting like cunts. Stay car bombed my freinds.

  62. What?! The nuke hit like 5 meters next to the tank. Why didnt he get killed
    from it?

  63. AlumiNIUM, titaNIUM, uraNIUM… the one word the Brits got right and
    Americans refuse to pronounce it correctly. :

  64. That ending……. I cri everitiem

  65. Russian power overpowered

  66. Reminds me of the old KV in early WoT days

  67. Okay wtf how didn’t that bomb kill him legit?

  68. Kv-2 Russian Bias

  69. Russians have nuclear tanks, and nuclear planes, yet the American tree will
    never get its Little Boy or its Fat man.

  70. i typing “KIROV REPORTING”

  71. Even with bias, America will always be number 1!

  72. This cannon sounds like a giant shotgun.

  73. HEy phly lets bring out the big guns. The TU 4 and the Su 122 54.

  74. PLAY T29 PLZ

  75. We made the language :P

  76. phly what is the intro song?

  77. MeKanism Lastname


  78. Mig-17 maybe:)))))))))))I want to see that speed again

  79. Intel Core i7 6900k (overclocked to 6.6Ghz)

    Phly what do you think about the insane unbeatable bomber spam by the
    Russian teams now?

  80. the sturer emil has an explosive mass of 550

  81. ‘Murican bias

  82. Phly, use the ASU-57 and the I-16 with the 20mm. It’s a little combo

  83. Phly the 120 grams was of a different explosive filler than tnt. The actual
    amount it tnt was about 220g

  84. Patrick Mullowney

    I love how eurobeat is becoming an inside joke to war thunder and other war
    games (World of Warships)

  85. I call hacks on the guy at the end

  86. Did gaijin move to america recently? cuz thats some stron American Bias

  87. But we don’t say Vitamin like Veeetamin. We say it like Vit-a-min. Jeeezz
    Phly! :p

  88. I thought the kv2 had a 5.0 br

  89. Sharpclawasaurus

    I think it’s pronounced Phlyvern ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  90. The Soviet Conquerer

    IS-2 one shot wonder and the TU-4 Death Star.


  92. You don’t complain about it because we actually speak English.

    Edit: Aha.. It was a joke…

  93. The end had me dying ??

  94. This is OP

  95. Is the KV-2 Zis06 premium

  96. We need more KV-2 comrade! Lets see the the German Derp KV!

  97. maybe 2 nukes could’ve killed him?

  98. The caliope and any sabre you choose :)

  99. Blazemartin Play'z

    how the fuck did that guy suruvive

  100. i’m British and i’m not complaining

  101. Captain Amazing1337

    that ending was the fuckin’ best! Thanks for the good laugh FlatDelhi

  102. Phly really hates shermans

  103. M’emica

  104. I don’t complain when you don’t pronounce the D in Hundred.

  105. People getting triggered over how a word is pronounced just relax

  106. It is indeed pronounced ALU-MINI-UM

  107. more crossout plz

  108. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Why did gaijin nerd bombs?

  109. Challenge here: since ATGM’s have been introduced in 1.59, I challenge you
    to try to kill your tank with your own WASD-guided ATGM.

  110. why did that first hellcat die? His commander was the only one that was
    critically injured…

  111. Now we need a Eurobeat mod for War Thunder…….

  112. where is the Tu-4 rant staying?

  113. Fallou Gautier (Neoside)

    you advise me to play with any nation in tank ?

  114. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Challenge: bring 5 rounds and get tank ace

  115. While the japanese got their thousand-layer nippon steel katana tanks, the
    americans got armor forged by guns in the furnace of freedom!

  116. this has got to be the most hilarious video by phly 😀 had a good laugh.
    thanks komrade

  117. If you are american you should know how to pronounce Wyoming. Nothing else
    to say about it, really. Also I believe the 107 Zis 6 was a naval gun so
    maybe that influences the shell design? Meant for either boats or
    bombardment? Dual-purpose AA?

  118. Dude Phly Evertime your intro music plays I get so hyped im not even
    kidding. Never change

  119. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    lol, 3 sec repair, if that was my tiger it would be 10 sec.

  120. ASU-85 TOVARISCH!!!!


  122. its a shame that We have to play with premium to have a chance to win

  123. War Thunder sure needed more Russian pay2win dogshit.

  124. HES MOVING!

  125. Wah-eeer @ 0.55 hahaha XD

  126. lol water like watugh

  127. play the t29 and ad- 2 skyraider

  128. I don’t always clean up, but when I do it’s in warthunder

  129. 10/10 ‘Murican amour.

  130. un français te suis super vidéo

  131. Ps make a T29 clip pls :D

  132. Murican pilot with Russian =No kill with nuke

  133. The America song!! Im dying XD

  134. LoganWorriors Videos

    #phlydaily are you streaming today I want to join you

  135. Do more top 5 videos plz

  136. Daniel Fuller (Starksteel)

    We complain because we invented the bloody language in the first place!




  137. 12:09 that’s my fellow squadron, you may kill him.

  138. I hate the matchmaking on this game, I’m never on the red team

  139. aries paddayuman

    50% Of The Comments Are Brits Telling Phly The Right Thing
    30% Are About Russian Bias
    20% Are normal One

  140. Yes, the good guy PhlyDaily does not go to spawn hogging.

  141. Do Yer-2(s)and ASU-85


  143. ahahha when you said Wa-eh hahaha

  144. the bombs in the game are broken as f*ck!!

  145. releasethekraken

    i’m just gonna say this once and never mention it again:
    your intro music is cancer in mp3 form.

  146. Asu85 squad with baron and dlick

  147. C omon phly, show us the T29 monster, i heard it can deliver a lot of
    freedom :)

  148. take out the German T-34

  149. You just made a bunch of Brit bags salty in the comments man XD

  150. At least the pronunciation of wyvern is now clarified and bas been
    corrected to the correct way

  151. Yo Phly can you play the Stur Emil next?

  152. The Maus has the most explosive power in it’s gun, it has 700+ grams of
    explosive and the 122mm gun on the IS-2 has only 200grams

  153. Sooo OP pls nerf! Why cant the tiger have that power? You would expect the
    tiger 2 to 1 shot EVERYTHING!!!

  154. Beneteus der Gewaltige


  155. phly do u still own spida

  156. I miss phlys syntact- shallow old intro *.*

  157. Nguyễn Hải Dương

    Youre seem to forgot the fact that this tank has machine gun, phly!


  159. the russian nuke did nothing. Well we can rule out russian bias now

  160. It’s hard being a Sherman player. Please give us a courtesy shot in front
    of us to give us a chance. Thanks!

  161. Me262 tiger 2

  162. Why did you say “Allah u minimum
    Like ALLAHU Akbar? ?

  163. Yeah, they need to fix the bombing and bombs in WT tank RB. I’ve had that
    happen to me more than once…

  164. Phly play the Asu 57 pls!

  165. FluufyPvP -Minecraft

    That gun is good for long range target a d very gud penetration i say WOT

  166. Joshua Szwajkowski

    great video 10/10

  167. this kv 2 is so op, i mean for real

  168. Manuel Arocho Jr

    That ending XD (now america will nerfed more and russia buffed :l) ending
    still funny though XD

  169. Hey Phly, I have to tell you – your intro voice can cheer me up no matter
    how much of a shite day I’ve had at work. Thanks matey

  170. @PhlyDaily how did you get all those tanks and planes I’ve been playing for
    years now and I’m in rank 3


  172. warzone379 משיח‎

    IT1 and TU4

  173. You should do LVT (A)-1 and PBY Catalina. Set sail for the enemy lines

  174. In honor fo this video, I give you a challenge, Phly! Take out any British
    tank fo your choice at a BR of 2.0, and to complete the challenge you must
    do the following! >One shot all tanks until you get an Ace! < If you do not one shot a SINGLE tank, then you must J out and start over! (Yes, even if it is your first engagement) Good luck, friend!

  175. lmfao RIP Hellcat

  176. And this tank is balanced how? Working as intended?

  177. Ethan Miller (CapturedDiamond)


  178. Aluminium and Aluminum are both correct. The mong that patented it forgot
    how to spell it when he patented it in the US.

  179. Yo Phly. Is it worth spending gold on accelerated training for crew?

  180. Phly, when will you check out the Yak-30?

  181. Riley Bomersbach

    What is the key for binoculars?

  182. Christiaan Kleijhorst

    Hahaahaha just give this video 10k likes cause it is omg silly funny

  183. phly play the m41a1 and the f86 hard combo but i thinck u can do it!

  184. Lol love your videos Phly! You are the reason I got into WoW and
    WarThunder! lol btw, did you use some Initial D music? If so you get more
    cool points lol!

  185. Does it shoot Russian beets?

  186. phly if u want if that combo was to hard use the avenger ,brit tank and the

  187. Perico el turtoh - Dentalcornet077

    wowowowow the M4A3 in the minute 0:12 its me hahahahhahahah

  188. GhostOfRhurValley 1945


  189. Hey Phly, can you, Baron and Slick play War Thunder or H&G together again
    PLZ????? Both communities would love to see that….

  190. scotty “muzzar123” .M

    how do u get the new hanger, i updated my game but got the same old hanger

  191. asu 57 plezzz

  192. Fucking stupid premium

  193. scotty “muzzar123” .M

    well well well that last game was a good one me and my mate sgt matt were
    that german sniper and i was his aaa

  194. FuriousFlurry O Energy (FlurryOfEnergy)

    I cri for RIP crossout

  195. Thomas Wildrabbit

    Sodding yanks. Really are a blight on our language.

    Jk Phly, your videos are awesome, just need a little work on your
    pronunciation ;D

  196. AdınıLolkarakteriyapıp dikkatçekmeyeçalışançoçuk

    i cried at the end
    god damn GIs make me proud

  197. plz fix got 1 shot from this tank start of game like really the start of
    the game RUSSIAN BIAS CONFIMED they gave Russia unlimited view range bias

  198. Hello commenters please watch my video on x23mike32x channel I just stared
    and will upload a new video every day if I can sorry but I don’t have a Mic
    right now so no audio from me maybe in game but other then that I don’t
    have much please watch,share,like,and subscribe thanks to those who
    subscribe and watch and like by!!!!

  199. Do the German KV-2, the Kaiser of Derp.

  200. Gets multiple shots from multiple angles. Even penetrating ones doesn’t do
    anything. Gets rocketed, only track damage. Meanwhile one shots everything.
    No russian bias komrades)))

  201. Hi im a German guy and i love you Videos #NOhOMO

  202. would love to play this game but home Internet is still down due to the
    tornado yesterday that missed my town by 7 miles. stuck watching this on my
    phone wanting to try the new tanks out

  203. WOT-UH

  204. thats why i hate the russian tanks

  205. ‫ה ישראל‬‎

    my parents say that because I was born a boy I have to stay a boy but that
    means I can’t be myself right? as I like boys not girls and then I can’t
    say what I’m thinking or do what I want and I’m in 5th grade so I have to
    wait till college I have even thought of suicide right in front of my
    parents with a knife but didn’t do it

  206. ‫ה ישראל‬‎

    jk about infront of my parents I meant infront of a camera lol

  207. Sniperteen1367 167

    wa wa

  208. i kinda feel like im being left out, i say nice things to you phly, but it
    seems like u r ignoring idk but it just seem that way:/

  209. Wa uuuuuuuuhhhhu

  210. Matchmaking in this game is so biased, I’m never on the red team

  211. play the LVT plzzzzzzzzzz

  212. My hangar is still the old one, do I have to change something in order for
    it to update or what?

  213. he was just joking so chill

  214. What happened to trauma packs?!?!?

  215. Wow, this tank is dumb…Or Seriously Phly, how many game have you played
    with it? you ve shown us 2…is it ez mode all the time or were those 2
    game real good ones? This video makes me salty …

  216. The way u said water lmao

  217. I didn’t care I’m not a fan of the wyvern anyway lol waer WA-ER

  218. AlexMajo ThaGamer

    ‘Murica has developed anti-nuke tanks or the rock absorbed all explosion or
    maybe the rock was part of the illuminaty or something. *’Murica FUDGE YEAH*

  219. OMG.. please someone who’s good at audio stuff remake the epic sax guy with
    Phly’s voice crack at 10:58!! Please that would be hilarious haha

  220. Orbiting thunder

    Phly you have been notified that General george patton has Ordered you to
    Play out the T29 so you lead the us army to freedom GL and HF

  221. Itz “ItzDJ” DJ

    The conway looks alot like the KV-2 Zis 6

  222. Why does this cannon sound like an AWP?

  223. Wait… EUROBEAT?! *107mm dorifto intensifies*

  224. The 15 second ads killed me.

  225. ahahha the WA-ER cracked me up, love to you from the UK Phly

  226. #cantupdatewarthunderwithmyinternetsuicidealthouyghts

  227. The game now states the kill ranges against tanks for bombs. That tank was
    about half way point of the 3 ton bomb radius. Panther should be deadly

  228. phly those wa er are from the south water is what i say personally its not
    everyone and who created your language in the first place?

  229. NarcassisticGamer

    Hey folks, I’ll sum up the comment section so you don’t have to scroll on
    through. “RUssiAN bAIs” “u wot you merican wanker” “WOW totally no Russian
    BAIS” “Russia so OP” “*legitimate argument to why it’s alright*”

  230. You’ve started something here with the correct/incorrect English… But
    English is officially a lazy language, due to all non native speakers and
    slang… And whats worse is the English that is taught in foreign schools
    is actually American and not English, you all say chips we say crisps, you
    say fries we say chips, you say apartment we say flat… Gotta (got to) say
    though on a serious note, you and Baron have nailed the accent!!!

  231. lol you didnt one shot that hellcat so now gaijin is going to have to buff
    that gun some more

  232. Do I-16 type 27 pleaze. And T34 ’42 , or just I-16

  233. U fukin’ wot Phly. Chat shit about us brits again m8, i’ll slap ya in the
    gabber. Sware on me mum.

  234. Aluminium is pronounced a-loo-mee-nyum

  235. water is apparently pronounced wah-eauhh in britain?

  236. 3:46 COME ON AND SLAM


  237. Inevitable Truth

    “What the FUBAR?”
    -PhlyDaily 2016

  238. Gotta love queen phly

  239. Damn phly, way to start culture wars in the comments lol

  240. Jose “BiGLaZY66” Turcios

    T29!!!!!! Cmon . use it!! its just as good or better

  241. Do a vid with piper

  242. Imperial Order Gaming

    Stronk Tank

  243. Good thing you didnt kill yourself with that bomb…i swear, fly 50m lower
    next time and you’ll die….-_-

  244. Phly Take out the all mighty T-95 Doom Turtle with its new rounds! Spread
    some freedom one shot at a time!

  245. I thumbs up just to fuck the brits!!!!

  246. Bonus NUKE ROUND!
    PLAY ZE SU100Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Phly deadly I want that tank :c

  248. Phlydaily

  249. This Name Is Excrutiatingly Long Isnt It

    where is gameplay of the 40mm british AA crusader?

  250. when the killcam shows the driver getting hit and exploding

  251. We spell aluminium different that’s why we say it different

  252. 0:15 I appreciate that you’re excited about this and all but plz don’t
    shout into the mic like that or adjust the audio a bit next time.

  253. Play the German KV-2 next with the Ju-88 or something

  254. M4 please nurf

  255. new tank broken

  256. Phly play whit HTC Vive in War Thunder

  257. When you Started out i was so Close to -1 Sub!

  258. what is opening song?

  259. T92 and F7F, strike hard and fast!

  260. Press F to pay respects RIPCOD

    or water like WAUTOUR

  261. water or wataaah !
    -Bruce Lee

  262. So people with low graphic settings don’t get the new hangar or some shit?
    I have to assume because it’s the old one for me. For anyone wondering as
    well, they moved the ACES.exe into the win 32 and win 64 files. I need
    those to run the game. My balls dropped when i thought they deleted them!
    XD (just found out as well, that the new he 162 a-1 is a event plane, god
    knows why but it is…)

  263. Magnús Már Magnússon

    Kv 2 is a heavy tank but i think it should be a tank destroyer

  264. ‫محمد الحمود‬‎

    Its op

  265. I want more crossout!!!!!

  266. Wyvern? More like Why-vern hehe

  267. G8N1 vs Tu-4. Make it happen

  268. ballistic clap! I fucken lost it hahahaha

  269. you should show the plan you drive

  270. like a first person view

  271. I knew gaijin nerfed the bombs but not to this extent

  272. Why does gaijin hate America

  273. Fly out the Experimental American Beast the XP-50
    (ATTEMPT #4)

  274. Tu4 and IT-1 comboHigh explosive power

  275. Omg that ending lmao XD

  276. La-5FN

  277. RIP Germans

  278. “america fuck yeah”. :D

  279. This video made me laugh so fucking hard! Makes me think back to the good
    old days of the KV-2, when HE still penetrated 75 mm of armor. No tank was
    safe. It still rocks, but not quite as much… : /

  280. Water like WHAT-ER

  281. English is a bastardized version of several other languages. You can’t
    complain about us “stealing” your language when you stole yours from
    basically everyone else.

  282. LegendaryDarkCynder

    that fake salt at the beginning though

  283. so Russia finally has an accurate tank!

  284. Hitman3000hawk Gaming

    stupid brits. just insulted millions of people

  285. Hitman3000hawk Gaming

    and I thought the game can’t get more russian bias.

  286. US bias confirmed 18:23

  287. KKTrain Springer

    I just imagine the seriousness in your face at the beginning.

  288. No russian bias they said…

  289. The Brits have made their decision…. NOW LET THEM ENFORCE IT!

  290. Hey PhlyDaily!

    Take out the M48A1 😀 Would love to see it.

  291. Still need my 105 Sherman and P 63 A 10, derp tank and banana plane for

  292. Nice euro beat

  293. R u real

  294. ahahah that ending :’D

  295. HAHAHAHA, poor Phly. He tries to say words and gets slammed for it

  296. play T29 Freedom tank with b29

  297. Reasons this shouldnt be premium #1 this entire video

  298. that intro xD! combined arms with the new american dream team!! Stronk US
    T-29 nightmare machine with the F8F-1b Bearkitty(your choice of
    secondaries). Guaranteed to rid you of your Tiger II and Soviet pest

  299. you didn’t even kill a German player in the video but a German tank Kill


  301. Let’s get the tank request back on top! Beloved Russian OP T-60 with HVAP
    rounds and Po-2 ;)

  302. I sink ze britz r jaluz auf yur istern axxent mi friend :)

  303. Btw I’m desperate to see how you play the best designed plane of WW II :
    the Ho 229 !

  304. its just a game lol

  305. Kv-2 is my bae in world of tanks

  306. Did that last guy have spawn invincibility or something? Because that is a
    horseshit damage collision model then, the bomb was literally 10 meters
    from his tank when it detonated.

  307. Yeah but the Brits are allowed to complain because it’s their language.
    We’re just speaking it.

  308. Shame that this tank is premium only. Freaking WT 1.59. No more bases to
    kill either…. man a few big disappointments for me.

  309. The amount of ignorant Americans in the comments is too damn high.

  310. Luca-marius Thorn

    rocket cromwell & halifax pls

  311. Am i the only one who dances to the beginning of the video? Its too catchy.
    Never get rid of it Phly! Love it!

  312. STURER EMIL!!!!!!! please phly

  313. war thunder should add KV-4 with br 6.7 and IS-7 with br 8.0
    it will make the game BALANCE

  314. lol wat huh for water.???? I’m a Brit unfortunately and I hate it when
    they pick up on how words are spoken.
    ya know what phly was on about so just wind it in.

  315. When you see phly lose 1/2 his lions after the new patch….

  316. Murican Bias confirmed!!!!

  317. Phly for next tank and plane combo can u plz do the Pzr.IV.G and Hs 129B-3

  318. see how the tank gets on

  319. What on God’s green Earth is aluminum?

  320. phly watch out the british are coming the british are coming!!! XD

  321. I like Phly he sounds like the white big brother i never had :l

  322. only because gaijin fucked up the bombs. they are imposible to use. and i
    was mad i didnt kill a m6 with a 1000kg bomb. look at your luck lol

  323. Only, you know the way you said you are a fighter pilot, if you had any
    near death experiences would you be able to tell us the story? If anyone of
    hs viewers are reading this and luke the idea lets like it to bring it to
    his attention!

  324. Михаил Куницын

    начало видео у тебя всегда заводит!

  325. how in the actual fuck is that possible with this Huge fkn bomb srsly

  326. Vartic Laurentiu Alexandru

    Remembering the time when I played this tank in WoT…ah, the memories

  327. What grinds my gears. YouTubers fucking apologizing to trolls and shits
    about when they do something wrong like pronounce a word wrong. Ignore the

  328. PublicTransportationBelgium

    Glorious Stronk Tonks

  329. Ğємнєαят

    well plating bombers in RB tanks it’s almost pointless…. 5000kg bomb
    didnt kill the tank…. so…. i’m guessing bombers are only for RB

  330. BlueRosse Gaming

    OMG mate that ending was epic as hell. im from Romania but i omost cry with
    that song :)). in right hands this KV is OP. gg nice vid ther SirPhly(sry
    for my ENG).

  331. Jag-war, Hyun-dee, poors-ah

  332. Britain decides how English is pronounced in the same way Spain decides
    Spanish (despite Mexico being bigger) and Portugal decides Portuguese
    (despite Brazil being bigger)

  333. Oi Phly, us Brits spawned the language and essentially spawned Americans!
    So you’re in the wrong xD

  334. LVTA-1 and B-18 Bolo!!! Pls!!!

  335. B-29FlyingFortress

    Hey Phyl, maybe you can help us because I think as a big youtuber Gaijin
    will respect your point of view… We’re tired of the Tu-4 spam at 6.3 br.
    Last battle we had to fight 5 Tu-4, with 1 ki-83, and j2m3… This game is
    so damn broken it makes me sick while playing it, knowing that could be so
    awesome but they prefer to fck all up..

  336. t 95 finally has better round and it could one shot tanks

  337. 10:57 Phly sounds like a very weird duck :D

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