One with the DERP – T43

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Honestly if any streamer deserves subs it’s Circon. This man never fails to deliver.

  2. frhjtfetgtt3345671 gfhfdhdfhdf

    when is streamstarting

  3. More derp video :>

  4. almost 100k subs! yay….*runs away naked, shreeeking and screeching*

  5. That’s some solid advice you gave at the beginning about sunken costs/time, and it’s valid a lot of situations. I’m less sure about talking to pixels on your screen but it seems to work for you, so I may want to give that a try. GL&HF

  6. At the same tier, VK 30.02 (D) with the DERP is fun too. Weaker derp, but faster platform, more precision, higher rate of fire, better armor and same gun depression.

  7. “With the flick of the wrist comes the critical hit”

  8. I’m gonna have Dr. Phil in my head for days now.

  9. Sunk time/cost fallacy is really important to overcome

  10. Anyone else think of the AT-15A when he was talking about “de way”?

  11. Circon, I know you’re a busy man, but if you could find it in your heart and your busy schedule to grace us with more replay casts with your wonderful insight and opinions, the world would be a beautiful and more fulfilling realm to reside within. Much love, toodle pip!

  12. aiming reduces dpm- circon

  13. Wow, very insightful intro.

  14. Lol – Advice in the first minute of this video sounds like it was intended for me. Circon videos are the only thing I enjoy from WoT.

  15. most of the WOT players forget that this is a game , i play for fun not for stats ( ooooohhhhh very important ) when not fun anymore i stop and play it again later

  16. I often put this game down and come back many months later. My WN8 looks like waves on the sea! It’s fun to learn again.

  17. do you know tha wae? show me! show me tha wae!

  18. Just at the begining of this video: that’s right, I moved on War Tunder, played it for a year, had a fun, now I’m out, no more tanks games for a some time, all pissed me a lot ;D

  19. TBH, I got sick of the near constant subs… I know they’re good though, especially for someone so deserving.

  20. circonflexes with the life advice – i used to spend days in and out on this game, i grew tired of it after having played it for some years, spent way more than i should have as i have almost every premium tank up until the point when i grew tired… BUT i’ve started playing the game every now and then now, 1-2 years later and i’m enjoying it.

  21. Wasn’t this title the name of a friends episode?

  22. I am one with the derp and the derp is with me I am one with the derp and the derp is with me I am one with the derp and the derp is with me I am one with the derp and the derp is with me I am one with the derp and the derp is with me I am one with the derp and the derp is with me I am one with the derp and the derp is with me I am one with the derp and the derp is with me

  23. Your team was trying it’s damnedest to deny you that Top Gun. Glad you beat them!

  24. This video is one sentence: *Playing on the computer all day and virtually ignoring his entire family* …

  25. “Sweaty_bum_crack resubbed for 1 month”

  26. goes to watch a circonflexes video. All you hear is Dr. Phil

  27. at the beginning wise words from the circon 🙂

  28. Co-starring Dr. Phil. lol.

  29. I’m listening…

  30. Circon: Alright, listen guys, listen.
    Me: Listening
    *Video ends*
    How could you do this? I was listening just for you!

  31. 666 like… thats right im SATAN bitcheeezzz

  32. Well, I am listening…. ____?

  33. Once again, you saved the day by posting a great video. I was having a sh!tty day until the notification arrived; 6:48 minutes of sanctuary. Thanks for posting.

  34. true words in the beginning there.

  35. Ok. I’m listening.

  36. Nikolai Puumalainen

    I swear, circon can take any tank with the shittiest of gun options, and make it look OP

  37. The subs keep rolling in just like how Circon rolls into my heart.

  38. Alllrighty Then!

    All those resubs got very annoying

  39. What is better with the Derp T43 or KV13?

  40. I’m listening.

  41. *It was all calculated, my guys.*

  42. >plays a tier VII tank with a 122mm howitzer
    >gets ace anyway


  44. yeah gun is with you 😀

  45. The Man with Culture. by Circon 2018

  46. Nice top gun kill – close.

  47. Theses are not the tomato’s you were looking for stormtrooper

  48. Ammo selection, Circon.

  49. is that a mod or an in-game feature showing the armor and if you can pen or not?

  50. Juicy memes in this one. Made my day better. Thanks, Brother!

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