Only New HEAT in AutoReloading SPG | World of Tanks Bat.-Chat 155 58 – SandBox Artillery Rework

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Bat Chatillon 155 58 SPG Gameplay with HEAT, SPG Rework. World of Tanks New Ammo Rebalance – AP and HEAT Ammo, Sandbox Test Server SPG Rebalance Test Server. Autoreloading SPG, Tier French Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 Artillery.

As I promised, here is yet another episode from the Sandbox test server featuring new and overall changes the SPGs ans SPG ammo types.

This one is going be pure to test out something ridiculous, full HEAT loadout on the Bat Chatillon 155 58 autoreloading artillery. I have no idea what to expect, so let’s dive right into it!

It is just for the entertainment value.


  1. As promised, here it is. I have nothing else to say! 😀
    Enjoy the show and enjoy the rest of your weekend, Beasts!

    • Dez buy the sixth sense with bonds

    • PLEASE TRY AMX 13 F3 WITH HEATS AND PLAY IT IN CITY (hulldown, expose only gun) IT WORK 100%

    • A small tipp, on Sandbox server you can buy crew experience books to skill up your crew how yoh want it, if you run out of Credit, buy them with the 1.000.000 gold yoh got to the beginning , you can skill your crew very fast this way. 7 or 8 books should be 2 or 3 skills. If you dind’t know that just a little tip.

    • 11:15 *stop stealing Nostalgia Critics lines* …

    • Damn, so console Wargaming said that “were Not PC” so they wont add in the replenish-able consumables, but mean while PC WG is making end screen look like console. Nice. Fucking. Meme.

  2. How does this affect low tier arty?

  3. *Full screen is FULL SHIT* <.< meanwhile: fucking chat system IS LITERALLY FROM THE BETA.... fucking 10 years old rotting corpse. ps. *funfact* the *map spam bug* is because its tied to the chat system! Srly! They took 9 years to separate chat bans from 'signals' due to its broken nature.

  4. wHo_tOuCh_ mY_sPagEt?

    T92 HMC BEST NUCLEAR AP ROUNDS ( miss it before the Great Nerf )

  5. The alternative shells aren’t worth it at high tier, but they are definitely worth it on the lower tier SPGs like the M41 or M44.

  6. About the Kranvagn turret pen, BC heat is 260+ pen. Kranvagn turret armor 225mm. Arty shells like to come from above nagating the built in sloped armor resulting in 225 ish effective armor which the shell can penetrate

  7. Fully enclosed turret but cannot mount vent. WG must be drunk.

  8. Map rotation is the same as the public server. For sandbox server I will say one thing If they release this garbage of a changes on the public server I will finally quit this game for good. How hard is to just remove this stupid arty class from the game and add some new ammo in game for example APDS -80% of the standard dmg for the tank but 90% chance to kill crew members or damage modules or even ammorack the tank or make an option for tanks to use smoke or add heat protection in resurch tree of the tank so many interesting things to improve the overall experience when you play but no let our monkey brains make stupid changes and increase the HP of the tanks and make standard ammo make more dmg and remove HE pen for no sense and no reason at all because we are dump company and we want only the money. Fucking shits and brain dead working in this company release this shit to prove me you literally worth nothing.

  9. Should be away to know which map is coming up bc city n arty is no good !!!!!!!

  10. Hey Dez, I noticed you aim quite high on the targets in arty view. I usually place the middle dot on the lower-plate or the lower part of the tracks. This way I get a very low percentage of overshooting the targets. Even with AP and HEAT placing the dot slightly lower on target will, in my opinion get you a higher hit percentage. Because the shell comes in at an angle the proportions of the target are better spread over the entirety of the cross-hair. Thus higher hit-rate. With HE a shell hitting just in front of the target will also do significant splash damage so this is even more viable.

  11. So arty is still useless to really impact games, just annoying as shit…

  12. Try the premium german M41 light. HE only. That thing is nasty.

  13. WG should just kill this class once and for all, it is obvious over all this years they didn’t manage to make their role as what should be, a spin off from regular gameplay, was never supposed to be a main class on the game.
    Few remember before the max limit, we had a lot of stupid full cancer battles, even now just 3 of them per side makes everyone hate.

    Now again they are trying to somehow nerf it to get less people playing the class, hoping to remove them from missions eventually, that is just stupid.

  14. This video made me realise how bad dez games is at playing arty.

  15. Fuck you and this fucking cancers !!

  16. CANCER

  17. Thank you for your self-sacrifice. Point: Proven!

  18. Why not buy crewbook for six sense?

  19. that’s so unfair hitting tanks behind buildings….

  20. I remember when you would only have AP on the 261… i need to see if its viable again

    • Impeach the orange Clown

      after what ive seen so far i estimate 261s damage with ap about 400 per shot….its not going to be good again. nowadays its empty after 6 minutes with max 3k damage.

    • @Impeach the orange Clown just got on the sandbox to see and its avg damage is 470 up from the BC 415.

      I do have to wonder why WG are even bothering to add AP/HEAT back onto arty

  21. Luís Augusto Panadés

    It penned the Emil families turret because arty falls in a steep angle. So they fall almost perpendicular do Emil family tanks turrets.

  22. 5:06 Wooow how u switch where u aim by map?

  23. Like Like Like and fucking remove the SPG plz

  24. Dez says Bat-Chat, all i hear is Bat-Shit. BTW, if you have a problem with your RNG, ask Klaus for the RNG hotline number so you can order some more.

  25. WG ruin the arty …..

  26. NO you must sacrifice 100 French Virgins to Charles De Gaulle
    oh wait
    there isn’t such a thing as a French Virgin…
    ur screwed

  27. I guess you placed last in the first game because you didn’t do any assisted damage? Don’t arties get no XP for damage dealt?

  28. I like the Arty changes but not the HE changes.

  29. Sold that arty years ago after all the nerfs. It’s garbage now.

  30. Sorry WG but Arty ammo could use a tweak, but this is more of a nerf hammer that reduces the effectiveness of arty in the game that is unnecessary!

  31. If anyone on the sandbox sees this, please try your best to make it known how shitty the HE and artillery changes are. I rage as much as the next person when arty is focusing me. Just remember those games where you are the last normal tank left, and spotting for arty while you stay dark gets you a win. Also, the old HE is fun to do play around when you have a bad day and just want to slam enemies after work. Leave this shit alone…

  32. Why are u not using auto aim, its a principle to use auto aim at close range on arta

  33. much prefer this arty over the current stun shit.

  34. Can you please do video with object 261 ?

  35. 10:40
    “Would you like to see some crazy ass……balls…..deep action” Dez 2019

  36. I want see S-51 Legend!!
    Now all shoot Heat/AP on Maus and we can see epic games:)

  37. 4:46
    You hit that obj so hard, somebody else killed him

  38. Now you See how overpowered Arty is ??? for all the cry anti arta kids

  39. I find this pointless so far. As gold HE doesn’t give that much to be worth the price. And HEAT or AP is just like a failed HE pen. So like norm. But with no stun assist to get. But… on the upside, the amount of shots doing nothing will increase. And if my teams arty uses it and he “wants to help”. I won’t get stunned by him. As I’ve lost to many 1 on 1’s due to arty “wanting to help”. And I suddenly have a longer reload.

  40. So they made the result screen similar to console one

  41. Wtf is that post battle result screen?? Hope that ungly sh*t doesn’t get added in the game!

  42. Just buy crew books to get sixth sense ??

  43. so proud of myself that i started french arty tree

  44. Once upon a time there was an SPG’s. Now there is no such things. And now somebody will say “they oneshot us with 2k dmg. before the artillery “stun” rework bla bla bla”. Artillery is for that.. to smash and make big amount of damage. I was an spg player before, i like it, and i can tell you that this oneshots was happend in 1 off 20 battles (tier 10). Mostly of the time i was doing 700-800 dmg on shot and then i reloading 40+ sec. until the next shot. After the rework i cant believe that 210mm Morser cannon on GWE 100 will do 400 dmg and will reload on 32 sec. and guest what? Is not for sure that somebody will hit the target stuned by you. The british HESHbarns oneshot most of the tanks, but there are no reworks and rebalances for them. The french “supercars” that goes with 100km+.. there are no rebalance for them too. So i cant believe that spg’s, once a great cannons with big demolition guns, now are like my grandfather rifle. The funny part is that WG knows that they make a mistake with this, but is more easy for them to made a usseles shells and hope that they will balance something. The answer is NOT, they just make it worse.

  45. 15 vs 15 with Crusader slowest shell gun !!!

  46. Kranvagn’s turret was penned because bc’s heat shell was landing from above making turret angle more flat.

  47. Why they dont nerf DMG on every ammo of Artys except AP/HEAT?! It’s really anoying…

  48. Love this vid. I’m personally love playing the gw panther and arty overall can be fun at times. This new ammo and arty rework really cuts down on arty dmg which makes me sad but maybe it’s good for the game. Love seeing these arty vids to get a glimpse of what’s to come. Hope to see more.

  49. The AP on arty is still not useable due to low damage value. Normaly the AP ammunitions should have at least 0,75× HE amunition. So if you got 1000 HE damage with arty and only 40 pen.With AP round with 300 pen you should give at least 750 alfa damage per shoots. Amen. And why 0,75 and not 0,5? Cause HE already given 0,5 damage when not penetrate, so there vould be no diference betwen AP and HE and therefore all vould be still use HE with stun. Amen kameň.

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