ONLY Double Shots Allowed! | World of Tanks Object 703 II (122) Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Object 703 Version II (Объект 703 Вариант II) Gameplay, Double Barreled Shots. World of Tanks Christmas Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020. World of Tanks Ops 2019.

I will always be providing entertainment content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Many of you guys wanted to see me playing with Object 703 Version II with only doing those legendary double shots, firing both barrels at the same time…

Well, it is not the most effective way to do that, but hey, we are crazy enough here to try it out anyway!


  1. Send me 3 boxes, I’d like to get 703 (II) too.
    Nick: LucanoXP

  2. Around 200k (with all the boosters)
    IGN: LucanoXP
    Server: EU

  3. Username: MISAKA12580
    server: NA
    Greatest profit was in FL mode, not sure the actual am0unt

  4. Username: Sir_Tanken
    Server: NA
    I think around the 200k credits with the progetto.

  5. Not OP enough, right moronic WG? I did like 100k with Skorp G i think. MOTA_BOY on EU.

  6. Username: mohammadjm
    Server: EU
    Answer: my highest profit it’s 150k in M41 90 mm GF ( with my brother account)

  7. I think I have never crossed 150k.
    Name: kunn666
    Server EU

  8. EU
    I think if I remember correctly I got 210k in my centurion 5/1 (But I had credit booster on and it was during an event so it was a lot easier to grind credits)

  9. Username: Spacecheese
    Server: Asia
    Super Persh first week it was out, 170k ish (I could be remembering that wrong since it was so long ago)

  10. instaaAjdoo
    Most i earned was arouns 300k with scorpion g

  11. Username: nasirnsr
    Server: eu
    I have maximum 140k profit with progetto 46

  12. Username: immortal_sniper1
    Server: EU

    Answer: without prem account it was 100-150k with lt432 or cent AX

  13. 290k in the cent 5/1

  14. I earned ~180k in a rental Somua SM and i wish i could aford it because that tank is awesome.

  15. Username: ric_li
    Server: NA
    Maximum credit earned in a single game: ~85,000

  16. That 1st shot I laughed my ass off. Love it, thank you Dez, you are a great entertainer.
    Username: Moostomp
    Server: NA
    I had 130k game in an IS-6 is 0.9.1 but it also is one of my saddest games, I got DC’d in the middle of the game… it was a stellar game. Wish I had a complete replay.

  17. Username: meistermomm
    Server: EU
    Iirc it was around 200k in my strv s1 🙂

  18. Username: ___Nanova___
    Server: EU
    I was like 3 weeks ago, received 170k with clan and personnal boost !

  19. I think around 180k with progetto.

  20. Username: Welt_Schmerz
    Server: EU
    Answer: With christmas bonus, personal reserves, premium account and premium tank it was about 300k profit on lowe. My best premium tank 😀

  21. Username: PetDoktor123
    Server: EU
    160 k with 50% + credits consumables
    T-34 tier VIII prem. Not premium acc.

  22. User: jvanput
    server: EU
    never more than 100k

  23. Username : maestrul2014
    Server: EU
    Answer : I don’t rlly know , I think 200k +

  24. Username: Talicni_Tom_
    Server: EU
    It was 210k, or something like that.

  25. name: NovaFantom
    server: NA
    I think it was in my T34, I had 9 kills with 4.5k damage. -2 match haha. But I ended up making a little shy of 180k.

  26. Around 250k with credit boosters and in a platoon completed an caravan AX.

  27. Username: L0rd_0f_War
    Server: EU

    Answer: around a 80k without reserves or other boosters (clan/toon). But I don’t play much randoms lately. I have crossed 300K creds with 250k+ profit in FL mode.

  28. Server: Asia
    Username: MP1969
    Only around 76 k

  29. Username : Rezaro12
    Server : Asia

    About 200k with m4 rev

  30. I think around 170 with prem time and booster and t8 prem
    Ign: steel_bite
    Serv: eu

  31. Name: Miningtroll
    Server: Asia

    The most credits I have ever made was 114,000 give or take a few hundred in the SU-100Y.

  32. Server: EU
    name: Plefsko
    Answer: Around 100k with Super Pershing.

  33. Good content 🙂 do a contest with skill and claus.. would love to C that one.

  34. Double shot full he?

  35. Ign: Ngvho97
    Server: SEA
    60k credits in ebr 75 fl10

  36. My most credits was around 120k with the TOG II ?


  37. Username: Puternicu333
    Server: EU

    Maximum i had on a premium tank is about 100K, that’s because i don’t have a premium account and i always forget to activate credit boosters. I have like 700 personal reserves…

  38. Username: TiisseliPoweri
    Server: Eu
    Not sure, but yesterday i had 260k pure profit after costs with 730 v2.

  39. I have got about 100K with my SU100Y, the only premium I have.

  40. name: pataaskir
    Server eu
    290000 i guess but with boosters

  41. Username: UnhoIySavior (EU)
    I dont really remember, around 200k I think.

  42. Username: bboyMuppet
    Server: EU
    I made like 220k when playing with a premium account, festive atmosphere and a credit booster 😀

  43. Username: Morana1710
    Server: eu
    200k with booster made with su130 pm

  44. Name: arturius666

    Server NA

    I dont know what my max earned in a game is. Does it even track that somewhere? Maybe I will log in tomorrow and check haha

  45. Username : iVtecDanger
    Server : NA
    Around 150k with T54 proto

  46. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    Max profit was 250k in one battle with su130pm got 7k dmg
    Username Fortniteitsme
    Server EU

  47. server:eu
    ansver: don’t keep track/don’t remember, but at least 60k

  48. Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU
    I’m a noob, so I’m just about the 13k max I think.

  49. and what did you expect, to bounce them all or what?

  50. Username: OFF5PRING
    server: EU
    my biggest profit was about 175k some years ago in my good old kv5

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