Only 0.69% know this Secret OP Dakillzor’s Bush in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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Very special video today featuring Manticore and the Secret Dakillzor's bush I was able to use to quite a juicy game with the Manticore.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tamás Horváth

    Hey guys can somebody Tell me what is the music in the Back???


    inb4 everyone blindfires that bush/house combo near the beginning of the game on that map xd

  4. Dang, 0.69%? That’s some accurate calculating right there!

  5. No Ace for first battle ?!? Wow – shocking

  6. Dez+Daki+Manticore+Bush = what can go wrong!


    i appriciate ur work and ur ideas like ur the funniest guy ever ty for ur hard work sWLp

  8. Can’t you sit in the bush next to the house? What is the advantage of going like Daki told?

  9. Sweet games my old friend. Take care, Vern …….the old man


    Let’s appreciate the hard work to put a smile on our faces when we get sad Jvnv

  11. Everyone going to blindshot that position now!

  12. So my new game will be seeing how many people start doing this in any game I’m on the south of this map.

  13. WOW, that’s a nice bush, good to know that 🙂

  14. osaczinoza Osip

    0:55 with love from Poland XD

  15. now i need find new bush 🙁

  16. Valtteri Airola

    optics effect looks awful

  17. Love the way (at 1:10) your gun on the opposite side of the tank absorbs the shot that had to travel through the rear of the turret out the front and absorbed the damage. Wargaming RNG lol

  18. “kurwa mode” 😀 😀

  19. Dawid Kaczmarczyk

    Listen my friend… with that “kurwa mode” you conquered my heart <3 also that clitbait thumbnail :p

  20. Logical Snorlax

    manticore gaming

  21. I’ve used one of the bushes in that location numerous times when the team doesn’t push or loses the forest. Best part is that no one drives near enough when pushing out of the forest to spot/proxy you; they either drive along the line of buildings or the red line. I’ve sat behind several tanks that failed to spot me watching them get increasing frustrated as to how they are still taking fire.

  22. Sooo ein FeuerballJunge

    Nah, that’s wrong. 69% of all male players know dakis “bush” and even more.

  23. Strelock youssef

    no bush is op when your team is trash or you get yoloed by clown cars

  24. I am confused you have no CVS, optics or low exhaust noise equipment on manticore??

  25. Never understood the logic of spotting in this game. Always hated how unrealistic it is. Spotting things out of sight and through things has always been stupid to me.

    • U dont spot tanks out of ur spotting range.

      U dont Spot tanks through solid objects (except in 50m distance)

  26. pappa Daki knows daway

  27. I have seen one guy in my entire life going there… And the guy won the game for his team

  28. Damn We have same manticore/ninja set up except i havre not seen your field modifications

  29. Brilliant work Dez!

  30. Geerlig Lecluse

    Nice vid, as always. Dakillzor bush on Murovanka is not the only good bush in that area.

  31. Piotr szymanski

    Kurwa mod is the best

  32. Shamsiel Shahar

    Sadly this technique will not work on Asia server as its either camp all the way to the back or be aggressive all the way.

  33. Not even a spotting build!

  34. Aaand next patch WG removes it. Because they remove all good positions when they are featured on YT.

  35. But why would u destroy only half of building ? I dont think u can spot through

  36. Antonio Rogojan

    Finally a CC/somebody with influence, tells people about that tree and bush.

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