Only 0.1% players know about this Broken spot!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M6A2E1 , Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Rarest Tanks, Best and Worst Premium Tanks.

Today I am going to show you couple battles with the one and only, the legendary M6A2E1 aka M6 Mutant. Once one of the rarest tanks in the , but now it is just a weird one. 🙂

What do you think about this?


  1. Which other tanks do you believe have been power creeped a lot in World of Tanks?
    Let me know and keep enjoying your weekend, Legends!

    • The tier 8 British premium tank. The FV medium tank. Was once considered the best in the game, the best in class, then best at tier, then meh, now hot garbage fire.

    • Most older tanks need help. T34 was even “buffed” though it was more pissing on us and telling us its raining. Really to many to list, the T34 is one that bugs me the most.

    • A lot of ppl say the IS-7, but that’s because they only look at the value of the 2-key penetration; I think the IS-7 is still very capable, and I play without the premium ammo; something about the IS-7 is very strange; call it Russian bias if you must, but for some reason, it feels like the AP shells on the IS-7 have 9 degrees of normalization. It’s really weird, it just works against some of the strangest armor profiles.

    • Thanks for all the videos and all your hard work, Dez!

    • Skorpion, in the popular premium TD section
      Started with SU-130PM, now with TVP 100 and many people can get it for free
      Meanwhile Skorpion just get more inaccurate and die easily

  2. Good content

  3. Not to fast to hit like button

  4. Javier Parcatres


  5. hello dez my friend

  6. Hiya from sunny Greece,,,, now I watch this with be soo chill. Keep up the work Dezy

  7. Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

    Well I just removed the Berlin in the maps that I can play, I dont know if the thing became good or worse due to the addition of the houses in the top side.

  8. can fv4005 use this spot?

  9. I dont really need this tank, exept for sitting in my garage 😀

  10. I dislike three-marking tanks since it’s so stressful for me. BUT I don’t leave tanks from grinding unless I two-mark them first, because that’s my limit for balancing the stress and fun. 85-95% rating is a hellish route.

    • To me, 2 marking is too easy, so I dont feel satisfied getting the second mark like I do getting the third. It also feels incomplete. I might get 1 or 2 marks by accident while grinding the tank, but If I am marking a tank on purpose, then its gotta be 3. I dont mark every tank tho, its rare, I only mark those that I really like. I have a hundred tanks in my garage, but I only marked like 7 or 8. I would never go as far as to mark a tank that is not special to me. Whatever mark I get while grinding it stays.

    • Zan Wright MFWR

      You guys grind for marks? I just play the game and whenever I got a mark it be like “Oh, cool”

    • @Zan Wright MFWR 3 marks mate

    • @Zan Wright MFWR Same here.

    • 3 mark players are just gold spammers

  11. there is a position like that on ruinberg, for tanks low enough to use the position.

  12. Just here to leave a comment for algorithm

  13. In Dez’s rant about how horrible this tank is and WG is bad, did he even mention that this tank has preferential MM? Why wouldn’t he mention it? I miss the old honest Dez.

    • And what exactly about that was NOT honest? 😀
      And yes, I did say this tank can only see up to tier 9 MM, at 2:00 mark. So, don’t know what is up with you.

  14. You get there, just keep working on improving.

  15. My 50TP prototype cry in the corner with his 245 permium rounds, one who can see tier 10.

  16. The only tank I have 3rd Marked was my M4A1 Sherman. It was a blast just lobbing HE all day long. Glad I did it before the rework. The 3rd marking match was a loss, but man was it a monster of a game. I even got to the top 10 list for the month while marking it lol

  17. I can only imagine that position with a 4005

  18. meanwhile at WG,, “Yuri ! American tank dominates Russian tanks at this spot on this map!”
    Yuri – “Make note of that, We fix that spot next update!”

  19. The first tank I 3rd marked was the pz IV H with the deep gun. It was actually a very fun grind!

  20. All right, Dez, so when r u 3-marking the KV-4 Kres. or the IS-5? 😀

  21. Smaller tanks can use the windows to the left of your “nerfed” spot.

  22. That would make the tier 9 Loraine heavy tank much more hard to face against.

  23. Now everyone knows it

  24. 5k battles in T44100 I go from 88% to 94% up and down but still no 3rd mark, WGs sense of humor, after every Ace wanker medal as “‘reward” I get two tier 10 games with chief or 279e in enemy team or gun strarts to troll point blank

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