Only 0.001% players get this tank

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Source: PhlyDaily



  1. I love WT more than WOT. but the economy in WT is pure trash. I have an Old guard title and no SL at all for all these years.

  2. You’d have to buy 1,000,000 boxes to get it for sure, statistically that is. Also, yes 100% liberal propaganda.

  3. Day 1 of asking plhy to play the strv 74

  4. Richie Cunningham

    I had one, never consumed the ticket and sold it to buy other vehicles. Not sure if I regret not keeping it but turning 1 tank into 5 vehicles is nice

  5. bisyclikes heheh 1:55

  6. Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen

    Im so glad I got the Object 279 during the event

  7. @PhlyDaily If you were able to exchange gaijin coins for real USD. It’s more likely that players would make profit out of it so it’s more than likely that the market place could crash. After no one buying the coins so then they’d probably remove the feature.

  8. for the outrageous price on the market, would this at all be worth the price?

  9. gosh every war thunder video phly uploads it makes me want to play war thunder but then i remember how hard it is to research and that completely detours me from playing it does anybody have some good advice on how to grind i have high tier premiums also

  10. Time to spend my 150,000,000 SL I guess.

    Edit: Final yield: 3 x loading screens, 5 x 3D decorators, 10-15 x decals, 1 x float Po-2, 2(!) x Kingcobra, 1 x Kfir, countless boosters and orders.

  11. The Italians have a sick lineup of wheelie boys at 8.7-9.0

  12. day 2 of asking to play a game or 2 with u….

  13. I dont get it. 😀

  14. i love when phly didn’t recognize fanaticalfreeman

  15. It’s teh Tonk

  16. Александр Печкин

    Russians: Hop hey ololo i am driving UFO
    Sturmmurser: lmao, UFO makes BOOM BOOM

  17. 16:24 Boss you just killed a child.

  18. The first stage ammo is both aphe and he until observed

  19. Talk about this is title gajin could make ton more if they do what valve do with csgo skins with selling and buying vehicles in war thunder

  20. Ivan Korobeinikov

    at the same time you can go outside, there is spring greenery, etc.

  21. Hey phly theres a theory as to why the rounds of first stage can switch genders, its called schrodingers rounds

  22. Hey Phly, Gaijin won’t ever allow exchange of Gaijin Coin back into real money, because there’s no upside to them getting Gaijin Coin back.

    It’s a functionally worthless asset to them, as they already control the distribution of the goods that it can be traded for (virtual tanks on the marketplace).

    The only reason the marketplace exists is to provide an efficient means of “price discovery” for premium vehicles. By allowing the price of vehicles on the marketplace to “float” (i.e go up and down based on supply and demand), their prices will naturally settle at the level that results in the maximum number of sales. Because most buyers will be purchasing Gaijin Coin to fund their marketplace purchase, this results in the maximum revenue for Gaijin (in theory, at least).

    If you’re curious as to why they’d bother with all of this malarkey, rather than just sell premium tanks directly for GE, consider why they price Rank VII tanks at around 9000 GE, rather than 5,000 GE or 15,000 GE. If they knew they could sell the same amount at 15000 GE, they’d be mad not to, right? That’s what the marketplace allows them to do.

  23. 10:52 how do you know it is not HE?

  24. Day 3. Can you do the Fw 190 F-8 please

  25. Hay phly can you play the black prince.

  26. 7,000th like!

  27. as every time i open these boxes, i gets only stupids orders/wagers/silvers and backups, nothing with the money i spent

  28. Lucy The Velociraptor

    Tips for destroying the Object 279.

    Bombs does not work unless of overpressure, which is unlikely.

    But you will need to shoot the gun first, no matter what. Then shoot driver hatch/optics.
    Or, you can shoot from the rear, straight into the engine OR shoot the turret from the rear. You need at least 340mm of penetration.

  29. If you could convert Gaijen coin to USD, it’d result in the market place getting turned into a way to launder money. The game is WAY too time-investment heavy to make any kind of profit off of just playing it to earn things you could sell on the marketplace that anyone would actually want to buy, and the market is pretty static in terms of prices on tanks being sold on the market place. So you couldn’t try to buy low and sell high.
    Meaning all you’d really get is people buying Gaijen coin with the express intent of putting said coin into the hands of another account so when they cash it out the money comes out clean.

  30. Opened 300 boxes, lost almost all my SL, and i got nothing

  31. Absolutely brilliant moment at the end lol

  32. I like how sometimes Phly is turning into a italian, its so smoth 🙂

  33. Only tank game mode ASAP

  34. 10:30 Thanks. now i cant sleep because i’m gonna be thinking about this all night.

  35. Double like

  36. tbh war thunder need to fix these loot boxes why cant they like make the chance 1% of wining a vehicle. why dont just make the chance higer insted of making most of the player base angry and oppset

  37. so glad I got it during the event just wish I got the black space camo but I didn’t

  38. bought this thing years ago knowing it would be a Forever Friend (and that its price would go insane)

  39. Pls play the kfir c7 day 56

  40. love this end

  41. i got mine for free

  42. Transisnshell munitions

  43. “Im french and eating snails”

  44. wholesome ending :.)

  45. 10:50 made me laugh so hard I spit out my Red Bull 😀

  46. What if we already got this tank earlier?

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